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Your soul speaks in inspiration and desire.


My normal way of working is to start with a plan/outline, map out all of the steps, and then dive in and do the work. I do switch things up as I go, but - how do you know where you're going without a map? I always plan first.

But right now, that kind of logical focused thinking and planmaking is just NOT happening for me.

Instead, I have SO MUCH inspiration and desire right now to just.... DO my new project. Just start drawing and writing and following my creative flow without a plan.

This feels exciting AND confusing because it's so different from my usual way of doing things.

But my intuition is saying: this is a GIFT. That old way of working got you to where you are now, but it won't get you to where you want to go next. 

But this is not about that.

This is about how following what feels TRUE and INSPIRING and what ACTUALLY TRULY FULLY LIGHTS YOU UP in the moment puts you on the right path.

Because the things that you feel drawn to are IMPORTANT. They are signals from your soul.

And when you notice and follow those signals - healing, growth, magic and new possibility await you.

I'm feeling the magic of that today.

It feels like listening to my intuition about how to approach my work in a whole new way is opening up a whole new WORLD of possibility for me, a new world that I am so excited to explore.

This is exactly the energy I need, right now in week 6 of self-isolating at home. It feels nourishing on the deepest levels.

And I believe that if you listen to what your desire and inspiration and calling you towards, you can find what you need most right now too.

So - what are inspiration and desire leading YOU towards today?