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How are you holding up?


I've been sick for the last week.

Just a cold - but with everything I have been reading about COVID-19 and learning about how viruses spread, I have been staying home all week.

I was frustrated because I have big goals I've been working on and didn't have the energy or the mental clarity to move forward in the way I wanted to.

Once I got over my frustration though... I found some magic in it. 

I saw that slowing down helped me see my path more clearly.

I immediately saw a few opportunities that I hadn't even noticed when I was focused on my long term goals.

But more importantly I started to FEEL different about my dreams, my work and my daily routines.

It's like I sank deeper into the magic of it.

Slowing down and paring back can support your magic in deep ways.

I know for a lot of you there's a lot to be scared and worried about right now. (Come to the Healing Circle on Monday - the detail are below - so you can process your feelings more deeply and create some breathing room for yourself)

AND - for those who are going to be in full-on quarantine or just staying home more often to help flatten the curve - I think we can do better than laying on the couch and binging on Netflix. 

This is a time to tend to your magic more deeply.

With the climate crisis and all of the political upheaval around the world (here in Canada we've had rail and road blockades up across the country for over a month - and the political unrest that caused them is not going away because of Covid-19) we are in a time of unprecedented change.

I don't know what this is leading to but I am HOPING LIKE HELL that it's leading to a better world. A world where our wellbeing is more important than money.

I mean we can see that 24-7 consumerism is harming the planet and harming us in more ways than we realize.

You can choose to look for the new possibilities that are going to open up in this time of slowing everything down.

And YES I know for many this is terrifying because of the economic impact of slowing down.

(That is exactly why I've been getting so involved with politics these last few years. We need systems that SUPPORT US better. We need to end corruption, stop corporate welfare and create a culture where we take care of each other.)

This is what it means to really be walking the path of your dream - to be able to hold conflicting feelings and conflicting truths. To be terrified and keep taking steps. This is the work.

So I'm going to be using this time to TEND MORE DEEPLY to my magic.

I'll keep sharing daily updates of my own practice - the tools I'm using, how I'm using them and what I'm learning - inside the Dream Book classroom

And I'd like to offer a free challenge March 23-27 so you can take whatever new free time you've got an use it to tend to YOUR magic. I'm working on that now, but since I am still sick progress is slow so I may have to push it back another week, I will keep you updated.

And of course - the Healing Circle on Monday!

I am offering this free healing circle as a space for HONOURING how you're feeling while PROCESSING the deeper layers and PLUGGING IN to the deeper truth inside you.

This is free and EVERYONE is welcome.

You DO have to sign up for my emails to get the info to join live, and to get access to the replay. (Because it's likely to get personal, I won't be posting the recording in public.)

You CAN sign up for my emails just for this and then unsubscribe after with a simple click of the button.

Sign up here for access to the live healing circle + the recording afterwards.

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