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Sad times at the Creative Dream Factory.

So I've been sharing the story as it's been unfolding but I know not everyone is on Facebook. On Monday we lost Starfish.

(We're going to print + frame this photo and put it up in our new bedroom when we move in spring/summer)

A few weeks ago I took him to the vet for a check-up since he was an older cat and we'd had him for a year, though he seemed healthy. The vet saw something and tried to intervene but it was too late. It was so strange, the vet was saying Starfish was so sick and yet he was still running around being his happy loving self. Until he wasn't, of course. He took a really sharp turn on Sunday and by Monday he was gone. I'm so glad he was still enjoying his life right until the end.

Monday was brutal.

It was the day the Focus Pocus Creative Support Group started. I had been so excited to start this group and we had a live call happening at 1:00 my time. I thought about canceling - but everyone was ready to start! That seemed sucky. I thought about just pretending - doing the call as my happy self. That seemed wrong. I thought about how life is always happening for us, not to us. And that is this was all happening on the same day then it was all happening on the same day and I could be with all of it. The more I thought about it the more it felt ok, like we're exploring how to stay focused no matter what so - let's do this then, let's figure out how to make space for all of it. So I got on the call and told the truth. I talked about how ironic it was, since I am usually such a focused person, and we were starting the focus group on a day when I was TOTALLY unfocused. And I talked about how it doesn't matter - we're not here to do things perfectly, we're here to keep showing up for our dreams in the midst of the mess of every day life. And everyone offered me love and support. And we started the focus group and it was perfect.

Not that I think Starfish had to die for me to have this lesson to share, of course.

But I thought - maybe a part of me did know something was up and that is the part of me who picked the start date for Focus Pocus? I don't know. At the end of our call, my husband came home. I thought he was just stopping in to check up on Starfish, but he was there to do a ceremony for Starfish, to call on the spirits to meet him, help him not be scared, help send him on to the other side and give him strength for the journey. So we spent those last few hours with Starfish praying for him, thanking him for all the gifts he brought us, telling him how much we love him. And we gathered the medicines into a bundle.

My husband explained that ideally Starfish would be wrapped in this bundle to be cremated, so he would be burned with the medicines so he could use them on the other side. So when we Starfish back to the vet we brought the bundle too, just in case. Starfish actually likes car rides, so for his last ride we didn't put him in his carrier. He went up into the back window and you could see he was wanted to be there look around at the world, while also in a great deal of pain. I guess I want to add - of course I spoke to the vet about all possible solutions. I was hoping we could give him surgery or at least painkillers and he could at least live out his natural life without crying in pain all the time. But since the issue is that he couldn't breath and wasn't eating there just wasn't a way to keep him going. It was his time. We were both in tears at the vet, and Starfish was put to sleep quickly while we petted and kissed him. After, the vet did allow us to wrap him up in his bundle, in four different cloths in the colours of the four directions, and send him off right. We always talked about how we wanted to send him off like that, so that everyone on the other side can see right away that this is a special cat and should be treated like a king. It's been a few days and my husband and I both can't feel Starfish's presence in the house at all. We think that means he went right over. My husband said "Wow that means he can be our spirit guide now"

Nothing makes the grief less painful, we just have to feel our way through it.

But having the Focus Pocus Creative Support Group has really helped me feel like I won't lose the plot in the rest of my life. I am learning to make space for all of it - the shitty things that happen that I have to deal with and the day-to-day details of life AND my dreams. There IS room for everything to co-exist. I always used to worry about this kind of thing as a self-employed person. Like one bad happening could throw me off track so much I could lose my livelihood. I don't worry so much about it anymore, I trust myself to handle life as it happens and make space for everything I need to make space for AND everything I WANT to make space for.

These past few days without Starfish in the house have been so weird and sad.

I'm working out of coffee shops more and more since it's so uncomfortable to be at home without him. I'm always looking for him and re-remembering that he's gone. In the evenings my husband and I look at photos and videos of Starfish and talk about him and cry a lot. I am so grateful that my husband loves Starfish as much as I do, and that I have someone to share my grief with. I just figured out how to use that "live" thing in iPhone photos. I didn't really know what it was but was SO happy to see it means there are a few seconds of video on each photo. So amazing to see Starfish purr and move around on my phone. And looking at those few seconds of video reminded me of a Starfish story I'd forgotten, about one of my favourite photos of him:
When he was lying in bed I would often gather him up and hug him like this, and he would let me do it for a few minutes, then he would get himself free. He was pretty independent and didn't like being held, he liked to sit on people and be petted and always be free to walk away whenever he wanted to. But on this particular day, I was really sick (this is when I had the flu in December). I was lying in bed binge-watching The Vampire Diaries and Starfish snuggled in and stayed there, watching along with me. Such a sweet little thing.

This week I started knitting a Starfish.

I want to make a few of them and leave them in his favourite spots. Little memorials. Weirdly (?) I've also had some amazing creative breakthroughs this week. I have big plans for what I want to do with my work this year and I've been in that fuzzy/messy/unknown stage of the creative process for so long, it's amazing to start to come out of that with clarity and new direction. Maybe Starfish is on the other side, sending these amazing ideas to me.

How to turn yourself into a Dream Magnet

How to turn yourself into a dream magnet.

The big theme in my journaling practice for Grow Your Depth, Nurture Your Brilliance (the year-long journaling program I’m doing in the Creative Dream Circle) this week was this: there are 2 ways to pray.

One way is how most people do it.

The other way is not just more effective – it actually turns you into a dream magnet.

The first way: From a rigid ego place of asking for what you want then waiting until it shows up in your life exactly as you expect it should look like.

This doesn’t work and can make you pretty miserable in the process.

But for some reason, we’ve all got a part of us who really seems to think that this is the way.? That we somehow have every right to expect the universe, in its infinite wisdom, to bow down to us and our limited vision and to hand it over and to have it look exactly how we think it should.

The second way: From a place of openness and wonder and connection to the miracle of life where you ask for what you want and then stay in the process of receiving it.?

The real work here is in building an internal sense of trust and deepening/maturing your relationship with your spirituality.

Trusting that your prayer was heard and granted, which means remembering that the universe has an infinite perspective and you have a teeny tiny extremely limited perspective and so trusting that the universe can respond to your prayer in the most appropriate way.

In other words, remembering that you don’t control the universe.

Not only is giving up on trying to control the universe a huge relief and a big energy-booster, it means you can open your eyes to all the ways your prayer has already been granted.

When you let go of what you think it “should” look l like you get to have what you want, right now.

Because it’s already here for you.

In a decade of working with people to help them bring their dreams to life this remains consistent: what you need is already here for you.? The essence of your dream is ALWAYS accessible to you.

You just have to crawl out of your bullshit stories and sit with the truth long enough to see it.

Taking this approach also means being willing to do your part.

You don’t just stand back and wait for your package to arrive before you believe that your prayer was granted – that’s the childish relationship to spirituality.

When you really believe that it’s on the way you act differently.? You do all the things that are in front of you to do in service to your prayer.? You deal with your fears and doubts.? Physically and energetically – you clean up make space for the thing in your life.? You take steps to meet it.

You turn your life into a welcoming atmosphere for dreams.? You turn yourself into a dream magnet.

Here’s the kicker: once you say your prayer you have to accept that whatever happens next is the prayer granted.

Everything in your life is happening in response to your clear intention.?

I’ve got a lot of stuff coming at me right now.

Nothing earth-shattering or anything, just a lot of things (good things and not-good things) are coming my way both personally and professionally, causing me to feel overwhelmed and stressed out.

Until I remind myself that everything is happening in response to my clear intention.

So I must NEED to have a lot of stuff coming at me.

Why?? Where’s the gift/lesson in this?? How can I work with it?

How do I unwrap this gift?

Am I willing to sit with my discomfort long enough to even see the gift?

Looking at it in this way immediately changes my relationship to it.

Everything that happens is a gift.

How you respond to the gifts determines what your life looks like.

Not that this is easy – this is the advanced practice of living an openhearted life.? And the thing about practice is that you have to keep practicing.

I want to write more about that – about how hard it can be sometimes to practice as a way of living.

Right now I can say that the more you keep practicing the more you become a dream magnet.?? And that the more evidence you see in your life that it’s working the easier it gets to stay in the process.

And that making the practice as enjoyable as possible really, really, really helps.

All of my training as a spiritual teacher was dry, dry, dry.? All of the emotional healing work I did was scary and hard. So when it came time for me to set up my classes and services I knew I had to bring in the stuff that helped me stay in the process: CREATIVITY and PLAY.

That’s where the fuel comes from for me to stay on the path.

What fuels your path?? What keeps you going when it’s too hard?? If you don’t know – explore, find out.

You do not have to know what your dream is.

You do not have to know what your dream is.

I was so delighted to read this, which someone posted last week in their Dream Journal in the Creative Dream Circle:

"I haven't had dreams for most of my life.

I have made damn sure my kids have nurtured their dreams. But I thought it was too late for me at 40.

Going through the Creative Dream Incubator now, and through every nook and cranny of the Un-Sticking Station almost every day since joining the Circle, I am learning that yes, it is time for me to have dreams of my own. 🙂

My dream right now is to figure out what my dream is.

And now I know, with the help of the resources in this Circle, that THAT is a valid and ok dream for me at this moment!!!!!!!!!

I feel so good and so "unstuck" right now."

You do not have to know what your dream is!

I would really like to hire a skywriter to write in all the skies, everywhere.

Finding your dream is a GORGEOUS dream on its own.

FINDING YOUR DREAM is work that will grow and nourish you.

Doing the work of finding your dream activates and energizes inner qualities that you're going to need once you know what your dream is, like trust and courage and inner strength.

Finding your dream is a part of the process. You do not have to know what your dream is before you can start!

Besides - working on your dream isn't really about your dream.

It's about healing and heart and soul growing into who you really are.

It's about feeling happier and more powerful and more peaceful RIGHT NOW.

And you deserve to have this now.

It's never too late. It's never too soon. You are ready right now.


Feeling conflicted about your dream?

feeling conflicted
Last week I did a really lovely live video playdate as a part of 21 Secrets Live art journal class. It was a really lovely group, and I was sharing how I use my journal to work with my dreams, which led to a really lovely discussion of the obstacles to dreaming.

A lot of people attending were feeling conflicted about their dream. Like: I want this, but I also want that. And this and that are not compatible!

Feeling conflicted leaves people feel frustrated and powerless and never knowing what to be giving their energy and attention to.

The most universal example of this is women feeling like they need to choose between motherhood and career. Or choosing to have both and then always feeling like they’ve got too many things to juggle.

But feeling conflicted about what you REALLY want is super common and comes into play in a myriad of big and small ways every day.

  • I want to have nachos for lunch but I like how I feel energized and nourished when I eat the kale salad.
  • I long for a clean, minimalist space to work in my but art is just inherently messy, there are tools and supplies everywhere.
  • I want to live in a tiny cabin in the woods but I’d miss my friends and fun city social life.
  • I want to travel but I also want to create my dream home and can only afford to do one.

We are complex multi-dimensional beings. We have a lot of wants, needs and desires. It makes sense that they’re not always going to jive perfectly together.

Or does it?

It’s important to remember that all dreams come from the same place: your soul.

ALL dreams move you towards purpose, authenticity, joy, wholeness by bringing you into richer alignment with your soul.

And all of your dreams are connected to each other through that soul connection.

Since they’re all connected they CAN and DO jive perfectly together. On a soul level, your desires are singing this gorgeous symphony together – the symphony of your unique self.

But sometimes you need to expand your perspective in order to see and experience that.

No one EVER likes when I talk about this next part. But bear with me…

The teachings behind the popular Law of Attraction include many other spiritual laws. Laws which are nowhere near as fun as imagining that the universe is a giant vending machine, so they don’t get as much air time.

One of them is the Law of Sacrifice. See? Not fun at all.

You can do/be/have anything but you can’t do/be/have everything.

People hate this and so they go back to… well they go back to juggling, frustration and powerlessness.

Most people don’t spend enough time exploring sacrifice to find the magic in it. There is this immediate “oh hell no I’m not sacrificing anything” and an unwillingness to really look at this any deeper.? But sacrifice will actually get you somewhere, whereas juggling will not.

Underneath this pattern of feeling conflicted is a lack of clarity.

Sacrifice demands CLARITY. You can’t sacrifice something unless you are super clear on what is going on: why you are sacrificing what and how and for how long and what result you expect this to bring you.

This is true clarity about what you are bringing to life, in your life.

A lack of clarity is a sign that you’ve got some fears/doubts/inner-critics/limiting-beliefs/old patterns-which-no-longer-serves-you that are in need of your attention.

Clarity terrifies us because it demands that we deal with the exact thing we’re afraid to face. That’s why people would rather just stay in that place of “my dreams are conflicted, I’ll just stand here and juggle with them”.

But not you, you are committed to your dreams so you’re going to follow the Law of Sacrifice.

Which does not mean that a sacrifice is ALWAYS needed. The really cool thing is that being willing to look at your shit, and I mean REALLY look at your shit, often opens up new possibilities for how it can all jive together.

At the very least, it gets you in tune with the soul symphony of dreams you’ve got going on so you can see and appreciate how it all fits together and how that does not mean you necessarily get to have it all, right now. Because time and space are a bitch! But we have to work with them. It’s part of the deliciousness of being alive.

But there is always a way to get what you REALLY want.

Underneath the physical aspect of your dream is its essence: the heart and soul of your dream. You can always integrate the heart and soul of your dream into whatever is happening in your physical reality.

This is when your perception shifts and either new doors of possibility open up for you or you see a way that your conflicting dreams can nest together perfectly, with a few small shifts.

All the conflicts are happening on the surface level. You need to be working with your dream soul to soul. (here‘s a video on that)

So if you’re feeling conflicted, know that this doesn’t mean you have to keep juggling and being frustrated about feeling conflicted. It just means that working out your inner conflict is your next step on your path.

HINT: Often what needs to be sacrificed is an old way of thinking/being/seeing.

I teach this in detail in the Un-Sticking Station in the Creative Dream Circle. Using the superpowers of CREATIVITY and LOVE you can work out the conflict and get back to smooth sailing with your dreams.

Because often what you think you want often isn’t what you actually want.

Other people’s expectations and society’s unspoken rules can dance around in your head and make you think you want this when really you want that.

Plus, your own limiting beliefs will distort how well you can see your dream.

This can happen in a million different ways.? For example, if you have an un-healed inner child who is crying out for external approval, that part of you is going to twist your dream into something that will turn you into someone who gets loads of external approval.? Meanwhile, no matter how well you do with you YOU are not going to feel satisfied because your dream is all twisted up.

And having this inner conflict is OK!

Working through your conflict is the path to your dream, it clears space for you to know, unequivocally, what you want and how you want it.

Grief & Magic.

My grandparents: My grandmother made these giant loaves of bread every year for Thanksgiving, to show what she was grateful for.

Yesterday it was four years since my grandmother died.? My mom posted some photos on Facebook and I was all ” four years, has it been that long” and “no way it’s been four whole years already” at the same time.

It’s really hard to measure missing someone in years.

I thought back to four years ago, and how devastated I was.? My grandmother was 89 and in excellent health.? She was independent and creative.? She was living a full life and we were planning a big bash for her 90th.? Her death was very sudden.

I know everybody says this after people are gone, but she really was the best person ever.

And I was sad for me for losing her, but I was also sad for the world for losing her.

I was lucky enough to grow up with all four of my grandparents, and she was the last one I lost.? It changed things for me in a way I did not understand at the time.

It was my grandmother’s death that planted the seeds for me to leave my cushy office job and set out to live my life more fully on my own terms.

At that point I was already leading my own creativity workshops, doing spiritual healing & counseling and leading healing and meditation circles – all while working at my day job.? By then I had worked my way down to 4 days/week and was absolutely blissed out to have the opportunity to be doing what I wanted to do, even though I wasn’t able to do it full time.

At that time, I didn’t think I would EVER do my creativespiritual work as my full time gig.

But after my grandmother died it felt like something changed.

Frankly, it felt like time to grow up.? Which maybe makes sense – I was about to turn 36.

Though she was not the first person I have lost, her death really shook me up and reminded me of how precious life is and not to waste any of it.

And that happiness I was feeling about “only” working 4 days a week so I could spend 3 days devoted to my creative and spiritual adventures started to turn to annoyance.

It was only three months later that I moved down to 3 days a week at my job, and let my boss know that I would be leaving by the end of the year.

No one believed me.

It seemed to unlikely that someone would give up the security of a job with a generous pension and benefits package to strike out on their own to teach people about the magic of glitter and positive thinking (which is how my co-workers described my early workshops).

But I was determined. Not because I wanted to build a big business or become rich or internet-famous, but because I wanted to live my real life.

I realised that life was too precious to spend it doing anything other than what feels TRUE for me.? And I liked my job, but I couldn’t say that it felt TRUE, down to the depths of my being, for me to spend my days doing that work.

No matter how uncertain life as an entrepreneur is, it feels TRUE.

So yesterday I was taking that in.

How much has changed.? How much I have changed.? How I feel about my life today.

Yesterday I wasn’t feeling super-great.? So I was taking it easy.? Drawing mandalas, re-arranging my work schedule to suit my energy, extra meditation, lavender tea lattes.

Four years ago, if I wasn’t feeling super-great I’d have been drinking extra coffee and maybe get a cupcake or something as a treat to get myself through the day.

Pursuing your dreams is a risk.? There is no doubt about that.

But I think we don’t think enough about what kind of risk you take in NOT going for it.?

I was imagining what I’d be like today if I was still in that job.? My whole body kind of tenses up.? I’d feel further away from my purpose and my creativity.? I wouldn’t be practicing extreme self-care as a way of living.? I wouldn’t have the Dream Loft.? I wouldn’t feel fulfilled by my work the way I do now.

That’s not who I want to be.

At the time, I thought it was all about money.? About how I needed my job because I didn’t know how to make enough money to support myself without it.

I thought the life I really wanted was impossible because of money.

In hindsight, that’s ridiculous.

It wasn’t about money.? It was about courage, and learning to trust myself and my creativity.? It was about stretching my comfort zone.? It was about how much more powerful I am when I am living in integrity with my inner truth.

And I promise: the life you really want is possible.? But it’s not going to come to you, you have to go to it.

And if you want my help sorting this out – I’m here.? My Creative With Money e-course starts tomorrow.

I can promise you that in this course you?ll meet money in a totally different way ? this is not like anything else out there.? You’ll see new possibilities for how to live your REAL life.

And I can promise to be there with you on the journey.? I?ll be active in the class forum, answering your questions, helping you get through the stuck places and cheering you on.

The Creative With Money e-course? happens inside the Creative Dream Circle.?? Once you join the Circle, you’re in for a whole year.? This means you get this plus ALL of the other courses I run all year long – for just $100.

Update 18: Why Being Stuck is Very, Very GOOD

I set a big goal for my business for 2014: to welcome 800 dreamers into my Creative Dream Circle. And to do this not by getting super pushy about selling – but to do this with heart and soul and creativity and joy and LOVE.

(you can read my original post about this here)

At this point though, it?s less about the numbers and more about growing my capacity to serve dreamers everywhere in bringing their dreams to life.

In support of this goal, I am writing weekly updates on Fridays, for all of 2014. This is where I’ll share the story of all the ups and downs of bringing a big dream to life.



A part of me is frustrated that this is not happening faster.? She reminds me that my goal was to stop doing one-on-one sessions and have the Circle be my main income and that I should be there by now.

And also: I know more than anyone about bringing a dream to life, so why am I taking so long with this?? This is so stupid.

This part of me wonders if? making this journey so public is messing with my ju-ju and wants me to stop posting these updates.

I send this part of me a lot of love and a teeny tiny little reminder that I know it feels like it, but it isn’t really taking “so long”.

Which she tries to brush off.? I don’t need love, and I sure-as-fuck do not need patience!? What I need is for you to get your shit together and get this done. NOW.

I put her in a sound-proof bubble of love and compassion and gentleness.? Slowly, she starts to mellow out.

The truth is, if all I cared about was reaching my goal – I would be there by now.

I have learned so much about online marketing and sales, I know if I was doing certain things I would have more sales.

That is not how I want to get there.

How I do this is way more important to me than how fast I do it.

I spent two years developing the Circle while it was relatively hidden.? What if it takes me two more years to get it to optimum capacity?

Right now, the Circle feels absolutely blissful to me.

When I look at what it offers people, what happens for them when they join, what happens as they work with the tools over time… bliss.? I am so proud of what I have built and the impact it is having on the people who choose to join.

  • The relief they feel that now they have a place where they can go any time they feel scared, stressed, angry, stuck, unsure… and transform that feeling, and leave feeling connected and bright and happy and knowing what to do next next.
  • The amazement they feel at discovering aspects to their creative genius they didn’t know where there.
  • The miracles and adventures they find as they use these tools to excavate and transform their inner worlds.

What happens inside the Circle is delicate and vulnerable – that’s the nature of TRUE healing and transformation.

So even though outside of the Circle – my blog and social media streams – is not the same kind of container for transformation, it needs to be somewhat in alignment with the deep magic of inside the Circle.

I mean, that only makes sense, right?? I can’t use standard internet sales & marketing approaches to push more people into the Circle then suddenly demand that they get vulnerable enough to do the work.

Trust, safety and sovereignty have to be a part of this EVERYWHERE.

But just because I don’t want to go the traditional sales & marketing route does not mean I don’t do ANYTHING about sales & marketing.

For every strategy and tactic that I am saying no to – I need to find something to say yes to.

What I’m doing is exploring the essence and looking at where the essence of the marketing tactic meets the essence of my work and then exploring what I can do with that.

Much, much longer process than simply following proven tactics.

Also: richer.

Frustrated little me in the sound-proof bubble has found a deck of index cards and a marker and she’s sending me a message:

Yes, I like this.? I see that this is what you have been doing but you’ve been doing it a bit haphazardly.? Let’s make a list of tactics and strategies that are effective, put it in Evernote, and make a plan in your calendar to work with one every week.

“Working with” meaning: doing that journal thing you do where you draw out the essence of the thing, put it beside the essence of the Circle and then find the places where they overlap.? Then brainstorm ways to work with the essence in ways that are in alignment with the Circle.? This probably won’t take more than an hour.? And then of course you have to implement what you learn.

See what happened there?

I started by giving some space to the frustration I was feeling.

Rather than try to pretend it’s not there or bury it in positive thinking, I listened to what it has to say, and what it wants me to do.

Then I made space for my centered myself, to listen to what I have to say when I’m not listening to my frustration.

Then I showed my frustrated self what I want.

Then my frustrated self and I were able to work together to create a plan that makes us both happy.

This is the essence of healing and transformation. It doesn’t obliterate the parts of you who are afraid, it embraces your inherent wholeness and wisdom.

This is what I teach, in step-by-step detail, in the Un-Sticking Station in the Creative Dream Circle which is basically, a recipe for a miracle.

Nothing, EVER, has to stay stuck.

Having an Un-Sticking Station is soooo important because getting stuck is part of creative dreaming.

The whole concept of stuck = bad is a muggle concept.

But when you’re a creative dreamer you’re working with the unknown so of course you’re going to get stuck.? That’s just a natural part of it.

Learning how to recognize a stuck, and then un-stick it quickly and effectively is a necessary skill for creative dreamers.

And more importantly – it’s in the stucks where you find the gifts – the gifts you use to build your unique & gorgeous path.? That’s where the magic is!


One of my favourite parts of my job is supporting amazing people in bringing amazing (often IMPOSSIBLE) dreams to life.

My clients and Circle members are brilliant bright stars who are making a big difference in the world.

I want to share more of their stories here because they are so super inspiring, and today I am super excited to share Corie Weaver‘s story about her “impossible dream”.

?Tell us about yourself!

corieI didn?t grow up planning to be a writer. I was never one of those kids scribbling stories in a notebook, or submitting to the school paper. But I?ve always been a voracious reader.

A few years ago, I realized I had some of my own stories to tell. I?ve been lucky enough to have participated in some fabulous crit groups, and to have attended the Taos Toolbox Workshop.

I love reading. I love stories of adventure, stories that grab me and won?t let me go. Stories that will stay with me for years. Old and new, paper books, digital and comics ? anything with a good story is fair game. And I love writing, telling stories, creating worlds and people and histories? and then doing terrible things to them!

My background is in medieval history (Spanish manuscripts of the apocalypse, if you were wondering), but as I?m fond of being able to pay the bills, I work at our local university, as well some freelance work as a web designer. I live in Las Vegas, New Mexico (the smaller, older, and much quieter one) with my husband and our two cats and two dogs. We travel as much as possible, and are active with our local animal rescue group.

Tell us about your dream!

To write stories full time, reach young people and their parents, and to create a platform for more stories than I can personally write to reach more young people!

Dreaming Robot Press focuses on publishing science fiction and fantasy novels for a Young Adult and Middle Grade audience.

  • We believe stories shape our reality.
  • We believe this is especially important for stories that we are exposed to growing up.
  • We believe novels can be excellent in both their stories and in the effects they have.

In order to ensure that all children can find models to identify with, we?re committed to publishing stories about a diverse range of characters and situations.

Today there are more options than ever for a writer to explore. If you have a great young adult or middle grade science fiction or fantasy manuscript and you?re considering going indie vs a small press, we?d love to talk with you.

Right now we?re very interested in receiving young adult/middle grade novels featuring strong female heroines, without a romantic subplot.

How has the Circle helped you with your dream? What are you doing now that you are in the Circle that you weren’t doing before you joined?

I never really believed I could make a living from my writing.

As I’ve been working deeper and deeper into the heart of my dream, I’ve realized that I’ve been telling stories to myself as a younger girl. And then with the help of LOTS of dreaming and journaling, and talks with friends, I uncovered something deeper that had bothered me.

unnamed1In the world of Science Fiction and Fantasy, there aren’t a lot of young adult and middle grade books for girls that don’t have a romantic sub-plot. Its as if we’re telling girls that sure, they can go off on adventures, they can have a ‘hero’s journey’ – but its not complete until they find true love, or something like it. Even great books, with totally kick-ass heroines seemed to always have some level of romantic tension.

And I thought… I can do something about that.

Years ago I worked at a small press, and now in the world of digital publishing, a lot of the gates are opening for writers to bring their work out. I’ve started a small, electronic first, publishing house to focus on girl-positive young adult and middle grade science fiction and fantasy. Self-publishing is great, but there’s a number of hurdles that are easier tackled in a group 🙂


What’s your favourite part of the Circle?

The playdates!! I seldom have a chance to listen in realtime, but I love going back and making that special time for myself and my dream to get closer and reconnect.

I feel like I’m glowing for days after.

I’ve been known to run through the recordings again when I need a pick-me-up mid-month, and I’ll get a whole different set of insights.

I hope you go visit Corie nd check out her?Dreaming Robot Press – she is a gorgeous soul and great person to know!

Live Coaching Call – March 11

Hello darling dreamers!? I’m kind of bursting with joy over here this morning and beaming love to each of you.

Just wanted to send a quick note about next week’s coaching call, happening March 11 at 2pm (Central, North American time).

Will start with a quick and magical connect-you-to-the-heart-and-soul-of-your-dream thing, and then spend the rest of the time addressing your questions and doing whatever healing/coaching work needs to be done!

Yes, it will be recorded.

And if you can’t be there live you can send me your questions and I’ll talk about them on the call.

This call is open to all Creative Dream Circle members.

It’s official: The Dream Loft Is MINE. [epic photo post]

This is a 2.5 year long story.

Two and a half years ago, I got this intuitive hit to take a different route home from the park one day. I drove past a construction site and my inner Creative Dream Fairy went NUTS. Google it! Call them! You need to find out more about what they are building here! This is for YOU!

I was in my first year of being 100% self-employed. I kind of had my hands full without the thought of MOVING. But I goggled it.

Whoa.? They were building two and three storey townhouse loft condos, built in small buildings forming a rectangle around a park.? No two suites the same floorplan, but all had huge, HUGE windows, cool (cool looking but the floors are actually heated) polished concrete floors, bright open spaces.? Laundry in the bathroom in up in the loft.? Paths meandering through the park, with small wooden bridges that lead to each person’s door.

It looked pretty great!

My intuition was very clear: I would be able to do my best work in this kind of space. It would help me grow into who I need to be to do what I want to do.

Still, there was a gap between me-from-before-the-dream-loft and me-who-lives-in-the-dream-loft.

This gap was much larger than I thought when I started.

I set out on what I thought would be a fairly simple journey.

I followed my intuition which said: sell the house as quickly as you can, go stay with your parents for a month.? Set up your tent in their super cool back yard – it will be awesome!

And it was awesome.

It was also a really good teaching opportunity.? When you do things that go “against the grain” people react in strange ways.

People, like grown-ups who I thought had some level of maturity, actually made fun of me.? Like there is something wrong with wanting to live how you want to live.

This tent was all full of down pillows and quilts and journals and art supplies.? It was heaven.

But just because I was doing things differently – I was teased.

This grew my motivation to be a beacon for dreamers and create safe spaces for them to do what their hearts are calling them to do, rather than follow societal norms like a robot.

Construction on the loft was delayed, the weather turned cold, and I moved into my parent’s basement.

This condo development is super unique and in some ways it made sense that there would be delays.? However, the developer handled everything very poorly, which made everything harder. (Plus if it made sense that there would be delays shouldn’t that have been factored into the possession date? But I digress.)

This whole time though, I knew I was not really caught up in a new construction nightmare, I was in the inner process of growing into me-who-lives-in-the-loft.

Not that this was easy.? Growing into a new way of being is not easy – this is why most people don’t even attempt to go after their dreams.

If I had just packed up my things and moved into the loft there wouldn’t have been a transformation.

But that was only stage one of my transformation.? I have been living in the Dream Loft for a long time but signing the papers kept being delayed.

I had no papers or anything saying that I had any right to live here.? I haven’t known if one day I would just suddenly have to leave.? Or if I would buy the condo but the rest of the development wouldn’t be finished and I would have a really hard time selling it later.

In a lot of ways, this looks like the absolute worst financial decision I’ve ever made.

But I have to trust internal over external.

I have to trust my inner knowing about what is best for me.? All the magic is in TRUSTING the process, NO magic is in JUDGING the process.

At the end of January, 26 months after the original possession date, I took official and legal possession of the Dream Loft.

I just took a quick flip through my instagram to share a few pics:

The Dream Loft changes all the time.

It’s about 1,000 square feet, with the main floor being larger than the second floor, and space on the main floor that is two storeys tall.? The second floor loft looks out over onto the main floor.? I got an extra-tiny kitchen so I’d have more open space (I don’t like cooking anyway).

I got rid of over HALF OF MY THINGS to move in here.

Not because it’s super small, but because I wanted it to feel open and spacious.? And I wanted my life to be SIMPLE.? It’s amazing how having a lot of things makes things less simple… I do think I want to write a whole blog post about this.

The things I have now are only the most useful and happy-making things.? And this makes it easy to move things around every time I am inspired to, which I love doing.? So I am always re-arranging.

I’ve got lots of soft nooks to curl up in for journaling.? Huge tables for art-making and sewing.? Comfy couch and chairs which is where I do most of my laptopping.

In hindsight, everything was perfect.

Everything played out how it needed to play out to support me in growing into who I wanted to be next.

And here I am.

After this 2.5 year journey, I now trust myself to take care of myself in ways that I couldn’t have even known about when this all started.

And I live in my Dream Loft, and living and working here makes me feel like I can do anything.? That is worth every second of the journey it took to get here.

No matter what kinds of delays you may be facing on route to your dream: stick with it.

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