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When something or someone is standing between you and your dream

I got an email from someone who is struggling with her dream because she's got this situation in her life that makes it IMPOSSIBLE to move forward.

I get emails like this pretty regularly, so I though I'd make a video with some ideas for what to do.

I believe there is always SOMETHING you can do - and that every little step you take moving towards a more meaningful and authentic life is worth taking.

Here are my thoughts:


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At the end of the video I am talking about the work of ENGAGING with this process.

I have a free class that helps with this!

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For the people who have inner critics

Today I'm talking about INNER CRITICS: where they come from and what their REAL purpose is.

This one is helpful especially if you want to get better at managing your inner critics so they don't stop you from pursuing your creative dreams.

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Your self doubt is not the problem

Today I'm talking about SELF DOUBT and why it's NOT a real problem.

This one is helpful especially if you feel like self doubt is holding you back - you can DEFINITELY have self doubt AND ALO have your dream.

Watch it here:

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The Art for Good bundle sale I mentioned in the video is over... but you can still get my free journaling + meditation  e-classes for tapping into your intuition and inner power to break through your obstacles and move towards the life you want to be living. Sign up here if you don't see the registration bar at the top of your screen.

Good news! It’s IMPOSSIBLE to know HOW to make your dream real!

This is good news because if you don't know HOW to make your dream real - that's fine! NO ONE DOES.

AND not knowing how doesn't mean you can't start today 😉

I explain in today's today and talk about what I've been struggling with lately, and how staying engaged in the struggle has led me to a MUCH better place.

I have free classes to help you get started with this here.

Or join me in Dream Book and I'll show you how to work through all of this stuff and make SIGNIFICANT progress towards your dream, taking just one little step at a time.

When there is an IMPOSSIBLE CHASM between where you are and where you want to be

This morning I had a bit of an intense experience in my journaling + meditation practice so I wanted to share my story.

It's about a visualization I did, to try to help me figure out what my next steps are.

I visualized where I am today, and I visualized my next level dream, and then I looked more closely at the space between as a way of figuring out what kind of steps I should be taking.

The space between showed up as an IMPOSSIBLE CHASM.

Yikes! I mean no one likes an impossible chasm.

But as I sat with it I understood more and more... and then I got inspired to make a quick video to share with you:

If you've got your own impossible chasm to cross - come do this with me!

Find out more about Dream Book here.

When Self Doubt Makes It Hard to SPEAK UP For Yourself

I was watching Next in Fashion on Netflix and this crazy thing happened where a really gifted woman lost out on a HUGE opportunity because she couldn't speak up for herself.

This is something I know a lot about, because I have failed to speak up for myself more times than I can count.

It was a journey to get to the place I am now where it's fairly easy to speak up for myself, and even when it's not easy I can still DO IT.

When Self Doubt Makes It Hard to SPEAK UP For Yourself

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