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Your Creative Dreams don’t need support.

Every month we do this amazing playdate/tea-party-of-miracles in the Creative Dream Circle.? And every month as I’m preparing it I think we’re going to learn x and then we end up learning abcdefghihjklmopqrstuvw.

This month I wanted to create space for us to create? Support Systems for our Creative Dreams.? You know what I’m talking about, that system or product or way-of-doing-things that makes everything magically easy, always, forever and ever.

How embarrassing is that?? I have been doing this for how long and I am still looking for that magic bullet?

Luckily, the playdates are a container and an invitation for magic + miracles to occur.? So it doesn’t matter what I think we’re going to learn, everyone’s going to learn what they need to learn, including me.

So when we invited the heart and soul of SUPPORT to join us in the circle, I was completely blown away.

My Creative Dreams don’t need support.

They are already perfectly and beautifully supported by spirit and purpose.? Nothing I can create or find or buy would add to this in any noticeable way.? My creative dreams are already completely supported, perfectly whole and complete and real on the spiritual plane(s).

It’s me who needs support!? You and me and all the other creative dreamers.? Bringing a dream to life is a big job that demands internal growth.? Internal growth almost always requires a different kind of support than you think it does.

This is part of the nature of being in the process of change, you can’t properly anticipate what you need because you’re thinking from where-you-were and the support is needed at the level of where-you’re-going.? That’s why I playdate these things instead of attempt to teach them – playdates open you up to your creative genius and divine intuition so you can get the answers you need.

During the playdate the heart and soul of support asked me to let go of some old dreams, and old ways of seeing myself, to free up my energy to be more supportive of the dreams that want to come to life now.? This is NOT even close to what I was expecting.

I was expecting stuff like: spend more time working on it, be more organised and productive, have a better system, get expert advice, hire the right help, blah, blah blah.? In hindsight, those do sound like things my inner critics would say, not my inner genius.

So I wasn’t expecting, even a little bit, to be asked to let go of dreams that I’d held for so long they feel like a part of who I am.? When I received that message, I felt totally blown away and confused.

But now?? Not even two weeks later, I think it’s AMAZING the way our dreams can lead us to discover new aspects of who we really are.

Of Course(!) it’s time to let go of some of those dreams.? I have been feeling like it doesn’t all fit.? Letting go makes space for what’s really important right now.? And it’s not like I destroyed the old dreams – I can always go back to them if I want to.

Right now I feel free.? Like there is enough room for what matters, like there is even enough room for my dreams to grow bigger than I think they can.

So thank you playdate!? And thank you to my fellow Creative Dreamers in the Circle who help make the playdates so stunningly transformative, healing and FUN.

This is the soul work play of bringing a dream to life.? I am blown away grateful that this is also the work work I get to do every day, and that I get to do it with such amazing and inspiring people. I have so much love for all of you.

Hello, 2013

I’ve spent the last few days exploring 2013, to learn more about what is possible here and how I want to be this year.

I started with my Create a Map kit which showed me that what I really want in 2013 is to feel satisfied + gorgeous.

Satisfied + gorgeous.

I was not sure what that meant, I was looking more for business direction, so it felt a little confusing – at first.? The longer I sat with it and explored it, the more sense it made.

And a few days later I can see how perfect it is.? Now I have this clear picture of what is happening in my life when I feel satisfied + gorgeous:

  • It means I’m not comparing.
  • And I’m not striving or trying to get somewhere.
  • It means I love where I am and what I’m doing.
  • It means I’m having adventures.
  • And I’m relaxed and filled up and taking exquisite care of myself – body, mind, emotions, soul.
  • And I’m being me, like really being me.? And my life feels true to who I really am.? And my business supports all of that.

But I can’t make any of these things the goal.

Because as soon as I do that, everything starts to collapse.? I start to look at how-to and what-to-do.? I get lost in the details.? My inner critics come into play.

When I think about feeling satisfied + gorgeous, right here right now in this moment, everything comes back together.

The first time I consciously took this approach to the New Year was in 2010.

After lots of meditating and exploring it felt like the energy around me was “Make It Happen” energy though I didn’t define what “It” was.? I led a workshop (I was still doing all of my work in-person back then) called Make It Happen In 2010.

In 2010 I was really very comfortable working part time and doing my creative soul work part time.? I needed that “Make It Happen” vibe to crack out of that comfort zone.

And by the end of the year – I quit my job to do my creative soul work full time.

I “made it happen” because deep down no matter how comfortable I was I always knew I had a much bigger purpose.? And that my job, even though it was just part time at that point (I spent years growing my creative soul work while slowly working fewer and fewer hours at my job) was holding me back.

But had I set that resolution/intention/whatever on Jan 1, 2010 – I doubt I would have Made It Happen ?I would have gotten too bogged down in how-to and what-to-do, not to mention the inner critic attacks.

Knowing how it will feel to be there is much more important than knowing what being there even means.

It gets you there both faster and easier.

The trick is to be working with the right energies/qualities.

That take into account your personal energy and the energy around you.

Your creativity, passion, spirit and uniqueness.

The direction that moves you towards your personal evolution.

The qualities that your purpose wants to express out into the world at this time.

There is a theme that will hold the essence of all of that for you.?

That theme holds the most powerful qualities for you to align yourself with at this time.

Aligning with those qualities is the shortcut to get to where you want to be.

The best way to figure that out? Creativity, imagination + play, of course.

Your ultimate trio of Creative Dreamer Superpowers.

This is what we’re doing at the Hello 2013 PLAYDATE on Jan 3.

PLAYDATE = 4 magical hours of miracles, healing, transformation and expanded possibility.

It happens on the phone, in our Creative Dream Circle forum and in your home.? Everything is recorded so you can play along in your own time zone, at your own pace.

Plus you get magical workbooks!

This goes waaaaay beyond intention/goal setting and right to the heart of the magic of what is really possible for you for 2013.

I’d love to explore this with you.

The Hello 2013 Playdate is a part of the Creative Dream Circle.? If you’re going to join for the Creative Dream Incubator LIVE Session, sign up now to get this too.

You + Me + Your Dream = Magic. Let?s play together:


If 2013 is your year to make your dream real, I am here to help.

Yes! Let?s play! And giggle, and find secret passageways that lead you right to where you want to be.

Click here to read more + sign up.

Your 2013 is looking brighter already.

Happy New Year, Creative Dreamer


You are cordially invited to usher in ALL the magic of 2013 with me at the Hello 2013 PLAYDATE on Jan 3.

PLAYDATE = 4 magical hours of miracles, healing, transformation and expanded possibility.

It happens on the phone, in our Creative Dream Circle forum and in your home.? Everything is recorded so you can play along in your own time zone, at your own pace.? Plus you get magical workbooks!

This goes waaaaay beyond intention/goal setting and right to the heart of the magic of what is really possible for you.

The Hello 2013 Playdate is a part of the Creative Dream Circle.

You + Me + Your Dream = Magic. Let?s play together:


If 2013 is your year to make your dream real, I am here to help.

Yes! Let?s play! And giggle, and find secret passageways that lead you right to where you want to be.

Click here to read more + sign up.

Your 2013 is looking brighter already.

Visionary Visioning: The Truth

Every Sunday in December I am writing about Visionary Visioning.? I?m creating this space for myself to step out of what?s happening around me, so I can explore what my greater vision is and how I can align my world with it.

Post one is here, post two is here, post three is here.

I know, it’s not Sunday.? I did write (a lot!) about visioning on Sunday but it didn’t feel right to share it and today I just deleted it.

This is what I think happened:? I realised I’ve been to caught up in the day-to-day details of being with my dream, and I’d stopped looking at the bigger picture.? I lost the bigger picture which meant, even though I was happy with where I was, I lost my overall sense of direction about where I’m going next.? I noticed this, and I started exploring vision.? Tons of supercool stuff happened (see visioning posts 1-3).

At the same time: we had this Believing In Yourself Playdate in the Creative Dream Circle on Dec 3 that blew my mind – showing me all the places where I have been believing my own bullshit excuses.

So I’m making time to step back to look at the bigger picture and my whole world has been turned upside down with this extreme injection of clarity about where I don’t believe in myself and where I pretend that my own bullshit excuses are actually legitimate reasons to not do the things I actually do want to do.

Confusing, yes?

Yes!? And I needed a few more days to sort through it all and be able to see where I am now.

Last week’s visioning post ended with this:

Last week I fell into a hole.? Then I dug myself out.? In the digging out I became stronger, surer and magically obtained a shovel.? Now I can use that shovel to start working on the deepening.

This week I?m going to explore the deepening.? I?m going to draw it out and journal about it and talk to it every day and see what it has to teach me.

And I?m going to read inspiring books about success ? different approaches to success and stories of people who succeeded.


So I explored the deepening.

I drew it and talked to it and it has a lot to teach me, mostly about how I have been moving in the exact wrong direction (well, there is no “wrong” but I have been doing in the direction opposite of the one I would like to be going in).? And I read some inspiring books about success – one filled with stories of people with big dreams who made them happen, and one about how to use our brains differently, to foster success.

And in the process of exploring all of this, I also found sparkling crystal clarity about what I want to do next.

I now have three specific (and so awesome they are scary!) things to work towards in 2013 that lead me to where I want to be in 2017.

Clarity is beautiful.? In a terrifying way.

Because now, well, I’d really have to believe in myself to go after these big dreams.

At one time, I was convinced I could never own my own home – it felt too expensive and too far away and like I’d never figure it out.

At one time, (at this point I did own my own home) I thought working at my day job part time and doing my dream part time was the best I could do – there was no way my dreams could earn what I want to earn.

I could go on and on – I live with TONS of things that used to be impossible for me (I bet you do, too).

My next steps:

My job right now is to draw on all of that.? Remember how many impossible dreams I have already made real and use that remembering as jet fuel to make these new impossible dreams real.

And to spend more time with the mind-blowing realisations I had during the Believing in Myself playdate.? Daily journaling and tea parties with the goddess of believing in myself.? And with all the sad, scared beings inside who want me to give up immediately.

I feel like I should admit that I am SICK AND TIRED of talking to these sad, scared beings inside.? I would really like to just lock them away in a room somewhere where I can never hear them, ever again.

I know that isn’t how it works.

Pushing them away only makes them come in closer.

Ignoring them only makes them louder.

Fighting them only makes them stronger.

Not dealing with them only makes all of your dreams 100% IMPOSSIBLE.

Love, gentleness and compassion are the only effective tools to use here.

And I am feeling really dangerously low on all of them.

Huh.? I suddenly feel better having admitted that, to myself.? And I love how truth always shines a light on what is possible.

And today, Christmas day, I am going to fill up on love, gentleness and compassion.? I am going to let go of all of this and mostly I am going to let go of how hard I have been resisting the fear and doubt these past few days.? I’m going to tell those sad, scared beings inside that today I am filling up on love, gentleness and compassion just for them.? (Oh how they love when I do things just for them)

I hope you are having a lovely holiday, or if this week isn’t a holiday week for you I hope you are having a lovely week.

You + Me + Your Dream = Magic. Let?s play together:


If 2013 is your year to make your dream real, I am here to help.

Yes! Let?s play! And giggle, and find secret passageways that lead you right to where you want to be.

Click here to read more + sign up.

Your 2013 is looking brighter already.

My World Has Been Turned Upside Down

On the 3rd of every month, we have a playdate in the Creative Dream Circle, I call them Creative Dream HOLYdays.? These are days of celebrating and honouring our dreams, and also days of exploration, miracles and healing.

This month our theme is Believing In Yourself.? I picked this theme thinking how if were shore up our Believing In Ourselves skills this month, it will make it easier for us to bring our wildest dreams to life in 2013.? Makes sense, right?

So I wasn’t expecting it to turn my whole world upside down.

But it did.? And I’m still to figure out which way is down, and which way is up.

And as I do, I keep bumping into things.

Things that I know I used to see as SOLID.? True.? Real.? Un-Changeable because that’s just how life is.

THINGS that I am now seeing, thanks to my new friendship with the Goddess of Believing In Myself, are actually just bullshit excuses.

OMG!? So unsettling.? And so freeing!
Give Your Creative Genius More Space

You + Me + Your Dream = Magic. Let?s play together:

Weekly Visioning: Grace, Cushions of Money and a Magic Shovel

Every Sunday in December I am writing about Visionary Visioning.? I’m creating this space for myself to step out of what’s happening around me, so I can explore what my greater vision is and how I can align my world with it.? Post one is here, post two is here.

So, even before I heard the horrible news, this past week was complete crap – full of inner critic attacks on a scale I have not experienced before.

And now that I see that in words – inner critic attacks on a scale I have not experienced before – it’s really clear.? I’m stirring things up more than I realise in committing to explore my greater vision this month.?

Inner critics are naturally afraid of us stepping into our greater vision.? It would have been good to remember that ahead of time!? Maybe then I wouldn’t have been so totally knocked out by them.? But, as it is I didn’t remember that and I did get totally knocked out by them.

Not to be overly dramatic, but looking back to last week’s post feels like looking back on another lifetime.

I am so grateful to me-from-then for listening to the messages and acting on them.? Moving things around and giving things away and creating new space even though she could only see the teenytiny tip of the iceberg about why she was doing that.

I have to share this kind of ridiculous in hindsight quote from last week’s post:

Surprising discovery as I connect to Heart-Centered Richness + Fullness: I want to make less money

It felt surprising at the time but is really a natural extension of it?s not about about having lots of stuff.? It?s more about having what?s right and trusting your needs will be met.

It started to become clear that the only reason I want to make more money is to have more money socked away in case of an emergency.

And then, of course, this week presented a financial emergency on a scale I had not really considered possible.? Which then turned into a series of financial emergencies.?

Ahhhhh thank you universe you are so funny!? And you’re right.? I DO like having what I call cushions of money.?? Cushions feel entirely different from having money socked away in case of emergency.? Cushions can cushion emergencies, they can also create space for adventure and exploration and joy and anything else.

This is where visioning is kind of confusing.

When I set out to connect with the greater vision, of course I can only see what I can see.

Each Sunday, I sit with it and a new aspect of it gets clearer.? Then each week I do what I can to align myself with what I’ve learned about the vision, which makes it clearer still.

The process of getting clearer can be confusing.?

It’s like cleaning off a painting that is covered in whipped cream (the painting is safely under glass).? You start by clearing off one part and you see gorgeous flowers.? You’re all… oh yes! My vision is flowers! I want to be the greatest floral designer in the world!

If you run off and go with it and don’t keep coming back to get more clarity and wipe more whipped cream off, you’ll never discover that the flowers you uncovered were just a small part of the greater picture.? In the greater picture, which of course includes your love of flowers, the gorgeous bouquet is sitting on your desk where you are happily working away as the director of some superamazing world changing charity.

Last week what I was seeing is how important it is that I not be driven by money.? There is a part of me that feels strongly about that and wanted to assert that.

There is also the greater part of me that understands and knows that money is my friend and partner in making my dreams real.? Money doesn’t want to overshadow the dream, it wants to protect it.? This part of me trusts that I can easily grow my business without becoming driven by money.? This part of me remembers the years I spent working on developing my relationship with money and filling it with trust and support.

This part of me loves having extra cushions of money around.? More for in case of desire, than for in case of emergency.

So, even though this week it feels like I am going in the opposite direction from where I was with this last week, it’s actually a perfect continuation.

Sometimes, some parts of us need to assert certain things before allowing us to go in a certain direction.

This part of me who felt afraid that I would become driven by money if I tried to grow my business too quickly has made its case known, and has been assured that this will not happen.? And now there is more space to more forward.

And in conclusion: I don’t want to make less money, that’s ridiculous.

But it’s important to remember that I don’t want to let money drive me.? I don’t want to do things that aren’t in keeping with my greater vision and purpose just to get more money.? I don’t want to let money get more important than the mission.

Money is a beautiful friend and supporter of my dream and that is not going to change.

Because this week what I see when I sit with my vision is EXPANSION.

EXPANSION in all directions though.

It’s the most beautiful thing.

I see how amazing my work is now and how it has deepened over the past 2 years.? What we do in the monthly playdates in the Creative Dream Circle is nothing short of miraculous.

As a participant in the Circle: I am learning so much about myself and my dream, so quickly, and with so much FUN.

As the creator of the Circle: I am so proud of what I have created and how it can support dreamers and their dreams.

I’m seeing an expansion of this.? Letting more people into the Circle to experience this.? Bringing more dreams into the Incubator so that the obstacles can shrink and the dreams can GROW, NOW.

I’m seeing a deepening that sparks, holds and informs the expansion.

My JOB is the deepening.

My VISION is the expansion.

That’s where things are starting to come together and paint a clearer picture for me.

It’s not that I didn’t want my business to grow, it’s that I didn’t want growing my business to be my JOB.

There is a push and a strain and an energy of striving to that that doesn’t work for me.

What does work for me: grace and trust and a strong clear sense of purpose.? (With a solid understanding of business as one part of my foundation – it’s not that I want to leave the practicalities out of it.)

My next steps:

Last week I fell into a hole.? Then I dug myself out.? In the digging out I became stronger, surer and magically obtained a shovel.? Now I can use that shovel to start working on the deepening.

This week I’m going to explore the deepening.? I’m going to draw it out and journal about it and talk to it every day and see what it has to teach me.

And I’m going to read inspiring books about success – different approaches to success and stories of people who succeeded.

You + Me + Your Dream = Magic. Let?s play together:


This week is in the running for worst week ever.

Yesterday I made a very long video for the Creative Dream Circle titled: Creating safe space to work through the HARD when you’re completely freaking out.

That video title says a lot about how my week is going.

Monday morning I had to travel out of town to a funeral and my car wouldn’t start. Then things went downhill from there.

This is what I know for sure about hard times:

  • Hard times contain bright gifts
  • It’s when you face the things you think you can’t face that you discover how strong you actually are (much stronger than you think)

This is where you learn how to TRUST your magic.

Anyone can think positive when everything is going exactly how they want it to.

A Creative Dreamer sees the magic even when everything is going exactly how you don’t? want it to.

A Creative Dreamer remembers that they always have access to power, purpose, creativity, and spirit.? And trusts that these things are so much bigger than the obstacles and problems and stucks and whatever else that says you can’t do it.

Beautiful thoughts, but easier said than done, right?


Getting through this week with my optimism and creative spirit intact has taken even single bit of every single thing I’ve learned in 18 years of studying the spiritual art of wish fulfillment.

And I couldn’t do it alone.? I am grateful to have such supportive people in my world.

When I shared the Creating safe space to work through the HARD when you’re completely freaking out VIDEO in the Circle last night, we created that safe space in our forum together, so that it’s there any time we need it.? The space is filled with:

+ permission to be where you are and not have it mean anything about you or your dream or anything
+ acceptance and legitimacy for everything you’re feeling and experiencing
+ trusting your own unique process and timing
+ sovereignty, safety, spaciousness, healing and possibility
+ love, flowing in all directions to all parts of you

When you create containers, practices and spaces to work through the hard, rather than trying to avoid it or just letting it crush your spirit, that’s where you find the magic.

Let The Magic Guide You

The magic has guided me out of some dark and icky holes this week.

It’s shown me some truths about where I hold myself back and how I might want to look at approaching things differently.

And it’s shown me an entirely new level of DETERMINATION to not compromise in living a life that is true to who I know I am.

And next week when everything isn’t so craptastic (do you hear that next week?? you are going to go easy on me!) I’ll still have all of this DETERMINATION – and it will be supercharged jetfuel for my Creative Dreams.

And I know that the magic is there to guide you, too.

You + Me + Your Dream = Magic. Let?s play together:

A Bun Dance (the most adorable thing ever!)

Last week I got the sweetest email from Josephine, from Penreaper Arts Studio.

Josephine’s mom, Dionne from Goddess Tea House is in my Creative Dream Circle, where we’re in the midst of The Abundance Activator Challenge.

We’re listening to the Abundance Activator every day, which is a 6 minute supercharged meditation to activate your Creative Spirit.

What’s happening as we do this is we’re learning *so much* about our relationship with abundance and possibility and blocks and believing in ourselves and trusting and not trusting and etc, etc, etc.? It’s completely amazing.

And Josephine has been listening with her mom, and was inspired to create this:

Obviously, Josephine is completely adorable.

What really strikes me though – is how free she is, how connected she is to her own creative spirit and how willing she is to share it.

It kind of makes me want to cry for me-from-that-age. And then get all pouty about how amazing I’d be doing now if I had learned how to express myself freely and creatively at her age.

But mostly it makes me very, very happy for the future.

Thank you Josephine!? You are a light.

PS: You and your dreams are cordially invited to join the fun in the Creative Dream Circle.? The best time to start is always NOW.

A conversation with VISIBILITY

In honour of the Solstice, and how creative dreams = shining your light into the world, we’re doing a Visibility Teleclass on Friday, Dec 21 in the Creative Dream Circle.

Visibility terrifies me.? I’m also convinced it’s the only way for me to reach my goals.

This conflict has held me back and continues to hold me back and I’m sick of it.

So I’m holding a tele-circle about it.

Not to say “Hey I’m the expert, let me explain this to you” but to say “this is something we all need to explore and work on (me maybe more than the other Circle members) so let’s draw on the magic + possibility of our circle, invite Visibility to play with us, and see where it goes”.

In preparation for that, I invited Visibility into my day today, and with it has come an inner critic who wants it to be known that I have no time for this.? We’re in a disaster situation and I have important work to do and holy crap this is stupid.

And visibility is here, kind of like a ball of sunshine Smiling and Loving and not being even the slightest bit upset about the chilly reception she’s getting from my inner critic.

Visibility wants to pick me up and hug me and when she does, I turn into a very cuddly smiley face.? And she holds me up in the sky, like the sun.? And I get to shine my gifts for whoever wants to see them and it’s pretty amazing.

And then a bit of terror starts to burst through my little smiley face body… and it feels so big but actually it’s smaller than her smile.

Visibility whispers to me that the things I am afraid of actually have nothing to do with visibility.? The things I’m afraid of are just the things I’m afraid of.? I’ll be afraid of them with or without her.

That’s pretty mindblowing, in that well of course it’s true kind of way.

Visibility opens her hand to show me the story of what happens in my world when I let her in.? There’s success and ease and light and ohmygosh such gigantic smiles.? Who knew about the smiles?

Hmmm.? So visibility is not just a necessary evil like I thought it was, it’s a smile and a gift and a hug and I’m starting to want some.

The gifts of visibility.

I never even think about them. I’m always seeing the pain in the ass of visibility.

Which I am now seeing, is the pain in the ass of my own stuff, not the pain in the ass of visibility.? And that actually I can put that down now, if I want.? It’s time, it’s safe to do this, I’m ready to do this.

In fact, the “disasters” happening in my life right now are merely invitations to put this stuff down.

And again with the that’s so true it’s blowing my mind.

Want to play along?

You can invite any quality you like into your day just by pretending it’s there. Let it hang out with you, get creative with it and see what kinds of mindblowing true things it will tell you.

Or you can join the Creative Dream Circle and come to the Visibility Tele-Class which, now that I understand how to make friends with visibility, is going to be quite the party.

Creative Genius Planning Sessions meets Visionary Visioning

I’ve been doing Monday Morning Creative Genius Planning Sessions for a long time.

First, I did them by myself, in a coffee shop.

Coffee and a breakfast sandwich and journaling and planning.

I worked out lists of things to explore each week in these sessions, and then took what I discovered in those explorations and used that to create my schedule for the week.

I shared how I do all of this in the Creative Business Incubator (which is free for Creative Dream Circle members).

This past summer it evolved into all sorts of different Picnic Creative Genius Planning Sessions. Some weeks I did this every morning.

With a few car-picnics in the fall when it was too cold to journal outside.

And then it got chilly and I went back inside.

Now – every Monday morning, there’s a new Creative Genius Planning Session in the Creative Dream Circle where we focus in on consciously creating our week, using creativity, spirit, imagination, intuition, play and MAGIC.

I love this!

And I’ve been feeling another aspect of this wanting to come in: something like bigger picture visioning. But not “big picture”, ugh. Somehow that feels kind of forced and gross. No, I want visionary visioning.

What I want is a sense of openness and trusting in spirit and intuition to lead. Not me-trying-to-control-everything-and-MAKE-things-happen. More like connecting into the more expansive vision that is always there and sometimes I’m not aware of because I am focused in on the details of my life.

There’s this thing that happens in Creative Dreaming – when you get the things you wanted. If you’re not continually connecting into the greater vision of your purpose you end up stagnating.

I feel like I am reaching this point. I got my dream loft! I’ve created an art studio and play space in here that totally exceeded my own dreams and desires. 20 foot ceiling! GIANT windows with crystals in them that throw rainbows everywhere! The most delicious indoor tent ever! Pink and orange and purple curtains! A sleeping loft! All brand new appliances! Someone else to shovel the show!

I’ve restructured my business and it feels like a better fit now that I get to work more closely with the amazing dreamers in the Creative Dream Circle on an on-going basis, as opposed to running individual classes. Staying in the process longer = WAAAAAAAAAAY more magic, all around.

There’s lots to do still with both of these, I’m not saying I’m DONE. There are lots of things I want to add to the Creative Dream Circle next year. And lots of decorating still to do in the dream loft.

But working with what-is-here is different from connecting to the greater vision and I miss that part!

Luckily, I have lots of tools and processes for how to do this.

Today I don’t know which one I want to use.

This is another thing about creative dreaming: you’re constantly being brought to places that you have never been before. Your inner and outer landscapes shift continually. When you find yourself somewhere new, you have to look around and explore and discover before you can make a plan for how to proceed. What worked there will not necessarily work here!

That’s what this is, me exploring where I’m at now with the intention of gathering the information I need to make a plan.

Right now all I know is this:

I want to do visioning on Sundays.

I want Sunday visioning to fuel Monday Creative Genius Planning.

And, because baby steps are important when you’re venturing out into the unknown, I’m going to do this slowly. I’m going to write + publish a blog post about visioning every Sunday.

It feels important to me that I write it ON SUNDAY to help ground me in experiencing Sunday as the day of visioning. My commitment is to do this for December and then see where I’m at with it. You are so welcome to join along, in the comments, on your blog, in your journal – wherever.


So after writing that I went off to meditate with the intention of connecting to the more expansive vision and this is what I discovered: heart-centered richness + fullness.? That’s the energy of this new vision.

It’s important to do something that anchors you in your vision. So I did this:

It sits right above my desk so all week I’ll be remembering the visionary vision, connecting to it, and being open to learning more about it.


Your Next Steps: A journaling + meditation class to help you be more CLEAR and SURE of your next steps