grow your depth

RADICAL healing and transformation


Healing happens all the time. Every time you give space for your actual feelings or are honest with yourself about what you really want or make art or feel love you experience a taste of healing.

RADICAL healing and transformation speaks to working at a deeper level and reaping greater benefits – a healing so complete it transforms you and your whole world.

This is the realm of miracles, enhanced possibility and impossible dreams made manifest.

Because you truly are capable of anything, but you’re going to have to get out of your own way first.

The opposite of radical healing and transformation is spiritual by-pass.

Unfortunately, spiritual by-pass is often mistaken for radical healing and transformation, but it’s just a fancy and spiritual-sounding way of sabotaging your greatest potential.

It’s a really insidious way of sabotaging yourself because it keeps you in denial about what you’re doing which keeps you, and your whole life, in a holding pattern.

Spiritual by-pass means you are using spiritual concepts and ideas to by-pass your actual feelings and experience.? The problem is that you’re not usually aware that you’re doing this, you just think you’re “being spiritual” and “thinking positive”.

Being pulled out of spiritual by-pass is crazy uncomfortable because you are suddenly confronted with all this stuff that you’ve been in denial about, plus you’re confronted with how you’ve been lying to yourself about being in denial, which is embarrassing if you think of yourself as an awake and conscious human being.

It really sucks.? And it’s totally liberating.

Because once you see it you can do something about it.? Once you see it you can see all the ways that you have been in your own way, so you can get out of your way, and get to that place where there is no need to “think positive” because you’re too busy being in love with your life.

RADICAL healing and transformation.

Going in deeper.? Opening up wider.? Surrendering to the process and discovering inner gifts more amazing than you ever thought were possible for you to have.

There is no substitute for living from this place and until you get there your heart is always going to be longing for it.

Though you don’t “get there” of course.

The heart will always continue to lead you towards living on your own edge of RADICAL healing and transformation – just beyond what you think is possible.

Can you see how this transforms not only you – but your whole world?

I wish this for me and for you and for everyone.

But starting with me and you.

Starting with the people who are already connected to their creativity and spirituality.

Starting with the people who are already interested in exploring the fullness of their potential.

This is deep, big, hard work and it’s only for the people who are genuinely ready to dig in.? Starting with us, and digging in deep, we can create a whirlpool of healing and transformation that can eventually engulf the whole world.

This is what I am doing in 2015, in Grow Your Depth, Nurture Your Brilliance.

Epiphanies, miracles and Ah-hah! moments abound.



Grow Your Depth, Nurture Your Brilliance is a journaling class like no other: a whole year of Creative + Intuitive Healing + Transformation.

This is what we’ll be doing in 2015 in the Creative Dream Circle.


To celebrate the start of this new adventure, I’m hosting this FREE tele-class series, happening January 5-9, 2015.

Read on for more details, or click here to register now. (The calls are over and registration is closed – you can get all of the recordings inside the Creative Dream Circle, where we’re diving into the Grow Your Depth, Nurture Your Brilliance program in 2015)

In each class we?ll explore a different topic relating to an aspect of growing your depth, nurturing your brilliance and living gorgeously with your dreams.

These are highly interactive calls where we?ll focus on answering your questions about the topic. So it will be LESS “experts telling you what to do” and MORE engaging in deep, meaningful conversation.



These calls will leave you feeling filled up, inspired and more connected to your own brilliant depths.

These calls are completely free to attend. And recordings will be available for free for 24 hours.

After that, the recordings will only be available inside the Creative Dream Circle, where we’ll be digging much more deeply into Growing Our Depths in 2015.



We?re kicking this week off with one of the people that I admire most in the whole world: Chris Zydel.

As an expressive arts teacher, Chris provides environments of encouragement that awaken your artist?s soul and challenge you to become a spiritual adventurer journeying to your own creative source.Chris and I will be talking about Trailblazing: boldly going where no one has gone before.

I invited Chris to speak about Trailblazing because of how much I admire Chris and what she has done with her Expressive Arts career – years before anyone? knew what Expressive Arts even meant.? Chris embodies the spirit of the creative spiritual trailblazer and I am deeply honoured to have her help me open up this series.

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Shannon Wilkinson is a life coach, teacher and writer who is obsessed with CHANGE. She uses mind-bending tools to help you change your mind, change your behaviours and ultimately change the world.

And so Shannon and I will be talking about change and how to work with it more intentionally.

I invited Shannon to be a part of this because of how grounded and effective she is as a coach. I believe she is one of the best of the best and am thrilled that she will be sharing her magic with us.

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Angel Sullivan helps you create websites that are true to your soul. As you grow your depth and nurture your brilliance you may find yourself wanting to share your thoughts, ideas and creative projects with the world. WordPress is a super accessible way to get started sharing your creative soul with the world via your own blog.

On this call, Angel will answer your WordPress questions so you can get started with your own blog or learn how to make your existing blog more true to your soul.

Angel knows WordPress, but there are a lot of WordPress experts out there. I invited Angel to be a part of this call because she is sensitive to the inner workings of putting yourself out there through your website and that is what builds the foundation for success online.




Susannah Conway is a photographer and author who leads classes that help to reconnect you to your true self.

In this class, we?ll be talking about the magic and power of sharing your story.

I invited Susannah to be a part of this because of how wildly inspiring her own story is. She understands how showing up in the world as your true self and finding the courage to share your story can actually change the story that you are living.

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Laurel Bleadon-Maffei is a mystical mentor and guide. She offers angel readings, spiritual coaching and business classes for light workers.

Laurel and I will be talking about working with divine guidance.

I invited Laurel to be a part of this because of how warm, loving and kind she is. I know that Laurel will create a safe and powerful space for you to connect more fully with divine guidance.

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Liv helps brave-hearted, open-minded ?human sparklers? understand their past and embrace their now in order to leap into their bright futures.

In this class, we’ll be exploring the idea of “coming out” as your authentic self.? Just showing up in your life as your actual self is an act of incredible power and is the first step towards living a more meaningful life.

I invited Liv to be a part of this because every conversation I have had with Liv has been full of joy, depth and light so I know you’re going to love this call.





Liz is an artist, author, Be Present retreat leader and she teaches creative self-care workshops online and in-person.

In this class we’ll be exploring how poetry can be a lifeline. Liz will answer your questions plus offer some poetry prompts for you to play with.

I invited Liz to be a part of this because I thought her approach to poetry would add a lot of richness to this series. Liz is gifted at creating space to help you access your own brilliant depths while acknowledging the realness of real life.

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Jamie is a creative living coach, here to help you be the star you are.

In this class, we’ll be talking about creative practice and creative projects, and how deepening into your practice can help give live to new projects.

I invited Jamie to be a part of this because it actually wouldn’t have felt right not to! Jamie and I have tones of things in common, like being Canadian creativity coaches with similar missions and ways of seeing the world. I also admire Jamie and her work greatly, our chats are always deeply nourishing so I look forward to sharing this chat with you!

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This series is bound to open up new possibilities for you, so we’ll finish off the week with an open call where you can ask questions and get my help with whatever you want my help with.

The purpose of this call is to make sure you are ready to take the inspiration you received and use it to move forward in whatever you way you want to move forward.


These calls will leave you feeling filled up, inspired and more connected to your own brilliance depth.

These calls are completely free to attend. And recordings will be available for free for 24 hours.

After that, the recordings will only be available inside the Creative Dream Circle, where we’ll be digging much more deeply into Growing Our Depths in 2015.

I’m looking forward to exploring all of this with you!




On going deeper.

On going deeper
I’m doing a lot of writing and journaling and yin yoga and meditation as I explore what it means to open my heart deeper and then live and work from that place.

I’m noticing all of the ways that the whole universe supports me in this work and appreciating that inner sparkling feeling of being on the right path.

When something is off, when you’re hiding from yourself or staying too closed or avoiding your feelings, that inner sparkling feeling is inaccessible.? So I like to use it as a compass for knowing when I am on and off track.

So this is my main job right now: opening, deepening.

I have a dream for what I want to do next year.? And I need to offer this particular thing from a deeper place in my heart than I have offered anything before, which means I have to be deeper in my heart than I have ever been before as I create and share it.

Living and working as an open hearted person includes having the inner strength, power and sovereignty to be offering your creative gifts to others without collapsing into caretaking, over-giving and self-sacrifice.

Inviting other people into your creative work means being open and inviting and warm without giving them permission to stomp all over everything, or take more than you are offering or just generally make a mess of things.

That soft bright welcoming loving openness has to come through clear solid sturdy boundaries or else it can’t sustain itself.

And so, after having spent the last few years working more on power and strength and boundaries I am coming to a place where I can open my heart wider and deeper.

This means I can take my work deeper in 2015, which I am ridiculously excited about.

And what’s coming through that opening is so beautiful it is kind of amazing me: it’s Grow Your Depth, Nurture Your Brilliance which will be available in the Creative Dream Circle in 2015.

I’m hoping to actually be able to share what it is soon.? The deeper I go, the more everything needs to change about how I talk about it, so this is taking longer than I had hoped.

Your Next Steps: A journaling + meditation class to help you be more CLEAR and SURE of your next steps