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Do you set New Years' Resolutions and then struggle to follow through?


New Year Journaling

It can be SO hard to keep making new resolutions or goals or picking a word of the year each year, especially when you have a history of not following through. 

There comes a point where it's like - why even bother? Nothing ever changes anyway.

Except your dreams don't go away. Your dreams are your soul calling you towards your true self, your purpose and your most authentic way of living.

Your dreams are going to keep calling you and you're going to keep bumping up against this "Why bother? I never follow through" thing and it's just going to get more and more uncomfortable.

A much more self-affirming approach is to LEARN to follow through.

It doesn't have to be hard or annoying or anything like that - you can learn to DELIGHTFULLY follow through on your own dreams.

There is a reason why you don't follow through.

When you say "I don't know why, I just don't follow through" and shrug your shoulders you are playing into the pattern of not following through. To make a change, you need a new way of responding to the pattern.

The first thing to do is recognize that you don't follow through FOR A REASON, and your reason is VALID.

It's not some quirk inside you or a thing that happens for no reason. It's not a sign that you can never have your dream. There is a totally valid reason why you haven't followed through until now. 

The reason why you don't follow through is usually either:

  1. you picked the wrong goal
  2. you picked the right goal but have no clue how to move towards it
  3. you hit up against the inner work: fear, self-doubt, inner critics, limiting beliefs, etc and didn't know how to work through it

#1 and #2 are annoying and make it harder to move towards a dream, but pretty much EVERYONE with a dream experiences them. It's actually the process of grappling with them, figuring out what the dream REALLY is and how you want to move towards it, that helps you see what you need to know to be able to move forward.

#3 is the one that stops most people, and because your inner world is largely unconscious and in the shadows and YOU CAN'T SEE IT, you never actually understand WHY it stops you. And because it's so uncomfortable to look at this stuff, it's easier to just shrug your shoulders, say you don't know why you don't follow through, and keep not following through. 

The thing is, we ALL hit up against these things sometimes.

I've picked THOUSANDS of wrong goals and have made adjustments to my dreams hundreds of times.

I NEVER have any clue how to make a new dream real - when I first start working with it.

I CONTINUALLY hit up against fears, self-doubt and limiting beliefs that absolutely immobilize me.

You'll get better at following through when you have plans + tools for handling these things.

When you EXPECT these bumps in the road, you can handle them. 

When you're NOT expecting them - it's easier for them to throw you off track. When you just say "This is my year! This year will be different!"and expect to magically have everything go your way so it will be easier to follow through - you are setting yourself up to fail.

It's like how I like to go for long walks in the morning in the winter. When the temperature drops to -30 overnight and it snows like crazy it's VERY easy for me to wake up and say "Oh wow no thank you". But when I check the weather the night before, and get my "extra super cold" layer of gear ready to go by the door, then it's much easier to just get up and bundle up and take that walk.

So what are your plans + tools for handling the places that make you want to give up?

That's the BEST question to be asking yourself right now. Some tools to help with your explorations:

The Dream Lab. This is my free e-course where I share the daily practice I use for working with my dreams.

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This is the practice I use for doing the inner work - it will help you get better at facing the fears/self-doubt/inner critics/limiting beliefs that get in the way of your dreams.

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Visioning 2020 Class: One hour alchemy class for exploring your vision for 2020 and doing some work to clarify and expand it.

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