Making Dreams Real

Looking for more AH-HAH moments? I've got you covered



"I started taking workshops from Andrea over 8 years ago and she has a gifted way of creating tools and workshops that help people support their plans, clear the dust, and make gifts for the world.

I have found Andrea to be incredibly gifted and helpful in providing a creative path for me to have not only those "ah-ha" moments but to discover clarity in life and business.

If you have a lot of plans but you are still standing at "square one" or if you need inner clarity on situations...

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New Video for Dreamers: When Shitty Things Happen...

I had a bad week!

A shitty thing happened and it was really uncomfortable to deal with and I started to notice how I was CONSTRICTING while trying to AVOID all of the uncomfortable feelings I was having about this thing.

Which only made everything worse. And kept moving me away from finding a solution to the problem!

The way through is to get curious about your reaction, to make space to explore all of your feelings, to move to a more EXPANSIVE place because then you expand into your gifts:...

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The Hard Parts Are Where The Magic Happens


One of the things that has surprised me the most about my dreams is that the hard parts are where the magic happens.

Or as Joseph Campbell said: Where you stumble is where your treasure lies

Vision boards and positive thinking can only take so you so far on the path to your dream.

The truth is: the MAXIMUM MAGIC lies in the HARDEST THING you're facing right now.

I am talking about:

  • the unsurmountable external obstacle you face
  • having a dream and not having a clue how to make it real
  • that...

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So HOW does this help me make my dream real?


The Big Question people ask me, is how does all of this inner work and dreaming and alchemy that I teach actually help you make your dream REAL?

To answer, I'm going to share the story of a woman named Sylvie, who has been taking my classes for the last 10 years. She has a chronic health condition which she thought would make it impossible for her to make her dreams real, but she decided to give it a try anyway.

In her words:

I've done most of Andrea's classes for the last ten years. She is...

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Everyone is wrong.


After over a decade of coaching creative people to make their dreams real, I've noticed one thing they ALL have in common:

When we start out, and I ask what’s between where they are and where they want to be, they see an impossible chasm. There’s like - nothing there.

Just no way to get to the dream.

You can spend a lot of time trying to build a bridge across that chasm, or looking for another way to get there, and never find your way through.


Because the truth is -...

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On being in love with your creative work while being muzzled by self doubt and trying to find a way through...


(This is artwork from a new deck of Journal Cards for Dreamers I'm working on) 

I'm holding my self doubt in a bubble of love.

I am just trying to will my self doubt to go to sleep.

Just lie down, go to sleep, and stop taking up so much space so that I can go back to feeling inspired, confident and excited about my next steps.

This is NOT how I'm supposed to do this. I know that Creative Dream Alchemy is NOT about forcing things into place, it's about making space for the magic...

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As terrified as I am by what's happening in the world, I am believing, more than ever, in the magic and power of our dreams.

It's a gorgeous Friday in my little corner of the world.

I'm working from bed, with the window open and a vase of fresh cut lilacs on the night stand. I LOVE this time of year when I can keep the window open all day, before it gets too hot for that.

My cat Bear is curled up beside me sleeping. Once in a while he wakes and stretch and I hear a little yawn. Then he goes back to sleep.

I'm drawing. All day. My heart is so happy!

I've got my period last night. Last year I decided to start...

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Get over yourself

Just get over yourself already.

This is the message I keep getting from my dream.

Not in a mean way, but in a lighting-the-path-ahead-of-me way. That it's just time to stop being so precious.

I am, and always have been, a million different kinds of tangled up about selling my work.

I have worked with these fears, limiting beliefs, self doubts and inner critics EXTENSIVELY - enough to allow me to support myself for the last 8.5 years by selling my work.

But that doesn't mean I am healed or...

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Pursuing your dreams in a culture of capitalist white supremacy

Our dreams need each other. Capitalist and colonialist structures have created a world where some people are held up while others are pushed down. But our dreams need each other. We all NEED everyone's dreams in order to succeed.

We ALL need a level playing field.

Remember: Your dream is how your soul calls you towards your True Self. It's bigger than you and it comes from the place where we're all connected. Our dreams were meant to grow together.

The other day as I was...

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Procrastinating about Marketing


As I wrote about recently, I am feeling tangled up about marketing my own work in this sleazy industry of life-changing online programs. And I wanted to share a bit of my process here as I work through it because one thing that is missing in this industry is that kind of transparency - show your work!

So my new process with this is: Tuesday mornings I write about how I'm feeling about my own marketing, and then make some time - before Friday - to act on whatever ideas spring from that...

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