Creative Journal Streaming Video Playdate


Last week I gave away my first mini guided journal and mandala colouring book: You Are Loved.

I created that smaller book as a baby step towards creating full-sized, deeply transformational guided journal and colouring books.

My aim is to create a whole library of these – so any time you need something to change you can pick one of these up and it will help you heal, transform & make whatever magic you want to make.

Colour you way to bliss!

The first one is now available and celebrate I decided to throw a Creative Journal Playdate (via streaming video) inside the Creative Dream Circle.


It’s all about Dissolving Doubt & Bolstering your Potential to Believe in Yourself.

Doubt is not a comfortable thing to face. But you have probably already found that avoiding it doesn?t make it go away and when you try to fight it you never seem to win.

So what?s a doubter to do?

By bringing your creativity into self-exploration and being very, very gentle with how we approach the tender parts of you who doubt – we can shift them with healing and light and the power of conscious creative transformation.

With journaling prompts, Creative Soul Alchemy energy processes and healing mandalas, this book will help lead you through the process.

The journaling prompts are tiny little diving boards, for you to dive off of into your own adventure – do go off on tangents and explore whatever thoughts come up in the process.

The Creative Soul Alchemy energy processes are a little weird but surprisingly effective. Let your imagination out to play with these. Sometimes those process will make so sense at all, that?s good. Your logical mind is not going to heal and transform your doubt, these processes help you activate your power to do just that.

The transformative healing power of the mandalas is activated when you colour them in, lighting them up with your unique creative expression and ideas.

The book is available right here for just $15, and Creative Dream Circle members will get it free? – plus they’ll get all the other books I make this year!

The Party:

The Worldwide Creative Journal Playdate (via streaming video) will be open to Circle members only (so if you’ve been thinking of joining – now is the perfect time!).?

It will be all kinds of awesome, like my free streaming video playdate was but since this one will be private, we can get more personal and dive more deeply into the magics.

Thursday, February 27, 1pm (Central North America)

CLICK HERE to see what time this is in YOUR time zone.? And yes – it will be recorded so you don’t have to attend live.

We’ll form a Circle of magic and transformation, then we’ll be journaling & colouring together with the new book and talking about doubt and believing in yourself.

If you’d like to play – click here to join the Circle today.? For only $100 you get access to ALL the classes & playdates I do all year.

You’ve got a lot of magic in you.

And I’ve got a lot of tools, tips and practices to help you use it more effectively as FUEL for your DREAMS.


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