Oh, hello procrastination.

I'm procrastinating because I'm scared

I just spent most of this afternoon thinking it was kinda weird that I was not doing the thing I wanted to do this afternoon.?? But whenever I sat down to do it, I would feel kind of, I don’t know – fuzzy or something.? And then I would end up doing something else.

I even took a really glorious nap.? (My bedroom loft has a floor to ceiling, wall to wall south window.? It’s ridiculously sunny which makes naps feel glorious to me.)

And I just made myself an iced coffee thinking… well maybe I’m just tired, maybe I’ve been cycling more than usual.? Maybe an iced coffee is all I need.

Then I did some art journaling.

And, like it does, my journal brought me right smack into the truth.

I’m not tired or fuzzy or anything else.? I’m procrastinating because I’m scared.

And I’ve been dancing around this fear because, well, I shouldn’t have it.? It’s not logical so I should be able to just ignore it, right?

Deep breath.? One Million Reminders that all feelings are valid and important.

OK then fear, pull up a chair, let’s talk.

Oh, wait, you’re not fear – who are you?

As if you didn’t know.? I’m your embarrassment.? You’re embarrassed about what you’re afraid of.

Embarrassment is wearing suspenders and a bow tie and he keeps popping in and out of invisibility, like it can tell I don’t want it to be here even though it dressed up for me.? Embarrassment tries so hard, it’s hard not to love him.? I give him a hug and he disappears.

OK, fear, it’s just you and me now.? Can we do this?

I don’t want you to make me do the thing like it’s no big deal. It IS a big deal.

You’re right.

Just because you’ve done it a million times before does NOT mean it’s not scary!

You’re right.

I need to go slower.? And be more deliberate.? And let this take up more space.? You want me to just *pouf* do it like it’s no big thing and it IS, IT IS A BIG THING.

Fear is a talking balloon head who gets bigger the more upset he is.? He’s taking up the whole dream loft right now (and I do have 20′ ceilings).

Yes, this is HUGE, I hear you.? I’m sorry, I didn’t want it to be big because, well, it would be easier if it was small.

That’s stupid.? You can’t just pretend it’s something it’s not.? It’s a BIG AND SCARY THING you are doing.? It’s not small, easy or fast.? Not physically or emotionally or in any allys.

I like what you said about letting this take up more space and going slower and more deliberately.? What if, every day between now and then, I spend lots of time just being with the thing?? I can write about it or work on it or journal about it or take a bike ride with it.


Fear, you are very wise.? I’m sorry I didn’t listen sooner.? Let’s go make a list in my art journal of all the reasons why this thing is HELLA SCARY.

Fear deflates down to the size of my hand, and his face is mostly a big smile now.

Hey, all I needed was for you to recognize the big scariness of this and to treat it accordingly.? You were treating it too lightly.? As long as you take it more seriously – you’ve got this.? It’s a big scary thing but you are a giant creative genius and you HAVE done this a million times before and you WILL do amazing at it.

Suddenly I notice that we are inside this cast iron fence which goes in a tiny circle around me, with the thing-I-am-afraid/embarrassed-to-be-afraid-of outside of the fence.? The fence is this really fantastical thing with pointy pointy tops and iron swirls between the posts and there is no way anything can get through it.

Then the fence disappears.

That was your procrastination.? So weird you couldn’t see it for what it was, until it was gone.

I notice fear isn’t really fear anymore, and he’s wearing a tiny badge on his tiny balloon body.? I lean in closer to see what it says….

Creative Guide & Fabulousness Mentor

Fear /CGFM is grinning from … well he doesn’t have ears but his whole balloon body is one giant grin.? He likes his new job.

My procrastination is gone.? My embarrassment is gone.? My fear is gone.? I’ve got a totally new approach for doing the thing.? I’m grinning from ear to ear.

The Cure For Writer’s Block

the cure for writer's block

I’ve been wanting to share some of the super-inspiring stories of amazing things that happen inside the Creative Dream Circle but I haven’t known how to do it. Working with dreams is working with heart – so vulnerable and delicate. It’s no small thing that people trust me with their dreams and I’m not going to betray that trust by trying to force anyone into the limelight.

But some of these stories keep tapping me on the shoulder, demanding to be shared.

So I’ve decided to share bits and pieces – without naming names or sharing photos or anything like that. So people’s privacy is protected, their dream remains sheltered from public view, while the essence of the story can come out and play.

The cure for writer’s block:

I received the following message from someone who was in my free Give Your Dream Wings course:

I know what my creative dream is and what the soul of it is, but I’m lacking the joy and flow to do it with ease and happiness. It’s still loaded with fear for me. I need to write and I want to do it but boy do I delay it every single time. That blank page is tough! Would your Creative Dream Circle help with that?

That question really hit me in the heart.? So many creatives know exactly what they want to be doing, but their dreams are, as this writer put it, LOADED with fear.

I hate knowing that there are people out there in this situation!? So much so that I’ve made it my life’s work to help people out of this situation.

Writer’s block, like all creative blocks, is an emotional block.

Facing the blank page is terrifying.? Going after your dream is terrifying. Starting is a terrifyingly vulnerable thing.

The secret?? Meeting your fear with creativity and love.

My response:

Yes! The Circle will definitely help with that. Fear is the biggest obstacle to dreaming, so I have a lot of material about it in the Circle. In the Creative Dream Incubator course (which you get in have circle) there is an in-depth module about how to work with fear effectively. Plus there is an “un-sticking station” to get quick help any time you get stuck. I use that almost every day.

It’s totally natural to be afraid, I find that learning how to work creatively with fear is one of the most important skills to learn to bring any dream to life.

She joined the Circle and one of the first things she did there was listen to my hour long audio class on How Meeting Fear With Creativity And Love Means You Never Have To Stay Stuck.

And then: she started writing!

She found the cure for writer’s block and she started writing!? This is from one of her first posts in the Circle:

Hello! I’m brand new here and decided this morning to get right into it by listening to the recording of “meeting fear with creativity and love”. I found it extremely helpful [removed for privacy]. I went on to write the piece I wanted to write…

She went on to write the piece she wanted to write.

Being un-blocked and in the flow really is that accessible.

Does this mean our heroine is never going to suffer from writer’s block, ever again?

Of course not.

She’ll have to keep meeting fear with creativity and love and learning new techniques for transforming fear and doubt and all the things that hold her back.

This is the secret to bringing any dream to life: to stay in the process of transforming the blocks.? To meet them there on the blank page – every day or every week.? To keep showing up no matter how hard your inner critics start to fight back.

I can promise that if you stay with it, it does get easier.

When I first left my day-job to be a full time Creative Dream Incubator, I had a major fear freak-out at least once a week.? But now?? In my fourth year of doing this full time?? I’ve had ONE fear freak-out all year. And it wasn’t even major.

You can transform your inner landscape.? You can make more space for freedom and glee and creativity and delight and trust and dreams come true.? You do not have to let fear stomp all over your dream garden.

This is what we do inside the Creative Dream Circle.

Creative Dream TV: How To STOP Spinning Your Wheels

How to stop spinning your wheels

Spinning your wheels is so frustrating!? You’re working so hard but getting nowhere.

When you’re in it, it seems so complicated, but really it’s quite simple: you need traction.

In the video I said I would link to some resources for helping with this.

I’ve got this free class where you can learn more about this “inner approach” I talked about. ?And you can check out this video about How to handle limiting beliefs, fears, doubts & shame.

And, of course, the tools inside the Creative Dream Circle will get your wheels un-spun in no time.

Journal Prompts for Overcoming Fear

Journal Prompts for Overcoming Fear

Earlier this week I shared some Journal Prompts for Finding your Dream. As I talked about at the end of that post - being honest with yourself about your dreams can be TERRIFYING.

You may have a fear that if you find out what your dream is, everything will change and change is scary.

Or if you go after your dream and you fail - that will hurt too much.

Or that if you know what your dream is, you still won't know how to make it real, and that will be too frustrating.

Or if you knew what your dream is, you might go after it with everything you've got - and that would be too selfish.

Or deep down inside, you might already kind of know what your dream is, but you're sure you're not good enough to make it happen. It's easier to just not know what it is.

This is scary stuff! How you deal with that fear will determine whether or not your dream comes true.

That's why you need to journal about your fear.

It's NOT about how gifted you are or how much training you have or whether or not people like you and support your dreams.

It's ALL about how you handle the inner work.

So today I'm offering some Journal Prompts to help (gently! lovingly!) meet your fear.

The important thing to know about dealing with fear is this: the scared parts of you are scared.

Obviously! But you forget this all the time and respond to fear as though it was not afraid.

You respond to it like it was a monster. And you try to overcome it by streamrolling over it - because you're also afraid.

You're afraid of being afraid.

And steamrolling doesn't work! It just flattens the fear so that you can stuff it deep down inside and pretend it doesn't exist.

Meanwhile, that fear, stuffed deep down inside you, becomes a Creative Dream BLOCK.

The secret is to meet your fear.

With love and gentleness.

Think of it less as a monster and more as a frightened child.? Oh sweetie, you're scared - what can I do to help you feel better?

These prompts will help you do this - I also have a free 90 minute video class where I lead you through the process of doing this. It's free and available on demand, 24-7. Get it here. 

These journal prompts for fear are for playing and creating with.

Use them as little diving boards to dive off into other things to explore - the most important part is to follow what comes up for you, not to answer every prompt perfectly.

Even when you're not sure about your answers stay in the process. If having pretend conversations with fear is new to you, it may take a little practice for this to make sense.

Journal Prompts for Overcoming Fear:

  • Explore your fear. Where is it showing up in your body and what does it feel like?
  • Imagine that your fear is a frightened child. What does it look like? Note every detail.
  • Ask this frightened child what it needs. List every answer.
  • Go through the answers and for each one, explore if it would actually bring a sense of comfort and safety or does it just numb out the fear or is it really about trying to control the world around you so that you can feel safe?? (hint: that never works)

Take your time with this. Really explore each question and notice where your thoughts lead you to.

You want to try and find an idea for something that you can do right now that will actually bring you a sense of comfort and safety.

When you are able to sit with the fear and journal with it, with an open heart and a willingness to understand what this part of you needs - healing happens.

And when you make this a regular practice - miracles happen.

I'd love to SHOW YOU how this works.

I did a free healing circle and inner work workshop where I lead you through the process of working with your fear.

Try it today:

[FREE Tele-Class] Who’s Talking To Me? How to tell Fear from Intuition

[FREE Tele-Class] Who's Talking To Me? How to tell Fear from Intuition

Bringing a dream to life is about dancing this inner dance, of uncovering and activating intuitive wisdom + superpowers while spotting and transforming fears before they can create roadblocks.

This gets confusing because your fears are really good at presenting logical, reasonable and safe arguments for staying inside your comfort zone, even when it’s not comfortable at all in there.

And while everyone is intuitive, if you’ve never learned how to really listen to your intuition, then it’s hard to be able to hear it.

Plus sometimes, when you do hear it, your intuitive wisdom is kind of weird and it’s hard to know what to do with it.

Most of us hear our inner fear loud and clear, while our inner wisdom seems to be whispering very very quietly, sometimes in a foreign language.

When you flip this around – impossible dreams become possible realities!

It’s tempting to think that it’s a simple matter of: if my intuition wants me to succeed, and my fear wants me to fail, this means that all YES voices are intuitive wisdom and all NO voices are inner critics and fears.

It’s NOT that simple.

Again, because fear is so good at presenting logical, reasonable and safe arguments, and because most of us did not grow up in a culture that taught us to trust our inner instincts, and because the risks involved in bringing a dream to life can be scary sometimes, it just gets really hard to know, for sure, which voice you’re listening to.

Since listening to your intuition leads to Creative Dream Success and listening to your fear leads to running on endless hamster wheels – it’s really important to know which voice you’re listening to!

In this class we will:

  • learn how to tell the difference between fear and intuition
  • explore how to turn down the volume on fear and turn up the volume on intuition

This live tele-class is completely free for everyone who is signed up for my email list.

It will be juicy, inspiring and mega-helpful.? It WILL be recorded. The recording will be only available to my Creative Dream Circle members. (The Circle is amazing, you can join it right here)


[FREE Tele-Class] Who’s Talking To Me?

How to tell Fear from Intuition
Tuesday, November 26, 1PM, Central (North American Time)


If you’re not already on my email list, sign up here:

The Not Good Enough Monster

Yesterday we had our check-in call for the Creative Dream Breakthrough.? We got together just to share where we’re at in our breakthrough process, explore what’s happening beneath the surface and offer each other support and encouragement.

It was going really well, then the Not Good Enough Monster showed up.

Yelling about how you have to get it right perfect, the first time every time.

That you’re never doing quite good enough.

That you’re never trying quite hard enough.

That you should have done better.? You should be doing better.

We gave him some cocoa and some toys and art supplies and reminders of how exquisitely perfect and worthy we all are, and how worthiness is something we are, not something we earn.

He calmed down.

Then last night I realised that my Not Good Enough Monster has been Quietly Out Of Control.

Quiet enough that I don’t notice that he’s there.? But silently and steadily insisting that I should be handling things better.? The problem with quiet is that it’s insidious enough that I don’t fight back.

And I started to see how much the Not Good Enough Monster has been colouring my whole life.

You see, yesterday I got angry.

The truth is, getting mad, and then honouring my anger by explaining why I was angry and asking for things to change made the situation better.

But the monster insists that I should now feel guilty about being angry, and then extra-guilty about how getting angry got me what I wanted.

I should be more evolved than that.? I should be so fucking magical that things just go my way without me ever having to engage with difficult-to-engage-with people.? I should be so wise that I can navigate through impossibly frustrating situations without getting impossibly frustrated.

I should be doing better.

While we’re at it, I should be eating healthier and walking more and have better clothes and make more money and be a better friend.

So, I am giving my Not Good Enough Monster a hug.? And putting him in the back seat.

Not Good Enough Monsters just want what’s best for us.? Underneath their words, they are sweet and lovable and deserve a cookie.

But they are not our wise and sparkling selves.? They are not our Creative Genius.

They should not be driving the bus.


creative inspiration cardPS: You?re all signed up for the FREE Creative Dream Coaching Circle next Monday, right?

This is a chance to get answers to your questions, get help dissolving obstacles and to simply fill up on love, magic and creative dream superfuel.

Sign up today!

Failure is just a step along the path to Creative Dream Success.

Last week I promised to write more about this:

If I really, truly, honestly give it my ALL and then I fail – that would break my heart so bad I would not be able to recover.

This fear that lurks beneath a lot of Creative Dreams.

We all know that you have to be 100% committed to your Creative Dreams in order to make them real.? But facing that fear of failure (which is sometimes just a mask for fear of success) can be terrifying.

Creative Dreaming is an Act of Courage.

You start by going back to your fear.? And, even though everything inside you is screaming at you to run away from it, you turn and face it.?

(Follow the link for a video about how meeting your fears with creativity + love changes everything)

Don’t just leave it there, lurking in the shadows, poisoning your possibilities.? Face it.

Once you face it, one surprising thing starts to become clear: you are bigger than it.? You hold all the power.

I know it feels counter-intuitive, but that’s the route to your Dream Come True.? Facing your fear.

I am really happy + grateful that I get to do the creative soulful work that makes my heart sing as my full time gig.

Today I consider myself successful.? But along the way I’ve failed more times than I succeeded.

Because failure is just a step along the path to Creative Dream Success.

Failure is just a step along the path to Creative Dream Success.  Keep walking Superstar.

If you let fear of failure stop you then you’re letting it STOP YOU.

And I know you won’t do that, because you are an UNSTOPPABLE Creative Genius.

I know this is cheesy and sappy and it sounds ridiculous, but each time I got my heart broken by my dreams I found that my heart was actually broken OPEN.? Each failure opened me up to the next step on the path.

You’ve got to be willing to stumble along the Creative Dream Path.

If you really, truly, honestly give it your ALL and then you fail – yes it’s going to break your heart.

And yes you’re going to recover.

And yes it’s going to be worth it.

Conversation With My Inner Critic: Not Believing In Yourself Is The Worst Feeling In The World

I wrote this on Monday, before sharing my new Creative Soul Alchemy Batter Tastings. ?I want to share it because I know a lot of people read my blog who want to be doing similar things to what I am doing, and I want to paint an honest picture of what it takes for me to be, and stay, connected to my creative genius, and be actively putting myself, and my ideas, out there.

Often we look at people who are “doing it” and assume it must be easy for her.

Which is not only not true, it puts you in the position of it’s not easy for me so I guess it’s not possible.

Which is bullshit.

And, which is why, even though it’s really uncomfortable for me to share so honestly and so publicly – it’s really the only way for me to be effective in my job of helping creatives bring their dreams to life.? So here goes:

I am tense achy sore cranky frustrated.

I lit some candles, sprayed some magic sprays, rang a bell and did a healing on the dream loft to lift the energy enough so I can breathe again. ?But I still feel 100% crappy, just down from %1000 crappy a few minutes ago.

It’s time to shift this, so I am having a Creative Soul Alchemy session with my inner critic. ??As always my inner critic speaks in?italics.


So here I am, ?sitting on my yoga ball, in my newly re-arranged workspace, with my two BIG tables pushed together to create a GIANT table.

Well that’s dumb. ?You re-arranged your space to do this new thing and no one’s going to buy it! ?How’s it going to feel to have to move everything back because you failed?

You know, even if no one buys new thing #1 I know lots of people are going to participate in that other thing this summer, which will require a GIANT table for GIANT art-making.

You’re such a fucking pollyanna it’s so stupid! ?This is why you get you heart broken so much, you know. ?If you would just…

Just stop hoping? ?And dreaming? ?I can’t do that. ?I AM GOING TO BE ME. ?That is final.

I know, and it’s terrifying.

Can you tell me what is scary right now?

No one is going to want your new thing.

I understand that you think that, and that’s cool. ?But why is it SUCH a big problem? ?I don’t remember feeling this scared or stressed out in a long time. ?I’m not sure why this particular thing is so scary.

Because the price is wrong.

The price is not wrong. ?I think you know that.

You’re right. ?The price is not wrong. ?But no one will pay this price for this product/service.

It’s cool that you think that, I’m still confused about why it’s such a huge problem. ?You don’t think anyone will buy anything. ?And this is just a batter tasting, to see how it goes. ?If no one buys then I know it doesn’t work as a thing-to-sell and I move on.

This is awful because the price has to be even higher for the real thing than for the batter tasting, to be sustainable. ?And no one pays that much money for art! ?And your Creative Soul Alchemy cards are life-alteringly gorgeous, like on a SOUL LEVEL. ?Like, Creative Soul Alchemy is what they actually are! ?This is needed! ?And it’s going to fail! ?I’m not sad for you as much as I am sad for the world that it’s going to miss out on this. ?Also kind of sad for you but I know you’ll still make the cards for yourself so that’s good.

So there are 2 things there:

  1. the idea that no one pays for art
  2. immense immense love for the cards

Let’s start with #2.

I didn’t?realise?how much love you have for the cards! ?I?appreciate?that so much! ?Suddenly I feel less tense and stressed out. ?I feel grateful for everything that has happend in my life, that brought me here to this idea and feeling ready to bring this idea to life.

But it’s not ready, that’s the thing.

So what would it take for it to be ready?

That’s impossible.

And that’s how we know that you are believing a lie. ?Nothing is impossible, there is always a way. ?I think we should address that thing that is sitting just beneath this conversation: the idea that people don’t buy art. ?You understand that this is absurd, right?

Let me explain. ?I know people buy art. ?And for millions, not hundreds. ?Or at least thousands. ?But the kind of people who want your art don’t buy art.

You can hear how ludicrous that is, right? ?Let’s think back to the love you have for this project. ?Let that love be a bubble of sparkles. ?Take the idea that no one wants to pay for this thing and put it in the bubble. ?What happens?

The idea that no one wants to pay for this thing shows up as a dusty deck of cards that no one wanted. ?When I put it into the bubble the dust goes away (because of all the glitter) and it turns out the bubble is full of tiny people who run over, like RUN over to take the cards. ?Then they hug the cards and you can see tiny red hearts coming out of them. ?They love the cards. ?They get it.

Yes. ?There’s the shift. ?So what is true now?

There there are people who will love the cards. ?There are people who will get it, see the value in it, and be so so so so SO thrilled to get their own custom made deck of magic.

I only have space for 8 batter tasters. ?And if that goes as I hope it will and I start to do this regularly, there is still a very limited about of these that I am going to be able to create each month. ?If you take that number, and compare it to the number of people in the world – how likely is it that there are enough people out there that will want it?

Very. ?It’s just a matter of finding them.

Right. And we can work on that part.


So I feel better, do you feel better?

Yes. ?I can’t wait!

So let’s do a blessing for all the people that the Creative Soul Alchemy cards are for.


{do blessing together}


And there it is. ?I feel ready to put this thing out tomorrow. (which is now yesterday)

That conversation is only the last in a long line of conversations and healing sessions I do with my inner critic(s).

I say that to make it very very clear for you: feeling like you can’t do something doesn’t mean you can’t do it. ?It just means you have to work on the inner stuff first.

PS: Creative Soul Alchemy Card Batter Tastings are available here.

How Meeting your FEARS with CREATIVITY and LOVE Means you’ll Never Have to Stay STUCK

Every time I talk to a client who is really stuck about something, once when we get a clear picture of what’s happening, the problem is? that they are listening to their inner critics.

There is no other cause of stuck.? It really is as simple as that.

I know it seems like it’s got to be more complicated than that, but it isn’t.? You can only do one thing at a time, and that one thing can either be what your infinite creative potential is suggesting or what your inner critics are suggesting.

What makes it seem more complicated is that most people’s infinite creative potential speaks to them in a whisper, while their inner critics are screaming.? Your infinite creative potential is actually much more powerful and much louder – but if you’ve spent your whole life tuning it out of course you’re not going to be able to hear it!? Meanwhile, if you’ve spent a lifetime of listening to your inner critic of course you’re going to hear it loud and clear!

This is the stuff I wish they taught in schools.

Learning how to tune into the voice of your infinite creative potential and turn down the volume on your inner critic is the secret to success.

Every minute you spend listening to your fears, doubts and inner critics is a minute in which you are NOT building your Empire of Creative Dreams.

You may be so used to listening to them that it feels so natural that you don’t even know you’re doing it.

You know you are listening to your inner critics if:

  • You see a LOT of obstacles in your way.
  • You’re waiting for things to change before you can go for your dream.
  • You’re pretty sure if you did go for it, you’d fall flat on your face.
  • You have a lot of other obligations right now and don’t have time to dream.
  • Your dream is a nice hobby but there’s no way it could be a Big Serious Thing.? Best to hold onto that day job.
  • You totally want to go after your dream, you just don’t have enough time/support/money.
  • You have no idea what to do about your dream.

Now wouldn’t it be nice to be listening to your infinite creative potential instead?? You know this is happening when:

  • You see the obstacles, and you see ways to work around them.
  • You’re passionately mapping out a way to get exactly what you want.
  • You’re willing to fail but deep down inside you believe in yourself and you believe in your dream.
  • You’re seeing ways to set up your life to make room for everything that’s important, including your dreams.
  • You sometimes surprise yourself with how BIG you’re dreaming, and you love it.
  • You are determined to find a way to make this work, you don’t need to wait until you have the time/money/support.
  • You are filled with inspiration and really amazing ideas for how to move forward.

Learning how to make this internal shift is the most important thing you can learn.

Read that second list again and imagine what your life would be like if all of these things were true for you.

Here’s the secret: you can’t do this by OBLITERATING your fear.

Or ignoring it or burying it or fakin’ it ’til you make it

Because your fear is a part of you too.

Your fear, doubts and even your meanest inner critics are actually just a freaked out inner child.

  • Meeting that child with love calms it down.
  • Meeting that child with creativity transforms the situation.

You give it a hug and say “Oh sweetie, I see you’re upset.? Let’s see what we can do to make you feel better” and you explore.

The beauty, magic and power in this approach is that in order to meet your fear in that way, you automatically align yourself with your infinite creative potential.?

When you’re plugged into creativity and love you’re plugged into your magic and you’re in that place where everything is possible.? This disengages the energy dynamic you’ve been in with your fears.

Meeting your fears, doubts and inner critics with creativity and love will transform the situation, every time.? It’s the fastest way to getting un-stuck.

With love and compassion you work with your fear to create a new possibility.

Deep down inside, your inner critics, fears and doubts (AKA frightened inner children) want the same things you do.?

When you enter into a loving and creative energy dynamic with them you can now work together to get those things.

Want to experiment and play with this?

This is the essence of what we do in the Un-Sticking Station in the Creative Dream Circle.

You even get a recording called: How Meeting Your Fears With Creativity + Love Means You Never Have to Stay Stuck, where we create a beautiful safe space for exploring fears, I talk about how this works and then lead a few volunteers through the process so you can see how it actually works.

This is so abstract, it’s kind of hard to explain.? But once you experience what it’s like to see people work through the process, you’ll totally see the magic.

What you’ll get:

  • A deeper understanding of how to handle fears/doubts/limiting beliefs/inner critics
  • A simple process you can use to gently and effectively disarm your fears whenever they strike
  • Deep down knowing that you are not alone in this, which makes it a gazillion times easier to deal with.

I believe we are always either listing to our fears or listening to our creative genius.? Fears are good at masquerading as a lot of other things, like logic and sensibleness, and the better you get at working with fear, the better you get at identifying it so that you can spend more of your life being guided by your genius, instead of by your fears.

In other words – meeting your fears with creativity and love is HOW YOU CREATE MAGIC.

The world needs your magic.

PS: That longer How Meeting Your Fears With Creativity + Love Means You’ll Never Have To Stay Stuck recording is in the Creative Dream Circle.

Creative Dream TV: The Surprising Secret of ENOUGHNESS

Sweetie, you are enough, exactly as you are right here right now.

And your dreams are enough, exactly as they are right here right now.

And, the surprising secret: Settling into a place of already being enough actually helps you to bring bigger dreams to life (like magic!).

That's what this week's Creative Dream TV is all about.

Watch it now:

As I shared in the video, when we had our magical series of ENOUGHNESS tele-classes last weekend in the Creative Dream Circle, we had a lot of resistance to this idea (at first).

It can seem like settling into enoughness means you'll be settling in your life...and yet when you really explore enoughness and let it in actually the opposite happens.


Your Next Steps: A journaling + meditation class to help you be more CLEAR and SURE of your next steps