Endless Creative Flow. Productivity on demand. It's every artist's dream.


Too many distractions.

Being called by so many projects you're not sure where to focus.

Lack of energy and clarity.

Just the simple fact that it's HARD to fit a creative practice into a busy life.

There are SO MANY THINGS that get in the way of having the creative flow and productivity you want!!

Unfortunately, you do have to accept the limitations of your creative capacity and you do have to learn to make your creative life fit in with the rest of your life... 

but at the same time there are ways to NURTURE your creative energy and EXPAND your creative capacity.

We're going to work on this in our newest coaching group:

Upgrade your Creative Engine. Generating momentum for Artists, World-Changers and Dreamers.

This is a pop-up coaching group, from May 6-26, with follow-up support for implementing everything you learn until June 6.
So this isn't a class where I give you a ton of content, it's a coaching group where we get together and work on this stuff. You do NOT have to be able to attend the live call, you can work with the recordings and post your questions in the forum.
Each week I'll present the topic and then we'll explore it together. I'll give you questions to ponder and you'll create your own assignments to work on getting YOUR creative engine upgraded. 

We will focus on three things:

  1. WHY do you want more creative flow: setting clear intentions and making space for your projects to flourish
  2. What makes it HARD to get into creative flow: understanding barriers + creating solutions to overcome them
  3. What SUPPORTS creative flow: the art of creative self-care so exquisite and perfect for you it EXPANDS your creative capacity


To get you into CREATIVE FLOW - however you choose to define that for yourself.

Imagine a luscious upgrade to YOUR creative engine.


With sturdy boundaries that help you make space for your creative projects.

And clear priorities so when you do have time you KNOW what to focus on!

Just imagine what you can DO when your creative engine is running at full capacity!!!



So let's do this! Here are the details:

This is a 3 week coaching group, starting May 6, with follow up support until June 6

The cost is $99 USD, this gives you:

  • * The three coaching calls + recordings
  • * Online support in between the calls on our private site
  • * A whole library of Creative Dream Alchemy tools you can use for healing fear and cultivating courage.
  • * Access to ALL of my other courses inside the Creative Dream Circle, from to May 6 - June 5.

All of the details are explained in the Group Coaching Policies + Guidelines.

The calls happen on: May 6, 13, 20 at 11 am Central (you can see this in your time zone right here

**This group is designed to work whether you are attending live or working with the recordings**

Click here to register now

There is MAGIC and POWER in creative kindred spirits getting together and sharing their stories.

We learn so much from each other. Doing this work is just EASIER in a group.  Creative isolation is another thing that makes it hard to get to true creative flow.

In every small coaching group I have run - each person who shares their story inspires everyone else. There is this gorgeous tripwire of inspiration and possibility which leads to incredible transformation.
Time and time again I have seen myself and the participants growing in leaps and bounds as we explore together. I love these groups!