Let’s Make Inspiration Cards Together!

What happens when you fill your world with positive energy and inspiration?

That’s what we’re going to find out together in this class!

Let's Make Inspiration Cards Together e-Course
Let's Make Inspiration Cards Together e-Course
Let's Make Inspiration Cards Together e-Course
Let's Make Inspiration Cards Together e-Course

What will you do with your cards?

Anything you want!? You can use them as a custom-made-just-for-you Oracle Deck.? Put them in your daytimer, beside your computer, tuck them into your journal, frame them up on your wall.

I do all of those things – my whole world is filled with inspiration cards and this makes me very, very happy.

This class will be in 2 parts:? Inspiration + Cards

You can do one or the other or both.


This class is a series of meditations that lead you on a journey through the multi-dimensional World of Inspiration where you will discover the words and phrases that are going to SING to your SOUL and leave you filled to the brim with the exact flavour of inspiration you need right now.

In this class you’ll learn amazing things about: you, your dream and inspiration itself.? This class is healing & beautiful.

It will be available inside the Creative Dream Circle starting May 8.


Together (via live streaming video) we’ll explore all the different ways you can make cards.? You can do this with as little or as much artistic flare as you like – I’ll be sharing some secrets for making great-looking cards with ZERO art-making skills and very simple tools.

In this class you’ll learn different ways of making inspiration cards.? It’s really less a class and more a creative playdate.

This class is a live streaming video playdate: happening on May 15 at 11 am (Central, North America time).? It will be recorded if you can’t attend live.

As always I’ll be available to answer questions in the forum and during the playdate.

Join the Circle today to get this class – plus everything else I do all year long.

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