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Let's Take This To The Next Level


The first thing we do in Dream Book is put a Table of Contents into your journal.

This helps create the container for deeper work to happen.

It doesn't matter if you're brand new to this work or you've been doing it for 40 years -there's always a Next Level.  You're always being called in deeper.

And almost everyone resists that Next Level Work.

So it's pretty common to have an insight while journaling, to understand what you're being called to next, and then to just... let it go and not DO anything with it.

An example:

This year I became more aware of where I act out of self-doubt vs where I act out of inspiration + alignment with my inner truth.

I've worked on self doubt A LOT over the years and the longer I work on it the more subtle the work becomes. So I saw a new layer in it, noticed places where I give my self doubt too much authority and then...

Well this work is uncomfortable...

So I just kind of... let it go... Not a deliberate decision to put it down but that kind of vague "I'm going to work with this some more" and then not showing up to work.

I keep doing Current Level Work because the process of shifting into Next Level Work is so uncomfortable.

But having my Dream Book Table of Contents helped!

Because I gave this work a page, I gave it space in the Table of Contents, and in my regular Dream Book reviews I had to keep noticing how I had wanted to work on my self doubt, but I wasn't actually doing it.

This is a way of building a sturdier container for the deeper work.

It's not about pushing yourself to FIGURE OUT ALL OF YOUR NEXT LEVEL SHIT RIGHT NOW.

It's about giving yourself a chance to grow and change! Making space for that process. 

If you have time off work over the holidays this can be a beautiful time for exploring your Next Level.

I've got two things to help:

  1. Creative Journal Prompts for the New Year: This is a free series of journaling prompts for processing 2019 and visioning 2020.

  2. The Dream Book class is now open! Get yourself set up to really SHOW UP for your Next Level in 2020.

Dream Book is set up so that you get everything in order, starting on the day you join. So you can start whenever works for you.

When you join you also get instant access to the Visioning 2020 call we did on Friday which is a beautiful healing + growth inducing way of clarifying your vision for 2020.