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Receiving the miracle

It's that disorienting time of the year when I am starting to wake up before the sun.

This morning I lay in bed in the dark, with my husband's arm around me and my arm around our cat Bear, just feeling so grateful to feel clear-headed, inspired, and happy.

I felt.... S P A C I O U S.

Spacious is my holy grail of inner states.

For most of 2020, I have NOT had space for everything, so waking up feeling spacious was a real miracle this morning.

Thirty days ago, I started Project Miracle.

This is a 30 day meditation + journaling program designed to generate a breakthrough/miracle. (You can try Day 1 for free here!)

I had a very specific miracle that I wanted to call in, and I've been feeling like I did get a LOT out of the last 30 days, but I didn't get what I wanted.

Today I re-read my journaling from 30 days ago, I looked at what I wanted and realized - it was already here.

It doesn't quite feel how I thought it would, but it's here.

I was working with two main things in Project Miracle:

  • figuring out my work/home situation - I was dreaming of getting a new place to live and using the Dream Loft as my work space
  • figuring out my next steps in my business - my marketing has felt "off" for some time, like the public part of my business and the things I offer for free are not matching the big magic of Dream Book and need to be updated but I didn't know HOW and figuring it out felt completely overwhelming

And now:

  • I feel *at home* in my home in a whole new way. I decided not to move, and am more grateful than ever for all of the gifts of working from home. We got new furniture, re-arranged everything, and I LOVE IT.
  • I know what to do next in my business. In fact I HAVE ALREADY RECORDED + EDITED a whole new free course! I see why my marketing felt off and know what to do about it.

But the bigger thing is that I discover what it is I REALLY need, which was hiding underneath the things I thought I wanted.

Yesterday I started to see it and then today I got this prompt in my Dream Book kit and I knew:

journal prompt: the habits I have that make it harder for me to live my magic:

My habits and routines need a re-set.

I did journal about this yesterday already, but today I got the next piece.

It's ME.

This thing I am looking for, this thing I wish was different. It's ME.

While yesterday I was focused on what kinds of routines + habits I want to create for the fall/winter, today I see I need to look at the habits and routines I need to QUIT.

Holistic Creative Chat with Hali Karla


Last week I got to have a Skype date with Hali Karla as a part of her Holistic Creative Circle series, which you can watch below.

I’m teaching in Hali’s Spectrum 2016 Holistic Creative journal (and more!) workshop this year (it starts on May 2),.

Spectrum 2016 is an online multi-media workshop & community, with weekly inspiration and exclusive classes for your creative practice & holistic awareness, including mixed-media art lessons, writing prompts and holistic-centered perspectives & activities from 45 contributors (including me).

I am really happy to be a part of this. ?Hali and I have a really beautiful kindred connection – you can see it in the video. ?It’s such a gift to connect with like-minded (and hearted!) people and create together!

My class in Spectrum 2016 is called Heartbeat.

Drawing all morning + falling in love with the guided journal + colouring book I'm making for @halikarla 's Spectrum 2016 creative holistic workshop. (You can join here: )

Heartbeat is?one of my favourite/most used Creative Soul Alchemy techniques that I use in my creative practice. ?I lead you through how to use it and talk about ways to play around with it and adjust it so it fits your practice.

Then I made a special Heartbeat guided journal and coloring book for it.

But the real magic of Spectrum is that you get lessons from 45 different teachers, so you’re exposed to 45 different styles of working holistically with creative practice – where the focus in on the inner/healing aspect and not on what the art looks like. ?There is a lot of magic to be found in approaching creativity in this way.

Click here to read more about Spectrum 2016.

Registration opens today for my next class: Creative With Money

As you may have guessed, this is NOT your average money class – Creative With Money is a deep-dive healing session combined with a creative playdate.


To quote Creative With Money participant Angel Sullivan:

?HOLY MOLY, woman! ?Creative With Money ?is *so* full of brilliant I?m still seeing stars and glitter, hours later!

I signed up for because I have had this ?thing? with money for as long as I can remember? and frankly I?m over it and ready to work with it!

I did get what I wanted from it. I had some really spectacular experiences with the work? ?My relationship with money has begun to evolve, on a really deep level (which is the only way there can be any lasting change), and has led me to being able to actually have?a relationship with money rather than just constant fear around anything money related. That fear and tension is not a fun way to live, especially as it relates to something that has such an impact on life as we?re currently living it!

Thank you for all of this!!


I’m so excited to share this one with you.

Click here to read more about Creative With Money.

Resistance Rx:?Magic Mojo For Mucho Creative Momentum is happening tomorrow. Come play!



We have an holy-hella amazing group of people gathered.

We are so excited to share this with you.

This is going to be hugely transformational, healing and magical.

(Probably in exactly the ways you least expect, which is what?tends to happen in these things)

Click here to sign up!

And do it soon so that you’ll get all the details and have everything you need?to start with us tomorrow morning at 11:00am (Pacific).

Even if you can’t be there live and want to work with the?recordings, it’s best to get into the group now while everyone’s all excited to get going – that energy is contagious.

Registration will close after we’re done tomorrow.

We might be offering the recording for sale later on but we’re not quite sure about that part yet. ??So if you’re interested – now is the time!

Can’t wait to explore this with you,


Hello Resistance [A conversation with myself as I struggle to make myself get to work]


In April I’m running my Creative With Money course.

This has been a really popular course. ?I’ve offered it live online several times.

So putting it together should be a breeze, right?

But when I read over the course description (which is a few years old now) it didn’t feel right. ?So I decided?to re-write it.

And then I got stuck.

So, here I am meeting with my resistance. This may get weird.

Resistance shows up as heavy sludge. Dark black.?Kind of gritty.?Threatening to totally take over.

Ummmm, totally take over what, exactly?

Oh, this little world opens up. ?It’s full of inspiration and light and being deeply present.

Resistance wants to just pave over this world.


It’s not safe there.

Why not?

You might go too far.

Too far where/how?

Too far: ?

  • Too weird.
  • Or you’re too into your own thing that no one understands you.
  • That world isn’t real you shouldn’t go too far into it

So what world is real?

This one. ?The heavy dark gritty stuff.

Well that doesn’t really make sense to me. ?I mean look around.

[resistance is silent]

I think you’re trying to make up some fantastical story to throw me off track.

Yeah, I think I am. ?You know what? I didn’t even realise I was doing that. ?Interesting.

Interesting. ?So what is it that you want?

Oh I want you to be safe and happy.

So something feels un-safe and un-happy about putting on this course?

No, something feels un-safe and un-happy about giving it your all. ?I want to stop you from re-writing the description and putting effort into promoting it.

So I can do the course as long as I don’t try to fill the course?


Are you seeing the lack of logic there?

Yes. Part of teaching is helping?your potential students get ready to say yes.

Yes. And also put the course out there as honestly as possible so if it’s a wrong fit for someone they won’t be tempted to join anyway.

I think you always go too far with the honesty part. I mean have some composure!

I get that honesty and vulnerability are scary.

But you’ve made the choice to be that way.

Yes and I’m not changing that. So how do I help you feel safe anyway? ?How do we get to work here? I really want to re-write this course description today and it’s feeling impossible right now.

[resistance is silent]

[I wait a while, nothing happens]

OK I’m going to pour love all over you.

Resistance turns into a kitten, throws itself on it’s back, belly exposed, to soak up all the love.

I breath deep and feel something inside me soften.

OK let’s get to work then.

[And I did! I wrote the course description for Creative With Money. You can read it here.]


Want to learn more about how this stuff?works?

This was a fairly simple conversation because I have been working with my resistance for years.

Sometimes you need more than a little chat – you may need the full Resistance Rx to help you move through creative blocks in a fun and fabulous way.

Come play with us! Click here to find out more.


You’re going to love this: Resistance Rx

Chris Zydel from Creative Juices Arts is one of my creative heroes. ?I consider myself very lucky to count her as a friend.

We meet up regularly for Skype dates where we talk about anything and everything – usually though we wind up talking about our missions to make the world a better place through helping people dive DEEPER into their inner creative magic.

These conversations led us to create something together: The Resistance Rx


Stop stopping yourself and start starting your amazing creative projects.

On Tuesday, March 22 Chris and I will be coming to you LIVE from her amazing intuitive?painting studio in Oakland, California to share the Resistance Rx.

I can’t wait!

>>> CLICK HERE to read all about it.


Wheeee! Year of Dreams! Let’s Do This!

Year of Dreams Epic Playbook
The Year of Dreams Epic Playbook: Guided Journal + Coloring Book for Magic, Healing + Dreams Come True starts today and lasts all year.

I created this book for 2 reasons:

  • Coloring + journaling are my favourite and I want to share the magic
  • I wanted to make something special for people who have a hard time staying on the path

It’s simple. ?You can make your dream real if you stay on the path long enough.

But it’s really freaking hard to stay on the path.

Nevermind that you’ve got a lot of things demanding your time and attention and it’s just hard to make time for your dream on a purely practical level.

Growing a dream means growing your SELF. ?It means facing those voices that say: “Who are you to think you can do this anyway?” “If you try and fail it will be the end of the world” “You’re not good enough”.

Some days it feels impossibly hard to face that fear and shame and uncertainty and to bring healing to those dark places – which is the real work of making any dream real.

The Year of Dreams playbook makes this easier in 2 ways:

  • The pages will just keep coming all year. ?If you get off track that’s fine – it’s crazy easy to get back on. Just open the email next Monday, print out the pages and play your way back into alignment with your dream.
  • Each page is a secret shortcut to your magic – your creativity, intuition and inner power. ? They are very carefully designed to help you with the inner work that needs to happen to make your dream real in the outer world.??(When you’ve got the inner work successfully handled the outer work is a breeze)

Click here to read more and to join the adventure.

I’m cheering for you.

The Creative Dream HOLYday: A creative/spiritual retreat, a healing/transformation session and a magic playdate with your dream.


A?day of?healing and magic?to leave you feeling so excited about your dream and so in love with possibility that you are actually glowing with the magic of it all.

(I mean I can?t promise you?ll glow but when I?ve done this in the past, this is what participants tell me happens for them)

You?ll get:

?* Two tele-classes (attend live online or on the phone or work with the recordings) where I lead you through creative energy alchemy processes to create a deep internal connection to your dream, your magic and your infinite possibilities, leaving you feeling inspired and sure of yourself.

?* A playbook to play with what you learn in the tele-classes, taking the process deeper into your unique relationship with your dream and leaving you crystal clear about what you can do next to grow your dream.

The answers are already inside of you.? This will help you find them.

The Creative Dream HOLYday virtual retreat/ healing/transformation session/magic playdate is FREE for all Creative Dream Circle members.

It?s happening live on Saturday, January 9, 2016 with calls at 11am and 2pm (Central, North America).

It’s easy to participate.

The tele-classes are accessible through local phone numbers in the US, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, or you can listen in online or work with the recordings – they’ll be available immediately after the live class.

And there’s a private forum for asking questions, sharing your stories and?connecting with everyone else.

Click here to read more + join the Creative Dream Circle.

I look forward to HOLYday-ing with you!

New Stuff in the works

If you follow me on Instagram you know I’ve been facing off with my inner critics a lot over the past month.

(Instagram is my favourite social media stream, I love sharing my?little stories and adventures there throughout the day and if you follow them you can see how everything I teach strings together to create practices that bring dreams to life every day)

So I’ve been struggling with my inner critics because I’ve had a lot of new projects that I want to bring to life. ?And I do this work every. damn. time. I start a new project.

I described the process last week in Inner Work 101: How Change Actually Works (An Illustrated Guide).

It’s not exactly fun?to do this work but it creates those clear channels that give me the freedom to create what I want in my world, so it’s definitely worth it.

And I share the stories of what I’m doing so openly because I want you to have that freedom too, so I want to keep reminding you that the path that leads you there goes right through that layer of crap.

So I want to invite you to dive in with me, and create a whole new world.

Anyway, as I was saying I have these new projects that I want to bring to life.

For me 2015 was all about Grow Your Depth, Nurture Your Brilliance which is a year-long advanced course in deepening your personal creative/intuitive healing/transformation practice which is inside the Creative Dream Circle.

Now that 2015 is coming to an end I am gathering up the gifts of this year of deep practice and these gifts are inspiring my next moves.

I kind of feel like I’m drowning in gifts right now and so I am taking on more projects than I normally would.

Normally I do one thing at a time, since I am one person that has always made sense to me. ?But right now I have all this extra inspiration from this year-long deep dive so here I am, with three new projects:

  • A Year Of Dreams, Magic + Transformation: a year-long guided journal, colouring book + catalyst for Big Magic.
  • Creative Dream HOLYday: a creative/spiritual retreat, a healing/transformation session + a playdate with your dream. ?Happening January 2016. ?(I used to do this regularly, this will be a “new and improved” version.)
  • Helping?The Helper-People. ?(Helper people being coaches, healer, teachers, therapists – anyone who wants to help others be all that they can be) ?This is a small-group coaching program I have run a few times because I really want to help people help people! ?Either help people?help more people (grow their business) or help people?get better at helping people (grow their gifts). ?Each time I’ve done this, every person has gotten every thing they wanted from it – this program is pure magic. ?In early 2016 I want to run this as a larger thing, open + free for all Creative Dream Circle members -?to celebrate 5 successful years in business for the Creative Dream Incubator.

Actually, all of these things will be free for Creative Dream Circle members, so now is a really good time to join the circle 😉

I’ll have more to share about each of these soon.

Get a free class to feel more CLEAR + SURE about your next steps:

hands holding jar of crystals
Your Next Steps: A journaling + meditation class to help you be more CLEAR and SURE of your next steps