Why you can’t separate money from creativity, spirituality and dreams


You use money every?day.

Money is real life. ?Grounded. Physical. Solid.

I mean, like real life it’s in a constant state of flux and can transform in any instant. ?But still you don’t get much real-er than cash. ?It has?universally-recognized value.

Just like if you’re walking through the park and you see a bench and you know that the bench is real, if you’ve got money in your pocket you know it’s real.

Which is?not always the case with?dreams, creativity and spirituality, which?tend to be more ethereal.

But having our dreams, creativity and spirituality be more real and grounded IS the dream.

Having a?spiritual practice that’s so solid it can hold you when things get hard.

Cultivating your creative gifts to the point where they can support you.

Turning?the dream into reality.

This is the point.

And money is one of the portals.

Money as a portal.

You have money in your life before the dream and you’ll have money in your life after the dream.

It may come from different sources. ?It may be flowed in different directions. ?But it’s still the same money.

So working with money now helps open it up and turn it into a portal that your dreams can come through.

Specifically – working with money as a part of your creative spiritual?practice.

You probably already know how you can combine your creative practice and your spiritual practice and how cool this can be.??(If you’re not sure what this means, I teach a simple creative spiritual practice for making dreams real in my free class Give Your Dream Wings)

Well imagine now bringing the magic of money into the mix.

Money takes all this stuff we dream about and makes it REAL.

So money tends to be scary because it’s so powerful.

If you had all the money you needed to make your dream real – then where would you hide?

Hiding inside of “I don’t have enough money” can feel like safety. ?Like it’s a giant relief that you won’t have to stretch and grow and be vulnerable and take risks to make your dream happen.

Because it’s so powerful we tend to make up all sorts of stories about it.

  • Figuring out how to have the money you need to do what you really want is just too hard (as though living with less is somehow easy?).
  • Wanting money means you sold out (as though there is something wrong with wanting to provide for yourself and your family).
  • Spiritual people don’t care about money (as though meditation will feed, clothe and shelter you).
  • Real artists don’t care about money (as though art supplies don’t cost money)
  • Happiness is more important that money (as though?you have to choose!)

These stories are bullshit but we do tend to live our lives by them.

Bringing the soul of money into your creative spiritual practice helps you see the bullshit more clearly, and then clear it away.

It doesn’t mean you become “money hungry” or anything like that, it means you see money as the powerful tool for creating your life that it is, and treat it accordingly.

It means seeing yourself as powerful enough to use this tool with creativity and soul and meaning.

Because yes, a lot of our money systems in this world are broken.

That doesn’t mean you can’t rise above them and use money in ways that nurture all the things that matter to you.

And I promise that doing this is closer than you think.

This is the work/play/healing we’ll be doing in the Creative With Money class, happening on April 21.

As a creative person – you can learn how to bring your creativity into how you manage your inner relationship with money.

And that will change everything.

Click here to read more and to join us.?


The Creative with Money e-course starts today.? (There is no end date, since this is an adventure of healing & possibility – everyone is going to work through it in the timing that works for them.)

I know exploring money can feel scary/boring/superficial/sad and it’s natural to want to not look at it.

But not looking at it is not helping you.? You know that.

And healing money stucks is absolutely liberating!? Healing money stucks fertilizes your dreams and makes them grow like crazy.

The Creative with Money class is happening inside the Creative Dream Circle.? So when you sign up – you get a whole year of follow-up support.? With the tools and resources you’ll get in the Circle, one year from today you could be living inside a miracle, which is how I feel about my life right now and let me tell you – it’s the best thing ever.

The Creative Dream Circle is positively oozing with warmth and love and healing and possibility and support and creativity.? All the things that make exploring money easier and more interesting and more fun.

I hope you’ll join us today.


Creative Journal Prompts for Abundance and Possibility

Journal Prompts for growing money, abundance and possibility

Your journal is a powerful tool for working on your relationship with money.

By spending some time exploring in your journal, you open up new possibilities for how you can use money.

The truth is, you are MUCH MORE POWERFUL than money.

And you're smarter than money.

And you're more creative than money.

Money is just a tool and you've got what it takes to use money as a tool for growing your dreams, instead of experiencing it as a pain in your ass.

These journal prompts for growing money, abundance and possibility will help you get started.

These prompts are for playing with. Use them as little diving boards to dive off into other things to explore - the aim is to explore the rabbit holes that come up, not to answer every prompt perfectly.

Even when you're not sure about your answers or if it gets frustrating - stay in the process. Write out whatever comes to mind, follow your creative impulse.

You may have to dig through some crap before you get to the gold.

Creative Journal Prompts for Growing Money, Abundance + Possibility:

So far, my experience of money has been _____________.

I wish that money was _______________.

My soul believes that money is ______________.

If I could write a new story about money it would be all about ______________.

Writing a new story about money feels ___________.

Being EMPOWERED about money would mean __________________.

Being HAPPY about money would mean _____________________.

Being CREATIVE with money would mean __________________.

What am I willing to do, to work on my relationship with money?

There is a LOT to explore here!

My Creative With Money course is available as a bonus when you join Dream Book

I know money is one of the biggest obstacles to bringing dreams to life - but when you start to work with money in the way I teach in this class that can change.

The soul of money is the soul of support, nourishment and possibility. It's purpose is to serve you in the unfoldment of your purpose - to help you grow into who you really are.

We live in a world that has a deeply broken relationship with money.

Greed and corruption and injustice are the manifestations of this broken relationship.

Unfortunately, when we are born into a world where money functions in these ways it's easy for us to wind up with all sorts of "issues" with money.

That's why my money class is actually a group healing.

I spent five years developing this class because money is such a sensitive topic. I wanted this class to be creative and expansive and supportive and above all - healing.

So we can go into those places where our own relationship with money is broken, and heal it.

So that we can get back to our rightful connection with the soul of money.

It's not about "getting rich quick" or "busting through your money blocks".

It's about deep healing which brings: delight and expansion and possibility.

A celebration of the abundance that already lives within you, an opportunity to use your inner gifts in new ways and an invitation for more to come find you.

Which actually DOES bust through your money blocks so you are free to create whatever you want.

I created Creative With Money in 2015 and now it's available as a free bonus when you get my new course, Dream Book.

Too many soulful creative beings are STUCK when it comes to money. It’s time to change this.

creative with money

Money is an energy.

You are either using money to nurture your dreams or you are using money in ways that sabotage your dreams.?

There is no grey area.

It’s not about how much you have.? It’s about how you’re using what you’ve got.

It’s not about how much you have.? It’s about how you’re using what you’ve got.

I repeated that because the idea that If I had MORE money it would be easier to have what I want is keeping you from using what you’ve got to grow your dream NOW.

I’ve never heard of anyone saying “If I had MORE money it would be easier to have what I want” and then going out and GETTING more money and *pouf* dream life achieved, happily ever after.

I’ve heard TONS of people say “If I had MORE money it would be easier to have what I want” and then be annoyed and frustrated and stuck about it.? Myself included.

Money is a tool.? How you use that tool is everything.

Do you spend money every month on things that support you in living your best light and light you up with joy?

Or does that seem frivolous?

Do you feel like you have CHOICE when it comes to what you spend your money on, or is it all gone as soon as you get it?

That’s an ENERGY MANAGEMENT problem.? You do NOT have to wait until you have more money coming in to solve it.

In fact making more money won’t solve this one at all – the more money you’ve got coming in the faster it will be gone.

How does money FUNCTION in your world?

Money can either support DREAMS and GROWTH or it can support STUCKNESS.

We all have fear around money.

We live in a culture that is completely fucked up about money.? You don’t grow up in this world and magically end up with a healthy relationship with money.

It’s something you have to work on.

It’s something you have to consciously choose to create for yourself.

You absolutely have the ability to have a healthy and happy relationship with money – it’s in your nature.

You can start by getting out your journal and answering the three questions I asked in this post.? Next week I’ll share a whole bunch of creative journal prompts for exploring your relationship with money.

In the Creative With Money e-Course we use creativity, imagination and PLAY to make working on your relationship with money accessible and interesting and even (gasp!) FUN.

Being All Tangled Up About Selling My Art

During our last Treasure-Mapping Adventure my intuition and my dreams gave me some clear information and guidance about what to do next.? They asked me to MAKE MORE ART and I agreed that this is a good idea!

My plan was to include an inspiring image of an inspiration card every week in my weekly email, (I already do that part) and to offer these cards for sale, individually or in groups (that’s the new part).

But I keep putting off actually doing this.

As you know, inner critics are VERY good at coming up with bullshit excuses that sound like reasonable reasons.

I have a lot of reasonable reasons why I just don’t have the time or energy to do this right now.

But when I remembered how I FELT when my intuition said to make this art (like my heart had tiny sparkling wings and was flying around, fueled by glee) I was sad because I realised that I had obviously fallen victim to believing bullshit excuses and putting my dream aside.

And I remembered that this happens every time I want to start doing something new, and that the fastest way to move through it is to turn around and face the uncomfortable feelings.

So I journaled about it:


++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++[from my journal]

What is up? I know I want to do this.

Is that true?

I do want it, my heart wants it, my creativity wants it, my soul wants it (it is smiling about it).

Who doesn’t want it?

Perfectionist and scared little girl who doesn’t want to get hurt or be made fun of, which hurts.

She is sure this would be opening myself up to ridicule. How dare I call this “art”? It’s stupid and a 5 year old could make it. It’s an embarrassment to my education. It really does make me look ridiculous, to take my silly stuff as serious art that I can sell. It’s like letting everyone know that I have no taste or maturity or understanding of what art really is.

I think I’m better than the quality of the art I’m making right now. I want it to be better. Better, how? Better as in? more elegant, cleaner. Less play, more technical execution.

I have technical skills that I am not using!? But the thought of doing that makes my creativity shrivel up, and now it’s no fun to even think about it so I certainly don’t want to DO it.

I like making art to make art, to play, to express myself. Yes, but I want the self I express to be “better”.? More polished.

Even though the lack of polish is an important part of what I want to say with my art – that you don’t have to do anything to be “good enough” that you’ve already earned that just by being here.? I want to encourage more true heart-felt expression and less polishing, unless polishing makes your heart happy, then it’s fantastic and perfect.

People respond to the art I make for myself.? They respond to the energy and inspiration behind it, and the spirit of it – it has nothing to do with technical execution.

What would it take for me to be comfortable with this?? And not tighten up about it, just enjoy making art and put it out there?

I could remember that I’m not forcing anyone to buy it.? That there’s nothing wrong with making the offer.

I could remember that I feel so tangled up because I am being vulnerable – I am sharing my creative expression and creative spirit. It’s ok to feel vulnerable about that.

I could let it be tangly.

Could I?? I think the problem is that because of the tangles I tense up so the art doesn’t work the same, it’s not a true creative soulful expression, it’s distorted by lack of believing in myself.

Yes, that doesn’t work. But if I can accept that vulnerability is scary, can I do this anyway?

NO it’s tangled. I can’t think my way out of the tangle. I can talk to the tangle.

OK, hello tangle.

(nothing happens)

No, this isn’t going to work on its own. I am going to bring the tangle into the Field of Creative Soul Alchemy that we work with in the Creative Dream Circle.

OK, that’s better. The tangle is relaxing in the field. Now it’s sitting on a chaise lounge, reclined and happy. The tangle likes it in the field of Creative Soul Alchemy. That is kind of interesting, since the field is something I CREATED and the tangle is about appreciating my creations.

I do like my/your creations. I want to like them more. I want to feel supported in sharing them with the world. There is no support!

What kind of support?

I like this chaise lounge. I especially like that it is lounge-y. I like lounge-y support. Relaxed. Casual.

You want me to support you in relaxing?

Well, yes.

Well, yes, of course that makes sense. Being tense got you tangly.

Tangly isn’t all bad! That’s a part of the problem – you’re upset that I’m tangled instead of letting me be tangled.

(Tangle stretches out her arms behind her head and snuggles down deeper into the chaise)

OK, you are pretty adorable. If I am ok with letting the tangle be tangled, then what do I do?

Make. Art. Anyway.

Make. Art. Anyway.

Get into the joy of it, remember how you feel once you’re REALLY into it. Art your way into that place instead of waiting to be there when you start!

MAKE BAD ART. Find your trust that you’ll come up with something, don’t try to make it be something from the start. You’re controlling the edges and shape of it too much, and not giving it enough room to breathe. Just hold the intention of creating something to share, don’t try to control it so much!

Well, but I am pretty sure I can sell cards. I don’t know if I can sell other things, so why make other things, if I am specifically making things for other people, doesn’t it make sense to make what I know they want?

Just because you don’t know what you can sell, does not mean you should be limited to what you do know you can sell, do you hear for completely ridiculous that sentence is?

You know you can’t limit yourself only to what you already know, that’s insanity and small thinking.. that is dream killing!

I know you don’t want to do that.

No, you’re right. I want to experiment and try things and in the process learn things.

It’s your approach that needs to loosen up.

(As the tangle says this, she stretches and untangles, then curls back up in the tangle and I see that it’s not knotted as tightly as I thought)

Your job is to pay attention to how you’re feeling, and stay connected.


So that was yesterday. Today I decided to share my journaling, so I’m typing it into my wordpress box.

I’ve got an inner critic screaming that this is ridiculously personal and I should not be sharing it here.

I know that I have clients who struggle with this very thing.? And if I can’t model how I work through this stuff, I can’t be effective as a mentor.

If I only show the shiny side of being on the other side of processing all of this and feeling comfortable and HAPPY about selling my art (and I know I will be there soon), well that actually hinders more than it helps others.

And if I only show my struggles after I’m successfully through them, all I’m demonstrating is a lack of faith in my own process.

I know I’ll get through this.? I’ve done it hundreds of time already.? I’ll do it hundreds of times more.

I’m reminding that voice that I know that so deeply that I can share the messiness while I’m in it.

I really wanted to end this post with an image of the art that I made and now have ready to sell.

The truth is, writing this out and getting it ready for public sharing may be the biggest step I can take with this today (I’m writing this on Sunday morning, and planning to post it on my blog Monday morning).

I’m curled up on my yellow couch, looking over at my art table which is an absolute explosion of colour and pattern and gorgeous creative chaos.

I understand where I’ve been going off the rails with what I’ve been creating.? I have my mission, to pay attention to how I’m feeling, and stay connected.

So, instead, I’ll share a photo of my creative chaos.

Creative Journaling

And a promise to write an update to this as I work through it.

So much heart-opening magic-sparking fun.

The playdate is tomorrow!

I can’t wait!

A day of playing with amazing creative kindred spirits… Starting with super-magic creative-trance meditation to go inside to open up new pockets of possibility, flow and magic.

And then a day to play in those new pockets!

Creativity, writing new stories, explorations, costumes, adventure, journaling, discoveries.

The best way to describe it is to say that the Playdate will SPARKLE.

And then three whole weeks of playing together to take all this magic and use it to to change how money functions in our inner worlds.

Which is, of course, the most effective way to change how it functions in your outer world.

We’re going to have so much heart-opening magic-sparking fun.

I hope you can join us.

>>> Click here to register.

Swear-y Rant About Money

[AKA Calling Bullshit On Our Relationship With Money, Part 2] (Part 1 is here)

“Feeling good about myself/my work/my art/my actions is more important than money.”

If I hear this from one more well-meaning creative dreamer I! Am! Going! To! Scream!

That kind of thinking creates a split in your relationship with money.? It creates an unnatural hierarchy in your inner world – this is more important than that.

It puts money at the bottom.

It makes money somehow dirty, bad, or wrong – which is not exactly a welcoming environment.

It sets you up to think you’re some kind of asshole for having the audacity to want to make money doing the things you love to do.

And meanwhile – what, exactly, are you going to live on if money isn’t important?

It’s extremely self-sabotaging.

This makes me mad because it reminds me of me!

It reminds me of when I was adamant that art was more important than money.

And it reminds me of how hard everything was for me back then.

And of how wrong I was!

Because actually I make MUCH better art when I’ve got money.? Money SUPPORTS Art.

When I’ve got the art supplies and gorgeously lit studio I need. With crystals hanging in the gigantoid windows, throwing rainbows all over everything.

When my energy isn’t tied up in worrying about paying the bills.

I don’t do my best work in a pressure cooker.

Me doing my best work in a happy studio with fun costumes, heavy on spaciousness, sparkle + ease.

A pressure cooker is exactly what you’re creating in your life when you say that money isn’t important.

Money is important.

It’s not that it’s more or less important than your art or your soul.

It’s all important.

When you tear down that hierarchy then you make it possible for everything to work together.?

Because you inner world was never meant to have a hierarchy!? It’s not about structure and rank.? It’s about all the parts working together for the benefit of the whole.? No one thing being more or less important, everything being cherished and loved for what it is.

That’s when everything in your world can work in harmony to create your life as a gorgeous work of art.

When money isn’t “more important” or “less important” than other things, then it can do what it does best: SUPPORT YOU.

It can help you do more of your meaningful creative work.

It can help you live a life that is true to who you are.

It can help you give your family what they need to thrive.

We have so much work to do in this area!

We being the creative dreamers of the world.

Can you imagine how the whole world would change if more of us were more financially empowered in our lives?? The impact we could have if we were all living our biggest dreams?

It really has to start with a shift in your thinking about money – which then sparks a shift in your relationship with money.

And this is why I’m doing the Creative With Money Online Playdate on Friday.

Because shifting your relationship with money is a difficult complicated thing to do.

I’m not talking about making more money or spending less money or investing better: though those things can be outcomes of an improved relationship with money.

I’m talking about feeling good about money and how it functions in your world.

Imagine right now that you did feel good about money and how it functions in your world.

Can you feel that sense of opening and possibility and magic?? And how money doesn’t have to be stressful?

That’s what I’m talking about.

And that’s what we’re going to do on Friday.? Click here to join us.

PS: I’m getting a lot of questions from people who want to know when/if I am doing this again and if I’ll do it on a different day because Friday doesn’t work for them.

The last time I did this people who were not there on the calls reported that they felt like they were every bit as much a part of the group as those who did attend live.?

It’s usually about 1/2 the group who is there live and 1/2 using the recordings – it’s not like you’ll be the only one who isn’t there live. So I can assure you that you don’t miss out by not being there live on the calls.?

And to answer the question: I don’t know if I am doing this again.

If you’re interested in participating, join now.

If you have any other questions about it, feel free to leave a comment below or email me using the contact form on this page.

Have you spent enough time worrying about money?

This is what Angel wrote to me after the first Creative With Money Playdate I did:

"HOLY MOLY, woman!

This program *so* full of brilliant I?m still seeing stars and glitter, hours later!

I signed up for because I have had this *thing* with money for as long as I can remember and frankly I'm over it and ready to work with it!

I did get what I wanted from the program.

I had some really spectacular experiences with the work itself and also with the rest of the group. There is definitely magicks within the right group atmosphere.

My relationship with money has begun to evolve, on a really deep level (which is the only way there can be any lasting change), and has led me to being able to actually have a relationship with money rather than just constant fear around anything money related.

That fear and tension is not a fun way to live, especially as it relates to something that has such an impact on life as we're currently living it!

Well I started to say that my favorite part was working through the workbooks on my own time and in my own way? - but then I realized that actually my really favorite part was the group interaction. It's been insanely helpful to me to hear others sharing their experiences, stories, shifts, etc. (but the workbooks are a close second for sure! ;-))

Thank you for all of this!!"

Angel Sullivan, www.MyMosaicLife.com and also www.SimplyJuicyWebsites.com

She is so right! Life, the way we're living it now, includes USING MONEY EVERY DAY.

You work for and with money all the time.

PLAYING for and with money changes everything.

  • It loosens up those rigid patterns and beliefs that keep you stuck when it comes to money.

Result: You get un-stuck!

  • It opens up new possibilities like tiny doorways that lead to magical new worlds.

Result: You have new ideas and opportunities for how to get what you want!? All of a sudden it is much easier than you thought, to have exactly what you want.

  • It gives you a framework for developing your relationship with money beyond counting pennies and hoping for the best.

Result: You have a way to manage and work with money that is positive, creative and constructive.

  • It allows your intuition and your genius to play a role in how you do money.


You know that the definition of insanity is to keep doing what you've always done, while expecting a different result.

You've spent enough time worrying about money to know that it doesn't work.

There is another way: Playing. Being Creative. It's where your magic is.

I teach this in the Creative With Money class - which you get, with ALL of my other programs when you join Dream Book.

Love and Money Revolution

On top of my file cabinet in my office at Creative Magic Headquarters.

This week, instead of a new episode of Creative Dream TV, I am sharing this:

I did an hour-long interview with the Love and Money Revolution for their Holistic Business Radio.

Love! And Money!

I had so much fun doing this interview.

We talked about how we can use creativity to make things work magically better in our lives. We also talk about how to transform our (often sticky and hard) relationships with money into something that is way better.

It’s a great show!

>>> Click here to listen now.

(And use those facebook and twitter share buttons at the bottom of the interview! Share the magic!)

PS: The Creative With Money Online Playdate is happening SUPER SOON!

Past participants have called this ?A smashing success?, ?Life-changing? and ?So full of magic I?m still seeing stars and glitter!?

We’re playdating on OCTOBER 26. That’s next Friday.


Creative Dreams + Money. It’s a problem, right?


I mean, dreams don't pay the bills, right?

Well, actually, that's wrong.

Creative Dreams can and do pay the bills.

The problem is that CreativeSpiritual people shut off their genius when it comes to money.

Admit it, you do this.

So, before your creative dreams can pay the bills, you have to re-route a path in your brain - from your genius, to your money.

I promise: This is not anywhere near as complicated or weird as it sounds.

In this episode of Creative Dream TV I talk about a whole bunch of questions I got from Creative Dream TV fans, about creative dreams and money.

And I and share a crazy-magic transformational tool that helps no matter what your specific struggle with money looks like - a tool that helps you to start to re-route a path in your brain - from your genius, to your money.

Watch it now:

So let's get your creative genius flowing when it comes to money.

Your dream wants to pay your bills!

My Creative With Money class is now available for free when you join Dream Book.

You’ve got a lot of magic in you.

And I’ve got a lot of tools, tips and practices to help you use it more effectively as FUEL for your DREAMS.


Start today! Get access to ALL of my free classes* here:

*Included classes:


Your Next Steps: a journaling + meditation class for navigating your next steps with your dream.

Help! I'm Stuck!: a 4 day class for getting un-stuck and transforming your stuck energy into FUEL for your dream.

The Hard Parts Are Where The Magic Happens: 80 minute healing circle and inner work workshop

Soothe*Restore*Grow: 80 minue deep dive into healing pandemic overwhelm and growing into your wildest dreams for what's next