My favourite Inspiration Card right now

This sits in the dream loft, under the circle-map of how I want to grow my business in 2014:

inspiration card: 10 deep breaths of luminosity

I was feeling a little depleted, tired, overwhelmed.? I sat down to make a card with no intention in mind, just to re-fill the well with creative magic.

I started with “intuitive spirograph art” aka Practicing The Art Of Listening To Yourself.

I really like doing this with spirograph especially since I never actually know what it’s going to look like, it has to be all about the process, and not about the product.

I add shapes, layers, colours while focused on following flow. What feels right? What lights me up?? Do that.? listen to how I’m feeling.? Notice what’s happening.

As long as I stay inner-NOT-outer focused, a message always comes.? If you’re wondering how you get can messages with your art, you have to actually LET GO of what it looks like to be fully in the inner process of it.

This message was just what I needed. Not just in that moment, but on most days.

It turns out that breathing luminosity is amazing.

Luminosity comes to me as tiny glowing rainbow bubbles.? When I breathe them in, everything opens up.? It creates more space inside my heart!? Then it invites it’s friends to come and be in that space: possibility, wonder, glee, gratitude, deep deep internal connection.

So I left this out on my shelves there so I could keep remembering to do it.

I’m still making an Inspiration Card every day as I get ready to start the Let’s Make Inspiration Cards Together class this Thursday inside the Creative Dream Circle.

What we’re doing in that class is working deeply with intention and how inspiration can supercharge intention.

It’s a really beautiful thing, to bring creativity and spirituality together in this way.? I look forward to sharing it with you!

Class starts Thursday.

Your Next Steps: A journaling + meditation class to help you be more CLEAR and SURE of your next steps