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This is hard.


The truth is, I need healing + growth tools just to get through the day right now.

Usually these are the tools that help me GROW out of my comfort zone and be my bravest self in service to my dreams. 

Right now these are the tools that are helping me take good care of myself (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and creatively) so I can just stay present and figure out my next steps.

Affirmations, or mantras, are one of these tools - but you have to be careful about how you use them.

*NEVER* try to convince yourself to believe a thing you don't believe, or try to "choose a more positive and empowering perspective" - that's NOT how you do DEEP healing and transformation work.

The truth is, there ARE parts of you who believe that you got this. AND there are parts of you who don't believe it.

Being in a global pandemic is hard. And it's much harder if your most frightened and anxious self, the part of you who DOESN'T believe that you got this, is in the driver's seat.

So doing the daily work of putting your wisest, most loving, creating and brave self into the driver's seat is more important than ever.

Let's practice. When you say to yourself "I GOT THIS" how does it feel?

Really sit with it. Notice how "I got this" feels in your body. That feeling - that's the thing for you to work with at this time. 

Either it's a fear that needs healing + transformation or it's your Brave And Creative True Self ready to burst through, take charge and make something amazing happen.

If it's fear - you need to focus your healing work right now. Bring love and safety to the parts of you who are afraid.

If you're feeling your inner magic - feed it! Let it grow! It knows how you lead you through this challenging time.

I offer alchemy tools + tons of support for doing this work in the Dream Book class. Dream Book is my GENIUS journaling system for navigating the inner + outer growth your dream is calling you towards. It's full of tools for bringing healing to your fears + busy anxious mind while nourishing and growing your brave creative genius. 

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Or you can do this work on your own, or with someone else.

Journal prompts:

How can you do your inner healing work more consistently right now?

What does your most frightened self need from you?

How does your brave creative genius want to move through the pandemic?