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I celebrated nine years in business with the Creative Dream Incubator by buying a rainbow rug.


It makes me happy, it makes the whole loft feel happier. And, in a big space full of clashing patterns, it's somehow the pattern that brings all the clashing patterns together.

Five years ago I would be sharing this photo, writing this and being all "LOOK EVERYONE ISN'T THIS SUPER CUTE? WHAT A BEAUTIFUL WAY TO CELEBRATE THIS MILESTONE!!"

But today I felt conflicted about it.

With everything I have been learning about climate change recently, I understand the impact of buying so many cute things. It doesn't have the same lightness to it anymore. 

I also really wanted the rug. 

These are difficult times to navigate.

I'm focusing on making space for all of my conflicting thoughts and feelings because this is the work that grow us. 

I'm showing up for myself and my dreams and my community and this is messy sometimes.

I believe that each of us is here with purpose and gifts.  As we are being called to grow, we are being called to step into our purpose, to cultivate those gifts.

I believe it's our creative dreams that will save us. I really do.

But I don't mean dreams as in my dream of a new rainbow rug. I mean doing the deep work of connecting and listening and making space for our truth to emerge and having the courage to act and to express that truth.

One of the best examples I have seen of this is Kent Monkman's Shame and Prejudice A Story Of Resilience. It's an art exhibit which has toured Canada and is current at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. I can't even describe the scope and depth of this project here and three minute video on the page I linked to barely scratches the surface.

It's using art to tell a story in such a powerful way that it creates the possibility for a new story to emerge. It's the best example I've ever seen of world-changing art.

Our dreams matter.

Even while Australia burns on the other side of the world from me. Even while, here at home, the Canadian government is planning more military attacks on unarmed Indigenous people who are fighting to maintain their homeland and way of living in harmony with the earth. 

In my city, poverty is at an all time high. After 4 years of our government cutting funding to the most vulnerable - we are somehow surprised to see that the most vulnerable have become desperate. Theft, violent crime, drug use and sex trafficking are rampant.

When I'm NOT connected to myself and my dreams - this is scary and overwhelming and sad. I either get angry or I get avoid-y.

When I AM connected to myself and my dreams - I feel hopeful. I look at the life-changing work people are doing in the inner city and I send them encouragement and cash to keep going.

When I am connected to myself and my dreams I am a better global citizen because that's when I am most MYSELF. When I am most myself I remember that we are all connected and that we're here to love each other.

So yeah I bought the rug.

(This one, from IKEA)

It makes me happy. I'm also going to focus on shopping second-hand for the most part, because not using resources to manufacture and ship new things while filling landfills with old things also makes me happy.

I am really proud of my nine years in business with the Creative Dream Incubator. And this rug did feel like the perfect way to commemorate that.

I'm exceptionally proud of my new program, Dream Book, which I believe will be the LAST program I ever make because it is EVERYTHING.

I'm proud to be doing this work, I'm proud of the impact it's having.

What are you proud of? What are you dreaming of? What are you feeling conflicted about?

How can you give yourself some space to be with these questions this week?