Making Dreams Real

Good news! It's IMPOSSIBLE to know HOW to make your dream real!

This is good news because if you don't know HOW to make your dream real - that's fine! NO ONE DOES.

AND not knowing how doesn't mean you can't start today ;)

I explain in today's today and talk about what I've been struggling with lately, and how staying engaged in the struggle has led me to a MUCH better place.

I have free classes to help you get started with this here.

Or join me in Dream Book and I'll show you how to work through all of this stuff and make SIGNIFICANT progress towards...

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When there is an IMPOSSIBLE CHASM between where you are and where you want to be

This morning I had a bit of an intense experience in my journaling + meditation practice so I wanted to share my story.

It's about a visualization I did, to try to help me figure out what my next steps are.

I visualized where I am today, and I visualized my next level dream, and then I looked more closely at the space between as a way of figuring out what kind of steps I should be taking.

The space between showed up as an IMPOSSIBLE CHASM.

Yikes! I mean no one likes an impossible chasm.


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When Self Doubt Makes It Hard to SPEAK UP For Yourself

I was watching Next in Fashion on Netflix and this crazy thing happened where a really gifted woman lost out on a HUGE opportunity because she couldn't speak up for herself.

This is something I know a lot about, because I have failed to speak up for myself more times than I can count.

 It was a journey to get to the place I am now where it's fairly easy to speak up for myself, and even when it's not easy I can still DO IT.

When Self Doubt Makes It Hard to SPEAK Up For Yourself


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When You're Working Hard But Not Getting The Results You Want

This is my best advice for when you're working hard but not getting anywhere. With this simple perspective shift with can get all of your hard work to start GENERATING MORE MOMENTUM for moving towards your dream:



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Here's the real secret of how to get anything you want.


It all comes down to the RELATIONSHIP you have with your dream.

You need to stay present in this relationship in order to have a fruitful successful relationship with your dream - to be in RIGHT relationship with your dream. 

Right relationship is about listening and respect and trust and collaboration and love.

The world tells us that these are the kinds of relationships we can have with our dreams:

  1. Sacrifice EVERYTHING for your dream, and maybe your dream will come to you in the...

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On Taking The LEAP Into Your Dream


I was asked for my tips, tricks and advice for how to navigate that space when you're getting ready to quit your job and LEAP into your dream.

I was approached by someone who is getting ready to leave her job to do her dream full time. She's been building up her creative work for some time, now she's rented a studio and is gearing up to quit her job. But in the meantime - she has to keep working full time.

So she asked me for tips or suggestions for navigating this part of the path -...

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Everything is impossible today.


For all of January I've been working on clearing some space so I could focus on some BIG GOALS I have for this year.

So here I am: with a week mostly clear to work on these big goals.

And what am I doing? Anything but focus on my big goals, of course.

In this moment, trying to bring myself to focus and get to work feels IMPOSSIBLE.

So, I am focusing on my resistance instead. Sitting with it, getting curious about it, exploring where I can bring some light and space and healing in.


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I was wrong. Maybe you are too?

Shortly after I moved into the Dream Loft (7 years ago!), my sister gave me a ZZ plant. It was this big gorgeous thing, and the Dream Loft is a bit of a plant haven - with HUGE south windows and normal north windows on both floors and the open-ness between floors and no interior walls except around the bathroom - there's this beautiful light everywhere that is really good for living things.

Plus I have a wicked humidifier I use all winter because I want to feel like I live in a...

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I celebrated nine years in business with the Creative Dream Incubator by buying a rainbow rug.


It makes me happy, it makes the whole loft feel happier. And, in a big space full of clashing patterns, it's somehow the pattern that brings all the clashing patterns together.

Five years ago I would be sharing this photo, writing this and being all "LOOK EVERYONE ISN'T THIS SUPER CUTE? WHAT A BEAUTIFUL WAY TO CELEBRATE THIS MILESTONE!!"

But today I felt conflicted about it.

With everything I have been learning about climate change recently, I understand the impact of buying so many cute...

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Do you set New Years' Resolutions and then struggle to follow through?


New Year Journaling

It can be SO hard to keep making new resolutions or goals or picking a word of the year each year, especially when you have a history of not following through. 

There comes a point where it's like - why even bother? Nothing ever changes anyway.

Except your dreams don't go away. Your dreams are your soul calling you towards your true self, your purpose and your most authentic way of living.

Your dreams are going to keep calling you and you're going to keep bumping up against this...

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