Interview with Lisa Sonora Beam: Giving Away A Spot in Creative + Practice!

Today I get to talk with one of my creative heroes: Lisa Sonora Beam.

If you know Lisa you know this video will be amazing.? If you don’t know Lisa – you’re in for a treat!

Plus: Lisa has generously offered to GIVE AWAY one spot in her upcoming e-course: Creative + Practice

To enter the giveaway: leave a comment below sharing what part of this video really stood out for you – what delighted, inspired or surprised you?

I’ll be choosing a winner on Wednesday at 5pm (Central, North America).? I will respond to that person’s comment and let them know to email me – so check back here after 5 to see if you won.? You need to claim your spot by Thursday, April 17.

UPDATE: The winner has been chosen.? Also: grrr! I’m so sorry, I made a change to my website which (unintentionally!) wiped out most of the comments! You guys had such amazing & heartfelt things to say, I was looking forward to re-reading everyone’s comments but not looking forward to choosing and I didn’t know how to choose just one.? So I came here at 5pm and all comments were deleted except one.? So it looks like the universe chose for me.

Obviously, I am a HUGE fan of Lisa’s work and so I am an affiliate for her.? This means I promote her work and in return I receive a percentage of any sales that comes through my affiliate link.? So if I you click my link to Lisa’s site and sign up for her course I’ll get a percentage of the registration fee.

And don’t forget to check out Creative + Practice.

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