Creative Journal Prompts for Growing Money, Abundance and Possibility

Journal Prompts for growing money, abundance and possibility

Your journal is a powerful tool for working on your relationship with money.

By spending some time exploring in your journal, you open up new possibilities for how you can use money.

The truth is, you are MUCH MORE POWERFUL than money.

And you're smarter than money.

And you're more creative than money.

Money is just a tool and you've got what it takes to use money as a tool for growing your dreams, instead of experiencing it as a pain in your ass.

These journal prompts for growing money, abundance and possibility will help you get started.

These prompts are for playing with. Use them as little diving boards to dive off into other things to explore - the aim is to explore the rabbit holes that come up, not to answer every prompt perfectly.

Even when you're not sure about your answers or if it gets frustrating - stay in the process. Write out whatever comes to mind, follow your creative impulse.

You may have to dig through some crap before you get to the gold.

Creative Journal Prompts for Growing Money, Abundance + Possibility:

So far, my experience of money has been _____________.

I wish that money was _______________.

My soul believes that money is ______________.

If I could write a new story about money it would be all about ______________.

Writing a new story about money feels ___________.

Being EMPOWERED about money would mean __________________.

Being HAPPY about money would mean _____________________.

Being CREATIVE with money would mean __________________.

What am I willing to do, to work on my relationship with money?

There is a LOT to explore here!

My Creative With Money course is available as a bonus when you join Dream Book

I know money is one of the biggest obstacles to bringing dreams to life - but when you start to work with money in the way I teach in this class that can change.

The soul of money is the soul of support, nourishment and possibility. It's purpose is to serve you in the unfoldment of your purpose - to help you grow into who you really are.

We live in a world that has a deeply broken relationship with money.

Greed and corruption and injustice are the manifestations of this broken relationship.

Unfortunately, when we are born into a world where money functions in these ways it's easy for us to wind up with all sorts of "issues" with money.

That's why my money class is actually a group healing.

I spent five years developing this class because money is such a sensitive topic. I wanted this class to be creative and expansive and supportive and above all - healing.

So we can go into those places where our own relationship with money is broken, and heal it.

So that we can get back to our rightful connection with the soul of money.

It's not about "getting rich quick" or "busting through your money blocks".

It's about deep healing which brings: delight and expansion and possibility.

A celebration of the abundance that already lives within you, an opportunity to use your inner gifts in new ways and an invitation for more to come find you.

Which actually DOES bust through your money blocks so you are free to create whatever you want.

I created Creative With Money in 2015 and now it's available as a free bonus when you get my new course, Dream Book.

The 2014 Course Calendar. It’s a bright & happy smorgasbord of inspiration, magic & transformation.

Ohmigosh.? So much magic in store this year!

I can’t wait to share it all with you.


Since I’m offering all of this for one low price when you join the Creative Dream Circle, you can take small bites from here or there, focusing only on the parts that inspire you right now.? Or you can totally pig out on creative awesomeness – your choice.

Creative Dream Incubator, Creative With Money and Treasure-Mapping all have links to their description pages because these are all classes I have run before.? The other classes listed here are brand sparklin’ new, with longer descriptions to come…

January 28 – March 11: Creative Dream Incubator

My master-class in the art of bringing ANY dream to life – with creativity, sparkle and joy.? (This is almost over, but you’ll still get all the course material whenever you join, so you can grow your dreams at your own pace.)

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Harness the superpowers of your creativity, imagination and sense of PLAY to help you bring more ease, flow and freedom into your relationship with money.

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Bringing your creative magic into how you do money changes EVERYTHING.? You’re going to love how this class opens up new possibilities – right before your eyes.

May 13: Make Your Own Creative Genius Inspiration Cards

Inspiration cards are the bomb but your very own unique-and-just-for-you inspiration cards? Pure genius.? I made this short video about this for the Creative Dream Circle:

In this class I’ll lead you through the whole process of creating gorgeous inspiring cards, including how to find the Exact Perfect Thing for your cards to say by exploring the essential qualities of Living An Inspired Life.?

You’ll create a deck of deeply inspiration cards that speaks the language of your soul.

June 5: Love Your Life Creative Journal Course

A Book Of Inspiration, made just for you.

In this class you’ll call in and activate Inspiration, Joy, Enthusiasm and Delight.? I thought about calling this one Creative Journal Your Way To Happiness or Creative JOYnaling.

July 15: Treasure-Mapping.?

A treasure-map is like a vision board on 100% organic super good for you steroids.? We map out how to get from where you are to where you want to be – using meditation, intuition and creative magic.

August 5: The Magic Journal Creative Journal Course

A Book of Magic, made just for you.

In this class you’ll be diving deeper into unique and powerful journaling processes for healing and transformation.

September 15: The Mandala Journal

My How To Draw Mandalas blog post is one of the most popular and well-loved things I’ve ever written.? In this class we’ll dive deeper into the magic, joy & healing potential of playing with mandalas.

You’ll get 30 unique & insightful prompts for working with Mandalas in your journal.

October 23: The Superhero Journal Creative Journal Course

In this class you’ll be exploring your own Superhero nature AKA your Creative Genius.

You’re not going to learn to leap buildings in a single bound or grow strange new body parts or anything.? You will learn about courage, transcending fear, kicking obstacles to the curb and getting yourself un-stuck faster than a speeding bullet.

November 26: Peaceful Happy Holiday Season

Every day, for 30 days, you’ll get a 10 minute meditation. Easy-peasy, creative and fun meditations that help bring more authentic peace and joy into your holiday season.

You’ll get 30 10-minute guided meditation audios – 1 per day for 30 days.

It’s a total feast.

Of course, you’ll also get: The Creative Business Incubator, The Un-Sticking Station, the Creative Genius Mojo-Dojo, The Advanced Creative Badassery Resource Library and everything else included in the Creative Dream Circle.

Looking forward to playing with YOU.

You Got This: Guided Journal & Colouring Book for Dissolving Doubt & Bolstering Your Capacity to Believe in Yourself

How to build confidence in those moments when all you feel is self-doubt?

If you’re swimming in doubt, trying to figure out how to build confidence doesn’t just seem impossible – it actually IS.

I know that’s not what you want to hear.? But the truth is you can’t move towards confidence without facing your doubt, first? Then you can look at how to build confidence.

Doubt is not a comfortable thing to face. But you have probably already found that avoiding it doesn?t make it go away and when you try to fight it you never seem to win.

So what?s a creative doubter to do?

Well, if you’re a creative and playful person: you have a big advantage!

When you bring the qualities of play and creativity into self-exploration – you can color your way to dissolving doubt and bolstering your capacity to believe in yourself.

You stop worrying about how to build confidence… because you find yourself feeling good about yourself.

That’s exactly what this Guided Journal & Mandala Coloring Book will help you do.

It’s especially designed for people who want to lead creatively abundant lives ? and do ?impossible? things, with ease & joy. Every day.

Filled with journaling prompts, unique energy alchemy processes and hand-drawn healing mandalas, this book will lead you through the process.? It will show you how to build confidence and expand what is actually possible for you.


How to build confidence coloring book and guided journal

You Got This: Guided Journal & Colouring Book for Dissolving Doubt & Bolstering Your Capacity to Believe in Yourself

30 pages long. Instant access – just download, print & colour your way to BLISS!


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IreneI was avoiding the colouring book because of the questions, assuming I “shouldn’t” play with colouring until I was ready to look at and answer the questions, until I was ready to “dig deep” and “figure stuff out”.

I started just colouring and scribbling, not even worrying about picking good colours or staying in the lines (a la kindergarten).?

And now I can feel things opening up inside of me. Questions I didn’t know I had are getting answered without words. And things I don’t have answers for yet can be okay playing in the colours without me needing to worry about them.

Irene Kehler, happy colour-er!


Your Next Steps: A journaling + meditation class to help you be more CLEAR and SURE of your next steps