Creative Genius Planning Session

Creative Planning AKA Why I LOVE Monday Mornings.

creative planning

creative planningcreative planning

creative planningcreative planning

This particular Monday morning I woke up with a sense of trepidation.

I have a lot of questions without answers and tangles to smooth.? More unknowns than knows tends to make me anxious.? Even though dreaming, my chosen profession, is all about bravely facing the unknown instead of staying stuck in the known (aka status quo).

This is why I invented Creative Genius Planning Sessions: less for creative planning, more for magic, miracles & healing.

Creativity.? Play. Heart. Truth. Deep Intuitive Connection.? In volumes high enough to propel you onto the path that leads to where you really want to be.

I took my trepidation, my worry about too many things to do and my fear that I can’t pull this off and I sat down with my Creative Genius Planning Sessions Kit

The beauty of having this all ready for you as a kit is that you do NOT have to ALREADY feel smart/together/awake/confident/creative in order START.

Hint: waiting until you feel ready is FORFEITING ON YOUR DREAMS.

Having creative planning kits like this makes it easier to start before you feel ready.

I know some days I DO feel ready and some days I DON’T.? I also know that my dreams need me to show up EVERY day.

So I actually created the Creative Genius Planning Sessions Kit for me, because I need it.?

Because I know my dreams can’t afford for me to get a slow start on the day because I’m feeling anxious about something.? My dreams can’t afford for me to not believe in myself enough to take the risk that needs to be taken.? My dreams can’t afford for me to not stay in the game.

So, this morning I took my trepidation and slowly growing anxiety and I got out my Creative Genius Planning Session Kit.? And it took me a little longer than usual to get through it, but that’s ok.

Creativity.? Play. Heart. Truth. Deep Intuitive Connection.? In volumes high enough to propel you onto the path that leads to where you really want to be.

Creative Planning doesn’t just help you get your shit together.

It’s not about making to-do lists and then forcing yourself to do the work.? Or figuring out the right steps that guarantee success.

It’s about staying in the flow.? Remembering your power.? Accessing your genius.

This morning my trepidation and anxiety melted by the time I finished the Creative Genius Planning Sessions Kit.? Now I feel sure and excited and inspired about what I want to create in my world this week.

Plus I have a clear plan that makes my heart dance around a little in my chest.

THIS is the fuel that brings dreams to life.
creative planning

Want to play?

You get my Creative Genius Planning Sessions kit inside the Creative Dream Circle – along with TONS of other kits, courses and resources for finding the magic even on the days when you’re NOT feeling it.

Creative Journal Day 12: Creative Genius Planning Sessions

This post, and the whole 30 day journal challenge, is a part of my free art journal class.

creative planning


Creative Genius Planning!

AKA Planning from the sweet spot where all things are possible: where the outer work of dream-building is informed, inspired + activated by the magic of your inner world.

This is the stuff that dreams are built on.


Creative Genius Planning Session Audios, Exercises + Playsheets are in the Creative Dream Circle.



A visit from the “I Don’t Have Enough Time” monster

99% of the time, I don’t have enough time is a lie.

You have enough time, and you chose how you’re using it.? It only feels like it’s not a choice because you’re caught up in an un-helpful pattern, or you’ve got a sovereignty leak or you’re letting your inner critics run the show.

So, here I am this morning, convinced I don’t have enough time for all the things I have to do today.

Except I do.? They fit neatly onto my calendar.? So I mediate and journal and use aromatherapy and still this small voice of anxiety won’t go away.?? I re-read my post about You Are The Source Of Time which helped, but then my little inner I Don’t Have Time Monster got woken up…

So, let’s talk.

You DON’T have enough time!? Not for all these things!

Oh sweetie.

And you certainly don’t have time to talk to me about it!

Oh, so what should I be doing?

Running around like crazy, panicking about not having enough time.

That doesn’t seem useful.

But it would be honest!

Honesty is important.? See, I am being honest by talking to you about how you’re feeling, rather that just pushing through and getting the work done.

Oh, right.

I think you want me to to panic until I can’t get the work done, and then not get the work done, and then use this as evidence that I can’t handle this much work.

Well you can’t!

I know I can.? I love everything I’m doing.? The Creative Soul Alchemy Cards?? HOLY CRAP I LOVE THIS. I’m having the best time ever.
Creating a deck of custom made Creative Soul Alchemy Cards for a client. Having so much fun!

But they’re taking you longer than you thought, to make them.

Yes, that’s a part of the Batter Tasting Process – learning all of that stuff!? Then I’ll take what I learn and use it to put the final thing together.

But you’re also doing Project 1 and Project 2 and Project 3!? All big projects!? Plus your regular stuff!? Aaeeeeeiiiiiiii!? There is not enough of you to go around!

Honey, I remain full and whole.? And I choose what I want to play with, and when I want to play with it.

Oh, wait, what?

I think you think I have to give parts of my energy to each thing.? But I hold all of my energy.

And the little monster disappeared and in its place is yesterday’s Creative Genius Planning Session with all sorts of amazing energy work that actually holds the container for all of the things to happen this week with great joy and ease and spaciousness.

And the monster says: I’m sorry, I forgot about the Creative Genius Planning Session.? I can see it all here in the magics.? You’re doing fine, nothing to panic about.

Ahhhh. Calm returns.? And I’m ready to enjoy my many activities today…

Hello week: TKO

I just woke up from a delicious dream… there was a cartoon marching band, making playful music (it’s still floating around in my head) and bopping around.? Each band member was a different kind of being, all shapes and sizes and types of instruments.? It felt like they were each playing their own song, but they came together beautifully.

It was sooooooo happy!

It feels like how I feel about the Creative Dream Circle – everyone’s playing their own song and then when those songs come together it’s beautiful music – all in tune with each other because we’re all playing from the same energy and intention: we’re here to make our dreams real.

We trust (more some days than other, but still) in the importance, beauty and magic of our purpose and are willing to do to the work of bringing it to life.? I am so grateful to be a member of this community and honoured to be the leader of it.

It’s Monday morning and I’m sitting here with three different journals open, looking over Friday’s Creative Genius Explore, Play + Plan Session.

creative journal
creative journal pagecreative journal page


Inviting in the qualities that I want in my week.

Looking over my schedule to see if it still fits my energy.

Looking at my plans to see if they still feel delicious.

Feeling my way into how I want to create this week.

This week I am opening up to a new layer of who-I-really-am.

We’re doing the Playdate with Authenticity on Wednesday. (You’re invited, of course)

Playdates always knock me out with the intensity of re-connecting with parts of my soul I’ve disconnected from.

This time, I’m giving myself lots of time to ease into the playdate, and then lots of post-playdate integration time.

So, I am basically playdating my whole week.


Creative Genius Planning Session

Every Monday morning in the Creative Dream Circle, we have a Creative Genius Planning Session.? We invite in the qualities we want to play with for the week, intentions for how we want to be and what we’d like to accomplish and receive, we bring our creative genius into planning so that things so easy and smooth, we inspire each other and we make magic.

This week I felt like posting mine here, so here goes.

For the last little while, I’ve been working on a Mystery Project which has basically taken over my regular schedule.? This week I’d like to start to shift back, with maybe 50-50 split of Mystery Project and regular Creative Magic Headquarters Activities.

So what would that look like?

Ha, that seems so confusing at first but actually it’s simple – smaller containers for Mystery Project naturally means more space for other stuff.? But thinking about doing that feels uncomfortable and tight…

….cue discussion with Mystery Project…

Mystery Project – what do you need?

More than 50% that is for sure!? Why is it that you want to shift back into “normal” before I’m done?

Oh, good question.? Oh!? That’s an old pattern.? It’s how I react when external things try to swoosh in and change my plans.? I protect what I want.

Do you really need to protect yourself from me?

No!? I’m seeing you as external but really you are a project I chose to say yes to and you are a project I love and am excited about.? I guess I worry that I am dropping too many balls in the process of spending all this time with you.

….cue discussion with Other Stuff That Is Being Left Behind…

Hey!? Other Stuff!? I miss you!

Oh man, (blinking) can you turn down the light?? You woke me up and I was having such a delicious sleep.

Oh, so you’re not jumping around impatiently waiting for me to come back to you?

Dude!? Mystery Project is awesome!? We’ll have so much more fun together after it’s finished.

Oh, that makes sense.? OK, enjoy your sleep and just let me know if you need anything.

Hmmmm….. So I guess planning this week is simpler than I thought.


(Created list of important things this week and added in to my journal page in purple marker)

Yes, everything else can continue to sleep and I can give Mystery Project most of my attention this week. (Created list of priorities for Mystery Project for this week in hot pink marker)

Also, in keeping with our Creative Dream Incubator work in the Circle this week, added a list of things I am doing to nourish myself, my creativity and my dreams, in turquoise marker.


I am inviting trust, ease and flow to hang out with me this week.? I am making my (inner + outer) space a welcoming container for these qualities by remembering them in my meditations and leaving myself reminders about them.

OK week, I am ready to rock you!

make your dreams real today

Creative Genius Planning Sessions meets Visionary Visioning

I’ve been doing Monday Morning Creative Genius Planning Sessions for a long time.

First, I did them by myself, in a coffee shop.

Coffee and a breakfast sandwich and journaling and planning.

I worked out lists of things to explore each week in these sessions, and then took what I discovered in those explorations and used that to create my schedule for the week.

I shared how I do all of this in the Creative Business Incubator (which is free for Creative Dream Circle members).

This past summer it evolved into all sorts of different Picnic Creative Genius Planning Sessions. Some weeks I did this every morning.

With a few car-picnics in the fall when it was too cold to journal outside.

And then it got chilly and I went back inside.

Now – every Monday morning, there’s a new Creative Genius Planning Session in the Creative Dream Circle where we focus in on consciously creating our week, using creativity, spirit, imagination, intuition, play and MAGIC.

I love this!

And I’ve been feeling another aspect of this wanting to come in: something like bigger picture visioning. But not “big picture”, ugh. Somehow that feels kind of forced and gross. No, I want visionary visioning.

What I want is a sense of openness and trusting in spirit and intuition to lead. Not me-trying-to-control-everything-and-MAKE-things-happen. More like connecting into the more expansive vision that is always there and sometimes I’m not aware of because I am focused in on the details of my life.

There’s this thing that happens in Creative Dreaming – when you get the things you wanted. If you’re not continually connecting into the greater vision of your purpose you end up stagnating.

I feel like I am reaching this point. I got my dream loft! I’ve created an art studio and play space in here that totally exceeded my own dreams and desires. 20 foot ceiling! GIANT windows with crystals in them that throw rainbows everywhere! The most delicious indoor tent ever! Pink and orange and purple curtains! A sleeping loft! All brand new appliances! Someone else to shovel the show!

I’ve restructured my business and it feels like a better fit now that I get to work more closely with the amazing dreamers in the Creative Dream Circle on an on-going basis, as opposed to running individual classes. Staying in the process longer = WAAAAAAAAAAY more magic, all around.

There’s lots to do still with both of these, I’m not saying I’m DONE. There are lots of things I want to add to the Creative Dream Circle next year. And lots of decorating still to do in the dream loft.

But working with what-is-here is different from connecting to the greater vision and I miss that part!

Luckily, I have lots of tools and processes for how to do this.

Today I don’t know which one I want to use.

This is another thing about creative dreaming: you’re constantly being brought to places that you have never been before. Your inner and outer landscapes shift continually. When you find yourself somewhere new, you have to look around and explore and discover before you can make a plan for how to proceed. What worked there will not necessarily work here!

That’s what this is, me exploring where I’m at now with the intention of gathering the information I need to make a plan.

Right now all I know is this:

I want to do visioning on Sundays.

I want Sunday visioning to fuel Monday Creative Genius Planning.

And, because baby steps are important when you’re venturing out into the unknown, I’m going to do this slowly. I’m going to write + publish a blog post about visioning every Sunday.

It feels important to me that I write it ON SUNDAY to help ground me in experiencing Sunday as the day of visioning. My commitment is to do this for December and then see where I’m at with it. You are so welcome to join along, in the comments, on your blog, in your journal – wherever.


So after writing that I went off to meditate with the intention of connecting to the more expansive vision and this is what I discovered: heart-centered richness + fullness.? That’s the energy of this new vision.

It’s important to do something that anchors you in your vision. So I did this:

It sits right above my desk so all week I’ll be remembering the visionary vision, connecting to it, and being open to learning more about it.


My Monday Morning Ritual: Creative Genius Planning Sesions

I’m changing it up a little this morning with a London Fog latte instead of a regular latte.

But other than that, this is what I do every Monday morning in the coffee shop beside the park.

This week’s planning session is all about Moving Bravely Forward.

Last week I finalized my plans for how I want to shift and change my business to accommodate my new mission: growing truer, deeper + sparklier (not bigger!).

So this week’s Creative Genius Planning Session is all about making a plan to put my new plans into action.

It feels very good to see, clearly, what that looks like and what needs to happen, and when!


Monday Morning Creative Genius Planning Session

I am sharing a photo on my blog every day for the month of August, as a part of Susannah Conway?s August Break.

Today’s photo, on a sunny Monday Morning:

This week’s Creative Genius Planning Session is all about schedules, routines, rituals, containers and support systems.? All the invisible stuff that supports me in living my magic and bringing it to the world.