My favourite Inspiration Card right now

This sits in the dream loft, under the circle-map of how I want to grow my business in 2014:

inspiration card: 10 deep breaths of luminosity

I was feeling a little depleted, tired, overwhelmed.? I sat down to make a card with no intention in mind, just to re-fill the well with creative magic.

I started with “intuitive spirograph art” aka Practicing The Art Of Listening To Yourself.

I really like doing this with spirograph especially since I never actually know what it’s going to look like, it has to be all about the process, and not about the product.

I add shapes, layers, colours while focused on following flow. What feels right? What lights me up?? Do that.? listen to how I’m feeling.? Notice what’s happening.

As long as I stay inner-NOT-outer focused, a message always comes.? If you’re wondering how you get can messages with your art, you have to actually LET GO of what it looks like to be fully in the inner process of it.

This message was just what I needed. Not just in that moment, but on most days.

It turns out that breathing luminosity is amazing.

Luminosity comes to me as tiny glowing rainbow bubbles.? When I breathe them in, everything opens up.? It creates more space inside my heart!? Then it invites it’s friends to come and be in that space: possibility, wonder, glee, gratitude, deep deep internal connection.

So I left this out on my shelves there so I could keep remembering to do it.

I’m still making an Inspiration Card every day as I get ready to start the Let’s Make Inspiration Cards Together class this Thursday inside the Creative Dream Circle.

What we’re doing in that class is working deeply with intention and how inspiration can supercharge intention.

It’s a really beautiful thing, to bring creativity and spirituality together in this way.? I look forward to sharing it with you!

Class starts Thursday.


ZING: Intuitive Spiritual Healing + Energy Work/Play + Creative Transformation + Custom-made HEARTfelt Art.? All together!


What do you wish to transform?

  • Is it a Bossy-Pants Inner Critic?
  • A limiting belief that you know is not true but you just can’t shake it?
  • A sad story that you’re ready to leave in the past?
  • A fear that has held you back for too long?
  • This obstacle that you can’t quite seem to get around?
  • Or is it something invisible… you know something is stopping you from moving forward but you don’t know what?

Imagine it… transformed, with love and spirit and the magic of creativity.

Imagine moving deeper into your inner truth. Aligning with the power of wholeness that lives within you.

Healing. Joy. Liberation. This is the magic of Zing!


You get:

  • One delight-filled phone session with me, (we’ll meet on a conference line with a US number) roughly 45 minutes long – depending on where our adventure takes us.
  • Recording of our session.

PLUS: Custom-made-just-for-you ART!

While we’re talking I will be drawing out a map of your transformation process.

Your very own treasure map! This will include my notes from our call, drawings of energy patterns, new qualities coming in, etc, etc, the kinds of messy heartfelt artwork you see in my journals – only it will be all about YOU.


Creative Intuitive Healing Work is powerful stuff.

?Dear Andrea,

Thank you for being so very present, open and agenda-less in our session. And so supportive!

It wasn?t just technique (I?m maybe too good at picking up technique when it?s not connected to heart) ? you have great techniques/skills, but it?s so obvious that they?re organically grown (from the heart out), not pasted on (tools with no soul for the work).

I felt seen and heard (as did all my inner voices ? ohmyword, I?m still grinning about how you suggested drawing them too) which is the biggest of the big.

Yeah, that might not be the clearest phrase – but that feeling of being seen and heard and accepted, having a space held ? it?s so huge I can?t find a way to write about it!

With much love and appreciation –

Karen Caterson,Writer & Creator of Square-Peg {Life}Support Guides

Tery?Between my personal and business life, I had a lot on my plate. I was truly stuck with Time Management Skills.? My thought process at the time was to have a perfect schedule/itinerary. You helped me to realize that Time Management is more of being *effective* with your work within that time frame.

I was very overwhelmed and frustrated.? All the time I did have, I would just sit there in total frustration due to perfectionism.

After our session, I had to ponder. I had to reflect. Take it all in ? then I got it!

Now I am getting everything done!? If I only work for One hour ? that time is highly effective. I have jumped full throttle into my creativity.

Now, nothing stands in my way.?

Teresa Brouwer, Willow Creek Studio,


?Andrea has helped me to rethink my relationship with money and planting seeds for my businesses.
What I love most about her work is her wonderful guidance and making creative pursuits less intimidating.?


Helene Kwong, Renaissance Woman,


You can read more of what people have to say about working with me here.


Cost: $175, including delivery of your artwork.

If you have a question, email me using the contact form on this page.


There are currently no sessions available.

If you’d like to work with me – join the Circle!

There is a deep shift happening in our world right now.

I’ve been exploring this new mantra:

I’ve spent the past few weeks opening it up and finding out what it’s like to live inside it.

And a lot has happened as a result.? More than I can really type out and explain, of course.

The short version is that I’m taking a break from my blog.? And a break from Creative Dream TV.

Starting today, I’m diving into the deep magics of Creative Dream Incubation with a truly amazing group of dreamers.

And I’m going to give them my all.

I feel like I want to free up my energy so that I can focus it all on supporting this delicious group of dreamers in making their dreams REAL.

There is a deep shift happening in our world right now.

This is a really important time in our collective evolution.? A time of opening doors and expanding possibility.

I want to make the most of this!

I want to shift right along with the whole universe into a state of expanded possibility, creativity, success, love and joy.

And as much as I love my blog and everything about it – right now, keeping up with my blogging schedule and creating new Creative Dream TVs feels like it’s in opposition to being with the shift.

So, besides wanting to make more time to support my darling Creative Dreamers in making their wildest dreams real I also want to create more time to support me in making my wildest dreams come true.

I’d love to support you in making the most of this shift, too.

If you want to join us, the door is still open.

If not – I’m wishing you all the best and I’ll see you back here when I’m back here.

PS: You can see what Creative Dream Incubator graduates have to say about the course right here.

If you are a Creative Dream Incubator graduate and you want to join – email me, you get a FANTASTIC discount.

Happy New Year, Creative Dreamer


You are cordially invited to usher in ALL the magic of 2013 with me at the Hello 2013 PLAYDATE on Jan 3.

PLAYDATE = 4 magical hours of miracles, healing, transformation and expanded possibility.

It happens on the phone, in our Creative Dream Circle forum and in your home.? Everything is recorded so you can play along in your own time zone, at your own pace.? Plus you get magical workbooks!

This goes waaaaay beyond intention/goal setting and right to the heart of the magic of what is really possible for you.

The Hello 2013 Playdate is a part of the Creative Dream Circle.

You + Me + Your Dream = Magic. Let?s play together:


If 2013 is your year to make your dream real, I am here to help.

Yes! Let?s play! And giggle, and find secret passageways that lead you right to where you want to be.

Click here to read more + sign up.

Your 2013 is looking brighter already.