Creative Journal Prompts for Growing Money, Abundance and Possibility


Your creative journal is a powerful tool for working on your relationship with money.

By spending some time exploring, while engaging the amazing superpowers of your creativity and imagination, you open up new possibilities for how you can use money.

The truth is, you are MUCH MORE POWERFUL than money.

And you’re smarter than money.? And you’re more creative than money.

Money is just a tool and you’ve got what it takes to use money as a tool for growing your dreams, instead of experiencing it as a pain in your ass.? These prompts will help you get started.

These prompts are for playing and creating with.

Use them as little diving boards to dive off into other things to explore – the most important part of creative journaling is following your creative impulse – that’s where the magic is.

Use lots of different coloured pens, markers and pencil crayons (when you engage your creativity in your journaling you access your creative genius ? plus it?s more fun that way!)

Use collage or make your own art (it’s ok if you draw like a 3 year old – that’s how I do it and it still totally works!) to illustrate your answers – this keeps you in your creative flow, giving your inner voice a change to being to speak to you.

As you get creative with this pay attention to your inner voice. Once you’re in your creative flow it’s much easier for your intuition to speak to you.

Even when you’re not sure about your answers or if it gets frustrating – stay in the process. Write out whatever comes to mind, follow your creative impulse.

You may have to dig through some crap before you get to the gold.

Creative Journal Prompts for Exploring Money:

So far, my experience of money has been _____________.

I wish that money was _______________.

My soul believes that money is ______________.

If I could write a new story about money it would be all about ______________.

Writing a new story about money feels ___________.

Being EMPOWERED about money would mean __________________.

Being HAPPY about money would mean _____________________.

Being CREATIVE with money would mean __________________.

What am I willing to do, to work on my relationship with money?

Of course, my Creative With Money course is available as a bonus when you join Dream Book

I know money is one of the biggest obstacles to bringing dreams to life – but when you start to work with money in the way I teach in this class that can change.

The soul of money is the soul of support, nourishment and possibility.

It’s purpose is to serve you in the unfoldment of your purpose – to help you grow into who you really are.

We live in a world that has a deeply broken relationship with money.

Greed and corruption and injustice are the manifestations of this broken relationship.

Unfortunately, when we are born into a world where money functions in these ways it’s easy for us to wind up with all sorts of “issues” with money.

That’s why my money class is actually a group healing.

I spent five years developing this class because money is such a sensitive topic. ?I wanted this class to be creative and expansive and supportive and above all – healing.

So we can go into those places where our own relationship with money is broken, and heal it.

So that we can get back to our rightful connection with the soul of money.

It’s not about “getting rich quick” or “busting through your money blocks”.

It’s about deep healing which brings: delight and expansion and possibility.

A celebration of the abundance that already lives within you, an opportunity to use your inner gifts in new ways and an invitation for more to come find you.

Creative With Money is available on-demand inside the