I want to put myself out there in a new way. But I have been a million kinds of stuck about it.

This morning I poured my heart out into this blog post.

Then I re-read it right before I was going to hit publish - and instead I deleted the whole thing.

Now here I am trying to re-write it.

After a year ago, I got a LOT of attention/comments from people about my new look for the Creative Dream Incubator. The funny thing was, it wasn't a new look at all. I was just using art that I'd made for my journaling printables (which are a small part of Dream Book)and sharing it on social media.

That was just one of many things I was doing to experiment with how I want to put myself out there.

This is the part of my business that is the most challenging for me, and the place with the most opportunity for growth.

Dream Book changed things for me.

I made my first full e-course in 2010 - The Creative Dream Incubator e-Course. That course contained everything I learned during my four years of training become a spiritual counselor/healer/teacher.

I thought it was the final step for me in this work - and it is a truly life-changing course - but it was just the beginning.

Now, ten years later, I have created Dream Book which is a totally new way of holding space for navigating the space between where you are and where you want to be.

Dream Book has changed everything for me. And I want the way I show up in my business - my marketing - to reflect this.

It doesn't.


A few weeks ago I had a LOT of stories + explanations for WHY I was stuck and how it wasn't my fault.

(Defensiveness is a form of being stuck that will keep you zooming around in circles inside your stuck 😉 )

The thing is, being stuck with this felt exceptionally painful.

But I know that ALL stucks around our dreams feel that way.

Because our dreams are leading us towards our True Self, who we are here to be, so being blocked from means you are being blocked from a vital part of your self.

That's going to hurt.

It was important for me to be with all of those feelings.

I felt shame that I haven't already done the things I want to do. I felt shame that the fact that I haven't done it yet could mean that I'll never do it.

I felt fear that everything could fall apart.

I felt like no one cares why bother?

I felt like eating cookies, watching Netflix and ignoring this whole thing.

Being with all of these feelings was an important part of the process. Not wallowing in them, but actually processing them - to turn them into compost for growth. (This is one of the things I teach in Dream Book)

If you don't do that work, the feelings will not go away. They'll go underground and you will continue to hold back on wholeheartedly going after your dreams.

This is the part that is amazing to me:

Once I'd worked through all of my emotional reactions, all of these impossible-feeling feelings - I came to a place of clarity and calm.

Suddenly it was all so simple. After feeling heartbreakingly and impossibly complicated for so long, it felt SIMPLE.

The truth is: Marketing is simple. We make it VERY complicated because of all of our stuff around: visibility, vulnerability, owning our gifts, having clear boundaries, actually HAVING the things we really want, self doubt, etc, etc, etc.

But it's simple.

Once you understand the basics it's just a matter of how you want to implement it. Marketing is actually VERY creative and fun and can be a source of healing and light, especially in a business like mine.

I want to be putting myself out there in a ✨NEW✨ way. I want to bring the full force of my creative magic to how I put myself out there.

Of course I don't know exactly HOW to do this!

There is no way to fully clearly see the way to do a thing I have never done before.

This is the nature of NEW!

You learn by DOING IT: giving it time + love + attention. You learn by EXPERIMENTING WITH YOUR IDEAS and learning from those experiments.

But when it comes to marketing your heart work, experimenting with your ideas can feel sooooo awkward and vulnerable and very, very, very public. Which is why I got so twisted up about.

But now, having worked through my feelings and brought healing and transformation to the parts of me who needed it, it's not twisted.

I have NEVER put as much energy into marketing my work as I have into DOING my work. I know every business guru says this is the wrong way to go.

The thing is, I've had people stay in the Creative Dream Circle for YEARS. I've had long-term one-on-one clients for YEARS.

So I don't need to keep finding new customers.

But now that I've had all the space I need to grow and evolve my work, now I want to grow and evolve my marketing.

It just feels important now that the Creative Dream Incubator be shining it's light more clearly.

It should be simple in that: it's just about giving marking more of my time attention. APPLYING the magic of my creativity to my marketing.

I have thousands of ideas for how I could do this.

I am starting now: experimenting, playing with my ideas, letting marketing have more of my TIME and ATTENTION.


As always, I'll share my daily steps, ups + downs and the practices I use as I do this in the daily miracle masterminds that are a part of Dream Book. I also teach you a way to journal that will turn your stucks into compost for your growth! Join us here.

I want to put myself out there in a new way. But I have been a million kinds of stuck about it.