Your dream is how your soul calls you towards your true self.

My name is Andrea Schroeder, I am the creator and founder of the Creative Dream Incubator. And I PROMISE you that no matter where you are right now, your dream is not impossible.

I have been mentoring creatives on how to make their dreams real for over a decade. I know your obstacles are really big and scary and I know that you are bigger than the obstacles.

I mean YOU as in Your True Self. Rooted in your rich inner gifts, powered by your creative magic, connected to your inner wisdom and stretching towards your infinite creative and spiritual potential.

YOU, claiming and wielding your own inner power, are an un-beatable force.

But getting to that place of freedom and power, and then staying there, takes work. 

THIS is the real work of making a dream real and THIS is the work I would LOVE to help you with. No spiritual by-pass, no "fake it till you make it", no working your ass off! Just the deep and sacred work of GROWING into who you really ARE.

I teach in-depth transformational classes and offer ongoing masterminds and monthly coaching calls in my Creative Dream Circle because I think everyone should have deep and effective creative dream support.

I also have three FREE dream classes currently available:

Your Dream is Waiting For You To Come True.

5 Day Dream Class + Creative Dream Challenge to get you MOVING towards your dream - no matter what you've got in your way.

With this one you also get regular updates from me with encouragement to stay the path.

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The Hard Parts Are Where The Magic Happens.

90 minute Healing Circle + Inner Work Workshop where I lead you through the process of doing deep inner work with the thing that's got you stuck.

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30 Day Creative Journal Challenge

30 days of journaling with your Dream! This one is NOT actually a class - you get an email a day for 30 days with a link to a Dream Journal Video where I share what I do in my dream journal, for encouragement, prompts and inspiration to do your own 30 day journal challenge.

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