The Best Weekend

I just had one of the BEST weekends I remember having in a really, really long time.

I think I forgot how important that is to good off and then goof off some more and then goof off some more.

Most weekends I take a break from email and admin stuff but do tend to spend some time with my work projects.? This never bothered me because I love my work and always made time for some fun stuff too.

Also – for years I was working full time then doing my creative projects on weekends so this is something that I am just used to.? I don’t expect anyone to just hand me my dream life, I am happy to work for it.

But holy hell spending three days goofing off is good for the soul.? I am refreshed!

It feels like me goofing off for three days is a direct result from last week’s Get Your [creative] MAGIC On free class.

During the class I planted some seeds that over the next little while we would all discover new ways to allow the things that nourish our magic to help us shrink the things that block our magic.

It turns out goofing off helps me feel more connected to who I really am.? Letting go of plans and and being open to what is available to me in the moment.

Glowing receptivity.

That’s a phrase I heard from Havi and I am really feeling it today, being in the state of quietly allowing the things I want to flow into my life.

Today I’m marinating in this beautiful energy to prepare for tomorrow’s live call (which is a?group healing session with glitter markers) for The Magic Journal Creative Journal Class.? See you there!