Inner critics, procrastination and self doubt have been holding your creative dreams hostage. That ends NOW.


If you don't know me yet - hello!

My name is Andrea Schroeder, I am the founder of the Creative Dream Incubator. You can read more about me and my work here.

My mission is to help creative people make their dreams real because I believe that your dream is your soul calling you towards your true self, your purpose and your potential. I believe that our dreams will save the world.

So I created this kit to help artists and dreamers be more free to pursue their dreams and share their creative gifts with the world!

This kit contains three different remedies: for liberating you from the tyranny of inner critics, procrastination and self doubt.

You've got creative gifts and you're here to share them. Some days this is easier to do than others.

We've all been there. Those days when it's like... why bother? You're working hard, you're making your art and pursuing your dreams and sometimes the path just gets SO HARD. 

Pursuing a creative dream is NOT for the faint of heart.

I first discovered this in the 90s, when I was fresh out of university with a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Fashion Design and a big dream - to be a new age textile artist. I wanted to make art that spoke to people's hearts, souls and dreams. I wanted to uplift people with my positive, inspirational work.

It's kind of like a teeter totter. One day you can be SO INSPIRED and sure of yourself and your dreams. And then the next day it's nothing but inner critics, doom and gloom.

I was young and naive. I thought the power of positive thinking and the healing intentions of my work would be enough.

My dream felt like this pure, beautiful thing - a love offering to the world.

But the world around me did NOT seem to want to receive it.

At least that's how it felt at the time.

It was horrible. My self-doubt and inner critics had an absolute FIELD DAY as I crashed and burned with my beautiful creative dream.

Sometimes pursuing your dream can break your heart.

I know I used to feel alone in that, like I was supposed to believe in myself and stay positive no matter what.  I since I couldn't always stay positive I felt like a failure.

But my story has a happy ending.... I am now celebrating nine years of successful creative self-employment with the Creative Dream Incubator.

And along the way I discovered that self doubt, inner critics and procrastination are totally normal. The only people who never experience them are the people who don't have dreams.

They are just a part of making a dream real and when you learn how to work with them effectively - everything goes a lot smoother.

It's like how my lower back started hurting when I turned 43.

Sometimes it was just a twinge, sometimes it was really bad. I was particularly horrified to notice that if I'd been sitting a while I'd be so stiff getting up I looked just like my grandmother, all hunched over. I just wasn't ready for that.

And it was scary because I didn't know what was happening. Was it going to get worse? Was it going to limit my mobility and my ability to enjoy my life? What kind of treatment would I need? How annoying and expensive would that be?

And then I went to a chiropractor.

He fixed it. And he explained to me WHY it was happening and showed me some stretches that would STOP IT FROM HAPPENING AGAIN.

It felt like a miracle. 

I now know how to keep my back muscles happy and in the right place.

Of course I can do the stretches regularly and the back pain doesn't come back at all. Or I can get lazy and let the muscles start to tighten up a bit before I start stretching again. Or if it gets really bad I can go back to the chiropractor.

But either way - I never have to wonder what's going on or worry that I'm stuck with an achy back for the rest of my life.

 Imagine the freedom of THAT, applied to your self doubt, inner critics and procrastination habits.


The Emergency Kit for Artists and Dreamers is a magical chiropractor for your self doubt, inner critics and procrastination.

It's got three different remedies: Inner Critic Fix, Procrastination Cure and Self Doubt Relief.

 You can use them all the time to keep your creative dream machine humming steady or you can just pull them out when you hit a rough path.

They work either way.

Keep moving steady towards your dream.

Inner critics, procrastination and self doubt happen to everyone, but when you work with the remedies in this kit they do NOT have to stop you for any length of time.


I'll guide you through every step of the process.

So you'll have me there, on video, reassuring you and leading you through every step.

And you can leave questions in the comments area and I'll help you out if you get stuck with anything.

I am here, encouraging and cheering for you at every step along the way.

You get instant access to everything the moment you purchase the Emergency Kit for Artists and Dreamers.


A transformative process that tames your inner critic.

This one is my favourite because inner critics are actually a HUGE opportunity for growth and transformation. I'll show you how to not just tame the inner critic but harness it's powers for good. Working with your inner critic in this way can actually move you forward with your dreams FASTER than if you didn't have an inner critic in the first place!

A clarifying process that helps you get back to work as quickly as possible - or pinpoint the reason WHY you're procrastinating.

Sometimes we procrastinate for a VERY GOOD REASON and if that's the case in your case then that will become very clear early on in the cure process.

A loving and gentle healing process that brings you back to that place where you believe in yourself and the magic of your dreams.

I am a life long worrier and self doubt has been a near-constant companion for me. So I use this one all the time. It's almost addictive because of how good you feel when you get to the end of the process.




AndreaMagic.pngHere's my GUARANTEE:

The tools in this kit WORK.

You can't cure a lifetime of holding back on your dreams in one 20 minute process, but you can learn a practice that STOPS YOU from STOPPING YOURSELF.

So, if you show up and do the work - it will work.

I use these tools ALL THE TIME. Because I've been using them so long, I usually only need a few minutes to un-stick the stocks, but even the days when it can take an hour or so - it's still better than losing a whole day to inner critics, self doubt and procrastination.

If you use this kit and STILL getting so stuck with Inner Critics, Procrastination and Self Doubt that you can't move towards your dreams - I will help you personally!

Send me an email right away!

I've been coaching people through this process for 10 years, I know how to make it work. I'll help you get moving towards your dream. 

The Emergency Kit for Artists + Dreamers is not currently available for sale.

If you hurry, you can get it as a part of the 72 hour bundle sale.: