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Free Online Healing Circle. March 16

Free Online Healing Circle

There is a LOT going on in the world and in our communities.

And the truth is, no matter what's going on for you - you ALWAYS respond best when you're connected to your inner truth as deeply as possible.

Having a lot of fear or uncertainty or anxiety or being a place of trying to avoid your feelings... all of that stuff clouds your truth. All of that stuff makes it hard for you to respond in the way that's going to best serve you.

So I wanted to offer this healing circle as a space for HONOURING how you're feeling while PROCESSING your layers of feelings and PLUGGING IN to the deeper truth inside you.

This is free and EVERYONE is welcome.

You DO have to sign up for my emails to get the info to join live, and to get access to the replay. (Because it's likely to get personal, I won't be posting the recording in public.)

You CAN sign up for my emails just for this and then unsubscribe after with a simple click of the button.

Sign up here for access to the live healing circle + the recording afterwards.

If you're new to Zoom: It's actually REALLY easy to use!

BUT - I can't help you figure it out during the healing circle, so I highly recommend watch the Join A Meeting tutorial on this page so that you know what to expect.

You can also watch the Meeting Controls tutorial on that same page so you can see more about how the class will work - like how to mute yourself, turn your video on and off, participate in the chat, etc.

Once we're live, you can come on video or audio to ask questions, or you can type into the chat box. 

You can also join by phoning in.

Along with a link into our online Zoom room, you'll get a some US phone numbers you can use to call in, and a link to International numbers you can use around the world.

You want to use the number that is local for you - but that doesn't mean long distance changes won't apply. You have to check with your phone plan about that - I am not responsible for any long distance fees.

(For example, I live in Manitoba, Canada - it is long distance for me to phone Quebec, Canada, because I don't have any kind of long distance plan on my phone)