Holding space for others to grow takes a LOT of energy 🌱🌳⚡️

Dream Book helps hold space for YOU so you can hold space for THEM. 


This page lists the ways that DREAM BOOK will help you, as a helper-person.

I make some BIG promises here and I stand behind them 100% because I believe in YOU.

Your work is NEEDED. You know this.

I believe you are MORE THAN capable of doing ANYTHING you dream of doing. And if you join me in DREAM BOOK I'll help you do it.

✨ Generate the BIG breakthroughs right when you need them.

You've had more than your fair share of breakthroughs and Ah-HAH moments. You know how they can propel you forward in surprising and delightful ways.

The Dream Book journaling systems helps you generate the breakthroughs you need in a more consistent and helpful way.

Instead of coming "out of the blue" you can learn to COUNT ON having the breakthrough idea you need come to you when you need it.

 ✨ Be BRAVER about putting yourself out there.

Selling yourself. Yikes! The WORST part of being a helper-person. But you needs to be OUT THERE in order for the right people to FIND YOU so you can help them!

Ummm... you already know that the places where you get scared and hold back are the places with the MOST potential for transformation. This is where the juice is.

But it's easy to know that and it's also easy to coach your clients through how to do this work - and quite a different story to walk the path yourself.

Dream Book will help you cultivate your courage as a regular practice AND listen MORE closely to what your intuition is calling you to do next about HOW to put yourself out there.

THIS is how you become braver than you think you can be (and I KNOW you're already SUPER BRAVE).

 ✨ Sell your work without selling out.

The Internet is FULL people who want to sell you their 5 step system for making 6 figures in the next 3 months. But that's not how you want to bring your people in.

You trust the magic and power of your integrity and you need to listen to YOUR OWN INTUITIVE WISDOM about the best way to bring your people in.

The tools in Dream Book will help you go deeper into your inner knowing, flesh out your best ideas and have the courage (and encouragement!) to get out there and try them.

Plus you can use the online mastermind posts and monthly new moon goal setting and alchemy circles as sources of extra accountability and support.

AND you get my Creative Business Incubator e-course included. It's NOT a 5 step system, it's an in-depth course on everything I learned in my first year in business about how to market and sell my work authentically and with integrity.

 ✨ Stop shrinking your goals.

You're REALLY LUCKY to be out there doing the work that you're doing. And you know it.

And this makes it easier for that little voice of self doubt to come in and say "Hey, you know what? You're REALLY LUCKY to be doing this at all! I mean... who are you to want MORE? Why do you keep thinking BIGGER? What if you just be grateful for what you already have?"  while it start shrinking your goals.

With Dream Book it's easier to spot self doubt sooner - BEFORE it has a chance to interfere with your plans. So you can be lucky and grateful AND ALSO keep growing.




You already know this. And within your first month of Dream Book - you'll be seeing ALL NEW WAYS to BREAK THROUGH the things that are holding you back.

 ✨ Dream Truer

Especially once you get some traction with you work, it's easy to start doing what you think you SHOULD do to move your career forward, instead of deeply trusting what you WANT to do.

Your WANT is powerful. You want what you want for a REASON. Your desire is always pointing you towards what is TRUE for you.

Your logical mind will try to point you towards what it thinks the world expects from you. Or what you think will be the easiest thing to sell. Or what makes the most sense in terms of growing your impact. This path leads AWAY from your dreams.

The insights you pick up from Dream Book will help you STOP doing things how you think you should, tap into the deeper magic of your inner creative joy.

 ✨ Be Magically Productive

This is the ultimate dream for most of us - because it's your true nature to be WILDLY PRODUCTIVE.

I mean l know you're a human BEing and not a human DOing but creativity is a part of you. It's not about EFFORT and ACCOMPLISHMENT it's about being in your own creative FLOW.

THIS is why you have SO MANY ideas for classes and coaching programs and websites and podcasts and and and and!

Because you are a CREATIVE POWERHOUSE. And when you're doing the DEEP inner work of healing the places where you hold back while nurturing and growing your gifts - you start to LIVE in your own creative flow.

From that place, having more ideas and GETTING MORE SHIT DONE happens NATURALLY because THIS is who you really are.

You already have everything you need to do anything you want. 

Dream Book is NOT about trying to CHANGE you.

It's about unraveling the inner tangles that keep you from being the SUPERSTAR CREATIVE POWERHOUSE that you actually ARE.

This is the work of LIBERATING your true self - that POWERFUL part of you that already has everything it needs to make ALL of your dreams real.

That's why all of this - and more - IS possible for you.

You just need the right tools, systems and support to make it all happen - which you'll get in Dream Book. Dream Book is EVERYTHING I know about healing and growing your way into a dream... put into a CREATIVE, PLAYFUL and ENCOURAGING journaling system that helps you live your miracle every day.

Dream Book is a way of journaling that GROWS you. I'm not saying Dream Book is a magic pill - I am saying that you can PRACTICE your way into being more POWERFUL with your dreams.

It's like going to the gym - you don't go ONCE and stay in shape forever. But when you go regularly you can get, and stay, physically fit.

Dream Book is the gym that will keep you and your DREAMS growing stronger every day. That's why I use it every day and created this whole thing to invite YOU to come play with me.

Your Next Steps: A journaling + meditation class to help you be more CLEAR and SURE of your next steps