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Stepping through the portal.


Dream Book starts tomorrow. 

This is a big deal for me because this class is the culmination of 12 years of teaching about the inner work and outer work of pursuing your dreams. It's everything brought into one simple, flexible, GENIUS system for navigating the healing and growth that your dreams are calling you towards.

For me, Dream Book is a portal. 

It's me stepping into my next level of who I want to be and how I want to live and how I want to work. It's a whole new way of holding space for dreams.

The whole last month or so I've been in this deep process of transformation. Letting go of what I can't take with me on this next part of the journey, and filling up on the new qualities I will need.

It's been big in ways I can't put into words yet.

I just want to say: we can find ways to create what we need and in doing that, we bring healing to parts of ourselves that we didn't know need it. 

Following your inspiration, your creative dreams, your JOY - it's more meaningful than you can ever know.

And I hope you'll join me for Dream Book - a GENIUS journaling system for navigating the inner + outer healing + growth your dreams are calling you towards.

Join us here.