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The inner critic is an inner voice that stops you from going after your dreams. It tells you that the obstacles are too big and your dream is impossible.

The inner critic really does get a bad rap. See, the inner critic means well – it loves you and it wants to keep you safe. It’s just really misguided.  It thinks that safety is more important than anything else and it equates safety with sameness.

It wants you to stay where you are, because it believes that not-changing is the safest way to be.

I mean even when you’re not actually safe it would say that sticking things out where you are would be a safer move than making a change.

The inner critic is the voice of your fear.

If you’re wondering how to tell fears from doubts from inner critics – it doesn’t matter. I lump it all together into “stucks” because these are the things that get me stuck and hold me back.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a fear or a doubt or a limiting belief or an inner critic because the way you address all of those things is the same.

You don’t want to trample it or kill it (it’s a part of you!) but you also don’t want to give it the driver’s seat in your life!

The best way to work with your inner critic is to take the time to explore it, every time it makes itself known. So whenever you feel stuck, afraid or doubting yourself – use it as an opportunity to learn more about your inner critic. The more you work with it the less it will interfere with your dreams.

Here's how the Creative Dream Incubator can help:

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The Inner Critic Fix!

The Un-Sticking Station.

You’ll get to know your inner critic and how it holds you back through your work in Dream Book – and later on in the program we’ll work with the inner critic more directly.

Module 4 of the Creative Dream Incubator e-Course has some tools for understanding and deal with fears and inner critics.

Also check out the How To Tell Fear From Intuition class for when you can’t tell if that’s your inner critic or your inner wisdom speaking.

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