Spilling my guts

I’m doing my superfantastic Monday Morning Creative Genius Planning session (creating space for all of the things I want to happen this week).
creative journaling

This is usually my favourite part of the week.

But today I’m feeling all tangled up.

I’m realising, more and more, how important transparency is to me.

And how hard it is to hide something!? Like, it takes a lot of energy to keep a thing hidden.? Energy that could better be used elsewhere.

There is something I have not been sharing and somehow the not-sharing is starting to take up too much space.

So here’s the whole story:

Almost a year ago, I started an advanced practice group, it was called Advanced Creative Badassery.? Because to actually actively bring your dreams to life, you’ve got to be kind of basass.

I didn’t promote this or put it on my blog, I sent out one email about it, to everyone who had taken a class with me.

I wanted to start small.? It was important to me to do a really awesomely good job at creating the container before filling it up.

I didn’t want this to be just another online group.? I wanted to it to be a catalyst for magic and possibility and dreams come true.? So I had to explore and experiment and figure out how to do that, and exploring and experimenting are easier for me to do in a small group.

It’s not that I wanted the group to be secret, it’s that it’s all about the more advanced practices and processes of bringing dreams to life.? It’s not a beginner group, it’s for people who are already working with me or taking classes with me, so I didn’t mention it on the blog.

And I was still in the process of creating the group – exploring and discovering and helping it grow into the just-right-thing.? It didn’t feel right to share it until it felt like it was out of the incubation phase.

And at the end of the incubation process, I ended up closing that group, and creating a totally new group: the Creative Dream Circle.

This is the best thing I’ve ever made.

And there is so much space for it to keep getting better.

So many things I want to add to it as it grows, and as I grow.

I. Love. This. Group.

And it’s become super-uncomfortable-tangly-weird to not talk about it here!? My blog is my public dream-growing dream-living journal.? It’s important to be to be transparent.? To share my true story of what it means to live everything I teach about creative dreaming.

Not having such a big, important part of the story here just feels wrong.

And yet, because it’s such a big thing, because I’ve been working on it for a year already, I felt like I couldn’t just say it.? I had to come up with some kind of beautiful-perfect-celebratory way to share it.

So for the past few weeks I’ve been waiting for that beautiful-perfect-celebratory way to share it to come to me.? And it’s not.

It’s really uncomfortable, to have this beautiful thing I want to share, and to not know how to share it.

So, I’m just going to put it out there.

Here it is:

creative dream circle


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