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You can't always feel ready


(Cut + paste journaling prompts from Dream Book)

Dream Book starts 1 week from today and I'm having my last-minute wobbles about it.

Putting my work out there always has excitement and pride and joy mixed with fear and uncertainty and intense vulnerability.

It's all heightened for Dream Book because Dream Book is different in that it feels like the LAST program I will create (!)

I mean - I don't know for sure what's next for me, but Dream Book feels like the last one - the one that encapsulates *everything* about being on the path... the deep inner work and the brave outer work and the expansive dream work. With space to customize and focus on exactly what you need right now and tools for taking it all to the next level.

I see myself doing Dream Book for years. And I have been creating my own classes since 2008 so to think this could be the last one just feels.... I don't even know..... 

Also, I've been testing the ideas and concepts behind Dream Book since 2015, to complete that process is a real milestone.

So naturally - I'm wobbling.

I'm not the kind of person who can take a big step and feel super-confident about it the whole time.

I was a "worrywart" as a child. As an adult I have learned to trust my inner knowing well enough to act on it - but I still feel lots of doubt and worry.

What I do when I wobble is I pull inward.

I shrink my plans.

I make more space for me.

Sometimes this is an act of holding back and sometimes this is an act of healing.

I just don't feel ready.

I mean - the class is ready. We have an amazing group of people already ready to go, and the class content is all uploaded and scheduled - so actually I don't have to feel ready - the class is starting next Friday.

"I don't feel ready" is about me stepping into this next version of myself: the me-who-does-Dream-Book.

It's a big identity shift, to go from dreaming a thing to doing a thing. And to go from creating a thing to offering a thing. It's about embodying a new aspect of your dream and who you become as you keep moving towards your dream.

Right now my dream is GROWING me and I am just doing the best I can to keep up.

Anyway - I hope you're going to join us in Dream Book!