Making Dreams Real

Creative Self Care Challenge: April 29 - May 3 on Instagram


Each day (April 29 - May 3) I'll post a Creative Self-Care prompt on Instagram to help you explore how to nurture and boost your creative energy.

You can participate on your own, or you can join the community on Instagram where you can comment on the daily posts or even create and post your own artwork and photos inspired by the prompts. I'll be there in the comments section each day to help you brainstorm ideas and cheer you on.

If you create your own artwork in response to the...

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Show up. Tell the truth.


I struggle to call myself a writer.

This is especially interesting considering the fact that I have made my living for the last 8.5 years primarily though writing.

I have a huge inner critic about it who says: Who am I to say I am a writer? There is this sense that there is something beyond the fact that I write that needs to happen before I can call myself a writer.

And yet I'm a gardener because I had a garden. Even in the times when I was a super lazy gardener and the weeds were...

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YOU have the power to stop procrastinating!



The Emergency Kit for Artists + Dreamers includes a CURE for PROCRASTINATION.

This is what happened for Jenifer, who was procrastinating about getting a handmade scarf posted to her Etsy shop:

"I watched the Procrastination Cure video and did the journaling exercises last weekend; I had been procrastinating for weeks about taking pictures of a scarf I finished and posting it on Etsy.

As I watched the video and did the journaling, I felt a sense of ease and clarity, the feeling...

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Everything is falling apart


Sometimes what is needs to fall apart in order to make space for what's next. I have a feeling I am in a falling apart phase, and I have been fighting it with everything I've got. I HATE THIS.

My website was hacked three times in just over a week. I'll spare you all the dramatic stories about that part - it was awful.

Then I decided to move my website to a different platform that won't be as easily hacked. I was actually going to make this move at some point anyway, and it just started...

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The Principles of Creative Dream Alchemy

No one can follow all of these principles all of the time, that's not even the point.

The point is to be mindful of them, and do your best to be aware of when you're going against one of the principles.

You can usually tell that you are doing this because you'll find that you're stalled out on the path to your dream.

You don't have to feel ready


You don't have to feel ready.

The conditions in your life will never be ideal for your dreams - that's kind of the whole point of a dream. It wants to CHANGE your...

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How to stretch your comfort zone so your dreams fit inside it

Do you want to be sharing your gifts more brightly/widely with the world?

You can do this.

You can untangle the tangled up stuff that holds you back. You can shift your patterns around hiding and staying small. You can create a whole new story for yourself.

You are so immensely powerful when you're aligned with your dream, which is naturally aligned with the power of your soul, your purpose, your creative and spiritual potential and your true self.

You can do this.

And you may need...

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It's time to share your gifts with the world!


Your mission:


  • show up and PLAY with visibility
  • explore what's going on in your relationship with visibility
  • experiment with new ways of putting yourself (and your work) out there


I'll be posting a daily prompt/assignment, on Facebook and on Instagram, Monday - Friday.


And I'll be in both places, to offer lots of support and help brainstorming as you work through the challenge.


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New video: I say no to most opportunities to grow my business and I think YOU should too!

This week I said no to a business opportunity because saying yes would go against my values.


I do this a lot.


I don't believe it's bad for business, like people tell me. I believe it's GOOD for business when all of the decisions you make are congruent with your values.


I think it's time to collectively drop the idea that, as artists and healers and creative entrepreneurs, we're supposed to "follow the rules" about how to do business. Let's lead by our inner wisdom!


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Friday Video: Being super inspired about a new thing and then hitting the self-doubt and not being able to start



We all have ways that we hide and hold back from sharing our brightest creative gifts with the world.


You probably know what your patterns are. You may even be stuck in one of them right now.


I get it! Visibility can be terrifying.


Putting your creative heart out there on display is NOT for the weak of heart.


And yet... and yet...


Just hiding away and not sharing your creative gifts isn't an option either. Your creative spirit...

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There are 3 things you can do with your fear:


1: Pretend you don’t feel it. Think positive. Fake it till you make it. 


Your fear will stay inside you, in a tight little ball and trying to “rise above it” will take a lot of your energy.


In fact, it will take so much of your energy you won’t have the power you need to create what you want in your life. So you just stay where you are.


2: Feel it, get lost it in and let it take charge. 


Your fear will happily...

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