Making a Big Dream Real #3

It’s already week three of my new adventure!

Early this week I started to really come into alignment with this new dream.? I started feeling more flow and inspiration.

I had so many ideas for things to try, and so much energy to play with them.? Sunday night I had a hard time falling asleep because I was So Excited for Monday morning to come so I could get to work.

It felt amazing.

Until it didn’t.

I went from super inspired on top of the world to way down in the dumps.

This happens with dreams!? You dig through stuff, get to a new layer of clarity, but then there is all this… debris from your digging.

The debris was messy this week.? Remembering all the reasons why this is impossible.? Loosing my connection with why I want this.? Not trusting my dream.? Not trusting myself.? Not fun.

And I kept trying to push myself to act anyway.? Which is never a good idea. But I felt frustrated and impatient and wanted to see some results.

I found myself very focused on externals, which is usually what’s happening when you feel stuck like that.

So then I thought… hey why don’t I do the things that I know work when I’m down in the dumps.

That stuff kept this week from being a total disaster.? And as I played with these tools, I learned A LOT about why I was so in the dumps.

And even found gifts & treasures in the dump.

Bringing a dream to life is more about growing yourself than it is about making things happen in the outer world.

I’ve got painful stories that I carry that me-who-lives-this-dream does not carry.? These stories were so troubling for me this week because I was waking up to how troubling they are.

You know how when you’re just used to something you don’t really notice it?? It’s like that with your stories and patterns and limiting beliefs.

When you consciously choose to grow, and set your sights on a new way of being – the old ways of being start to become horribly uncomfortable.

This was uncomfortable this week and I’m guessing I’m not finished being uncomfortable.

I am grateful to start to see the patterns behind the patterns more clearly.? I’m grateful to have the tools & skills to transform this.? I’m grateful that no matter how sad & frustrating this gets, I do hold onto the knowing that I will move through this.

I made friends with Discipline.

Discipline appeared this week.? Not all drill sargeant-y and pushy, more like a beautiful and benevolent Goddess of Possibilities.

Last week I talked about creating daily and weekly practices that support and sustain me as I support and sustain this dream.? Daily meditation, energy work, journaling and art-making.? Weekly learning.

This week I learned that I need this to be more disciplined.? It’s not enough to just to these things each day, they need more structure and I need more structure in how I approach them.

These structures are the most supportive things, ever.

This boy became my business role model:

Everything about this represents everything I want in how I approach my work.

He’s relaxed and trusting and barefoot.

He’s playing.? In a soft space in the sunshine.

He’s got pens and toys and an open book.

Spaciousness. Freedom. Creativity. Trust. Alignment. InTUNEment.

Flow. Flow. Flow. Flow. Flow.

Tangible Things I did this week to move towards my goal:

Given how hard this week felt, it feels like a complete miracle that I did anything.? But I did!? Because I am kind of chatty here talking about why I’m doing things, I am making the things I did bold, and everything else plain.

I figured out how I want to start advertising, and started!? I updated my Fabulous Free Stuff page, created a button for it and signed up for an ad on Kind over Matter, to advertise my Fabulous Free Stuff page.

(Advertising my free stuff has been the best way for me to advertise my business.? This way the ad is an invitation to peek into my creative world and see if you want to play here.? Ads that point to a sales page are NOT how I want to grow my business – I would much rather people got to know me FIRST, then decide if they want to join the Circle, instead of advertising the circle.)

I’ll also advertise the freebies page on Facebook, starting in January.? And I did some research for some new places to place ads in January.

I did a lot more tweaking to the Creative Dream Circle page.? (do check it out!)? I thought a lot about how I want to connect with people as they’re reading that page, and what I want them to know.

Made some images to promote the Creative Dream HOLYday to share on Facebook and Pinterest.

Spent more time exploring my new favourite question: Do I need to step up what I’ve been doing or do I need a totally new plan?

Did more inspiring business reading to nourish my brain with possibilities.

Worked on my promotional plan for January.? I’ll be running both the Creative Dream HOLYday (Jan 3) and the Creative Dream Incubator e-course (Jan 28).? This is an amazing course that really does grow dreams – I want to get as many people as possible participating this year.

Planned my first Spreecast: The Creative Dream Journal Playdate (it’s free and it’s happening January 7)!!? On Monday I got to play with Connie and Lisa on Spreecast and wheeeee it was fun.? I’ve been thinking about doing this forever and finally – I’m doing it!

Being able to speak to people one-on-one has been the best way for me to grow my business.

People do not realise how much I can help them – until I do it!

When you have a mindset like “this is hard” or “I don’t live my dreams – that’s for other people” someone telling you they can help with that doesn’t even register.? Because you’ve been carrying that story so long it feels like Absolute Truth for you – you don’t know that you’re carrying it.

When I work with new people and start to shift the energy around the story to open up new possibilities – they’re stunned.? Then they start to get what it means to play with possibility.? Then they start to want more for themselves.? It’s so beautiful.

Last year I gave away 100 free mini coaching sessions.? As much as I loved that, energy work takes a LOT of energy and I simply can’t do that again.? So this year I’ve been doing free monthly coaching circles and tele-classes since November, and now I’m going to branch out into the free live stream.

I think the tele-classes/circles may work better because then people get to actually talk to me and I can do energy shifting & coaching with them.? For that to happen on a live stream, they’d have to be willing to go on camera and a lot of people are not comfortable with that.

On the other hand, a lot of people don’t want to pay long distance for a phone call (though I do have to pay long distance charges to call my own conference line!) but would watch a video stream online.? So I think the video stream will have more participants – but will they be as engaged?

I don’t know!? Let’s see if I find out at the Creative Dream Journal Playdate.

I added new posts to Dreamtastic Creative Journals.

Did a little re-tooling of the space inside the Creative Dream Circle to make space for more members.

This week wasn’t easy and I feel like I didn’t get nearly as much done as I would have liked, but still I’m proud of how I faced how I was feeling and brought in love & creativity to transform it and stayed on track as much as possible.? The inner critics are not going to knock me off track!

Last week I started a score card to keep track of everything I’m going, inner and outer, in bringing this dream to life.? This week I’m exhausted at the thought of even looking at it, so I’m just going to ignore it.? Suffice it to say – it’s going to take a zillion steps and in the process I will defeat a zillion inner critics, fear & limiting beliefs.

More on why Dreams/Ideas are DANGEROUS

Yesterday during Connie’s Holiday Paint Party (a super cool live streamed art journal party – you can watch the whole thing here) Connie asked me if I get a lot of ideas and I said yes… and I added that following an idea blindly is DANGEROUS.

I was at the paint party to draw a mandala and chat with my friends, I wasn’t in teacher mode.

This morning, teacher me really wants to clarify and explain this because it is really important and what I said may be misconstrued.

Creative people have a lot of ideas.? We’re open minded, we’re connected to inspiration, we love ideas so ideas come to us.? This is good!

But acting on all of those ideas is NOT good.

Ideas will meet you in the state of consciousness you’re at, in the moment.? Most of the time, we’re not fully aware of our state of consciousness.

For example, let’s say you’re carrying a story about how our mother doesn’t approve of you.? You’ve carried the story so long you’re not longer aware that you’re carrying it, but it is energized in your consciousness.

An idea comes in that is a perfect match for this story about your mother.? An idea that this part of you believes will finally win her approval, once and for all.? Again – you’re not aware of what’s happening on this level.? You just know the idea feels exciting and inspiring.

So you jump into it.? You ride the wave of inspiration.? You pour your heart and soul into bringing this idea to life.

Either the creative process goes well or it goes badly.

If it goes well:? you successfully bring your idea to life, but your success feels hollow somehow and you don’t know why.? You don’t feel the way you thought this would make you feel.

This is because deep down inside you wanted the idea to succeed so that you could gain your mother’s approval and change how it feels to walk around carrying this painful story.? But even if your mother loves the idea and cheers you on – the story is deep inside of you.? You have to consciously change the story that you carry in order to change how you’re feeling.

This is so dangerous because it feeds a new story about how dreams aren’t worth it and it’s better to just ignore them and you’re not going to be happy anyway so why bother.

Or, if the creative process goes badly: you end up all tangled up in fears and painful feelings you don’t understand.? Or you resist the creative process because on an unconscious level you know this is attached to that painful story you don’t want to go anywhere near.

This is so frustrating because you know you’re more than capable of doing this thing, but it’s like something is holding you back.

This is so dangerous because now you’re going to add a new story to carry around about how when you go after your dreams you fail.? About how you’re not good enough and you don’t follow through.

It’s all tangled up, on the INSIDE.

This is why working with dreams soul-to-soul, inside-to-inside is key.

Your dream is about how you think you’ll feel when you have the thing.

Your dream is about evolving into the person you know you can be.

Your dream is about bringing your creativity and purpose to life.

Your dream is SO MUCH more than the surface thing you want: a solo art exhibit, a published novel, your dream house, etc.

When you stay on the surface – get an idea – run with idea – make idea real – you miss out on the fulfilling and magical part of it all.

This is why you connect with the idea, soul to soul, before proceeding.

Then, in the example I’m using here, you’ll immediately see that what you really want is some healing for this painful story you’ve been carrying about how your mother doesn’t approve of you.

And when you focus on that healing work, other parts of your life “magically” start to fall into place.? Because this story has been impacting you in a lot of ways, for a long time.

And when you focus on that healing work, new ideas spring up.? Ideas that are more connected to who you really are and what you’re here to do, and less connected to this painful story you are no longer carrying.

And, if you stay connected soul to soul as you play with those ideas – they turn into dreams come true.

They help you bring your life into deeper alignment with your inner truth, with your gifts and creativity and purpose and heart and soul.

This. Feels. Amazing.

If you want to know more: the Creative Dream Circle Initiation page has audios that lead you through this process.? (the initiation is free).

If you want to explore this with me: we’re starting up a session of the Creative Dream Incubator on January 28.? Six weeks of diving into the process soul-to-soul communion with your dreams, healing, miracles + transformation – and then once everything is aligned and ready to do – practical action steps + support to make it happen.



If it feels wrong, don’t do it.

When something just feels wrong, that is your intuition speaking to you, letting you know that something is off.

The more you ignore that inner wisdom and just bulldoze through, the easier it gets to just keep on bulldozing…. which creates a gigantic mess in your inner world, and makes it harder for yout o re-connect with your inner wisdom.

Bulldozing is not a tool for successful creative dreaming.

But bulldozing is basically what built our world. There’s a lot of it out there and it can be hard to not fall into that pattern.

I planned tomorrow’s Calm For The Holidays Creative Playdate months ago. It’s one of those times when what I need and want I want to offer are one and the same, and I was really looking forward to it.

But as the date approached, something started to feel off. It was subtle at first, and then I became more and more uncomfortable every time I tried to work on it.

A few weeks ago I started to think about cancelling it, because it felt so wrong. But canceling it felt even more wrong!

I did a lot of journaling and a lot of sitting with my feelings and just waiting.

Sometimes I can’t prep for an event like this until the day before because the energy is shifting so much. As soon as people sign up for a transformative event, transformation starts. So sometimes I wait until the last minute so that I am working with the energy that will show up at the event.

But that’s not what was happening this time. Something was really off.

So, instead of prepping for the class, I did even more journaling, even more sitting with my feelings, even more waiting.

And the answer came.

I wrote last week about a huge shift I am making in my work.

As soon as I shifted things around, the Calm For The Holidays Creative Playdate changed.

The feeling of something being off was gone. I happily prepped for the calls and created the playbook and once again I am soooooo looking forward to this.


Calm is a doorway that leads you to whatever you need right now.
Calm is powerful.
Calm is magic.

Doing what you need to do to get into a state of calm, instead of bulldozing through your to-do list, always brings you somewhere amazing,

I am so happy I worked through the tangled parts to get to this place.? Now the Calm For The Holidays Creative Playdate is going to be amazing.? (It’s tomorrow! Come play with us!)

I wanted to share that story as a little reminder of the importance of listening to your feelings.

Don’t be so hell-bent on Making Things Happen that you stop listening to your inner guidance.

Even when it seems like your inner guidance is trying to direct you away from something you really want, listen to it and explore it. Often it’s just showing you a shortcut or an easier path.


I did it :)

I wrote earlier this week about feeling stuck with wanting to sell handmade original art cards.? I was stuck with making the cards.? I was stuck figuring out a plan for selling the cards.

I was tangled up just thinking about it.

And now… tada!

inspiration cards

New cards! Looking for new homes!

I LOVE living with these reminders of what’s true and beautiful and important and I hope you will too.

inspiration cards inspiration cards

inspiration cards?inspiration cards

You can get them on Etsy 🙂

[The magic of disappointment] Canceling my retreat.

This is kind of a long story but I am hoping that you’ll read it.

There IS a lot of magic in disappointment and there is a lot of power in following your creative impulse even when you don’t get what you (thought you) wanted.

But the magical stories of disappointment are rare because we live in a world that shouts about success from every rooftop while carefully sweeping failure under the rug.

This skews your perception of what success actually is (it actually isn’t anything that you can measure with a number). And it skews your perception of what it takes to bring a dream to life.? These two skews leave you kind of screwed!

My story starts in January of this year.

I was running a session of the Creative Dream Incubator e-course and playing along, exploring what was happening in my inner world, looking for new dreams that were ready to come to life.

And the dream that came to me was: Creative Dream Retreats.? I saw myself leading life-changing dream-growing retreats in beautiful, nourishing, creative spaces around the world.

The essence of the dream was about adventure and discovery and spaciousness and glee.? The dream was beautiful and it was also all kinds of stuck.

Week after week I wrestled with my doubts, fears and inner saboteurs.? Week after week I followed along through my Creative Dream Incubator, gently un-sticking the stuck, activating the magic and learning how to give my dream what it needed to grow.

And then Chris Zydel, one of my creative heroes, began appearing in my dreams – like, the dreams I had while I was sleeping.

So Chris and I got together to explore why this was happening, maybe it was a sign?? Maybe we had something to share with each other? We talked about what we were working on, but couldn’t find any message or reason why she kept showing up in my dreams.

We were about to end our call when I said “Well, since I’ve got you here, maybe you can give me some pointers?? I’ve been working on putting together a retreat and I’m stuck….”

And it all snapped into place.

Chris talked her Creative Juices Arts studio, which solved ALL of my stucks about the retreat – where to have it that was inspiring and had the right space for creative explorations but was also in an interesting place where there were other things to do too… everything was perfect, down to the massive amounts of art supplies and a delicious caterer.

And we both kind of lit up with the idea of doing a Creative Genius Retreat together.

I started telling some of my clients and friends and had so many “Ohmigosh YES I am so totally coming!” responses that I didn’t promote it very much because it seemed like it was already sold out.

I happily went through my year, knowing I’d be leading this AMAZING life-changing dream-growing retreat in a gorgeously inspiring space.

Except, well, all of those “Ohmigosh YES I am so totally coming!” responses didn’t translate into actual registrations.

The timing was off.? Things came up.

And this fall we realised – the retreat wasn’t going to happen.

And you know what?? I didn’t feel sad or disappointed.

I felt a little confused because of the amazing response I had, but mostly it just felt right.

I’ve shared this story often, that when I first started doing creativity workshops I often had events where no one showed up.? And it was horribly disappointing back then.

But today? This is just one retreat, not doing it doesn’t impact my business.? No, I didn’t feel disappointed.

I felt proud.

Proud that I honoured my creative impulse.? Proud that I worked through the stuck parts.? Proud that I put it out there.

I took a big step and I learned some stuff and now I know more about how to take the next step.? This is how it works.

And underneath that, I felt glee.

Because I’d already bought my plane ticket to San Francisco for crazycheap because I had a voucher that expired earlier this year.? Which means I’m still getting my adventure and my creative retreat.? I’m getting the essence of my dream in a different package.

In the video I made about The Magic of Disappointment I talked about how feeling disappointment helps you to see how very much you still want the thing, and you can use that desire to move yourself towards it.? In this situation, the magic of non-disappointment is showing me that this wasn’t really what I wanted.?

The truth is, and for some reason I couldn’t admit this to myself before – right now I? just want to go on amazing creative retreats by myself.

Because every day I’m supporting my people through the inner transformation that creates outer change… retreating on my own replenishes me so I can keep doing that.

Following your creative dream and working through the stucks does NOT guarantee that you get exactly what you wanted.

Your dream is wise!? It will bring you somewhere new.? Somewhere a little more aligned with your unique creative soul.

Sometimes, somewhere you didn’t even know you wanted to go to.

Having things not work out does not mean that you failed, ever.

The only way to fail is by giving up before you start.

inspiration cards

Something magic will happen every time you take a step towards trusting your dream.

Fear of failing stops us from doing that.

And it’s stupid.

Because, like I said in the beginning, our perceptions of success and failure are skewed.

You are a success for being brave enough to claim your dream.

You are a success every time you follow your creative impulse.

You are a success every time you put it out there.? And each time you do – you’ll learn something about how to do it differently next time.

So every time you take a creative risk you deserve to be celebrated.

Just like I am celebrating cancelling the Creative Genius Retreat, and going on to California on my own.

I still get to have my own Creative Genius Retreat.? I still get to have a totally amazing time.

My flight leaves first thing tomorrow morning and I am very happy.

Expect to see lots of happy photos from my creative retreat on my Instagram and Facebook over the weekend.

Calling all dreamers!

Working with dreams isn’t something you do, and then you’re done.

It’s a way of life. The best way, if you ask me.

At the heart of every dream is the desire to simply be who you are.

To live in a way that feels true for you.

Not dreaming big and bold just for the sake of dreaming big and bold, but not compromising or playing small either.

It?s about connecting to your heart, your soul, your purpose and your power.

And what the world needs right now are more people who are connected to their heart, soul, purpose and power.

THIS is why I’ve spent the last two years filling the Creative Dream Circle with magic potions and secret shortcuts that help you bring your dreams to life with way more ease and joy than you think is possible, plus tools for approaching dreams (and life) in a creatively play-filled, spiritually grounded way.

And this is why I’ve made the Creative Dream Circle more affordable than ever at $100 for a whole YEAR of magic!

The Circle includes crazy-amazing tools and resources like:

Un-Sticking Station

Un-Sticking Station: From inner critics to outer critics, from moments of doubt to facing the GIANT boulders in your path. This is where you detangle the tangles, transform the obstacles, smooth out the path and get the heck out of cranky town.

How amazing is it to have a place you can go to to get un-stuck?? The Un-sticking station un-sticks the stuck and gets you back in the flow in no time.? (This alone is well worth the cost of the Circle)

Creative Genius Mojo Dojo

Creative Genius Mojo Dojo: D?j? is a Japanese term which means place of the way.

This is the place of the way of living from your Creative Genius.? Your Creative Genius is bigger than any obstacle, and contains within it everything you need to make your biggest dreams real.? Living from your genius is a total game-changer.

The Mojo Dojo is full of tools and processes to activate + nurture your Creative Genius to make your whole world more sparkly and amazing.

Creative Genius Planning Sessions

Creative Genius Planning Sessions: Unleash your Creative Genius with a playful, creative process that is so fun you?ll want to do it every week.

And powerful enough to keep you in your creative flow no matter what the universe throws your way.

Crazy-Smart Wisdom Council

Crazy-Smart Wisdom Council: To bring a dream to life, you need a lot more than good advice.? You need crazy smart wisdom. We?ve got you covered.

Bring any and all questions to the Council and you?ll have crazy-smart answers in no time.

You’ll also get access to my gigantic library-o-magic. Videos. MP3s. Hours and hours of amazing ideas – none of this is available on my blog or in my kits and courses.The Library contains everything I know about being a Creative Badass (AKA: creating your life the way you want it – not living by anyone else’s rules).
It includes:


* The Creative Business Incubator (an in-depth course in the art of turning your Creative Dream into a sustainable business)
* The Abundance Activator
* The Visibility Tele-Circle
* How Meeting Your Fears with Creativity and Love Means You Never Have To Stay Stuck Tele-class
* Daily Practice for Activating your Superpowers
* Long, in-depth videos on topics like: Sovereignty, Self-Care, Desire, Enoughness, Superpowers (and more!)
* What to do when the Comparison Monster strikes
* Creating Containers + Structures that Nourish and Grown your Dreams
* Energy Clearing
* Success Meditation
* A huuuge section on What To Do When Things Are Hard

… and lots more! The Advanced Creative Badassery Resource Library keeps growing all the time.

Once you’re in the Circle, you can even suggest what topics we’ll explore next!

Dream Journal

When you join the Circle you?ll get your very own online dream journal.

This is your space in the Creative Dream Circle to document your process as you play with all of this amazing stuff. You can keep a written journal or a photo journal, or both.

This is where you can invite in support + encouragement from other circle members and let us cheer you on!


And you get BIIIIIG discounts on the Virtual Playdates!? (Also known as: How To How To Fill Your Life With So Much Magic It Actually Sparkles.)

Virtual playdates offer deep creative soul support for people who are ready to make the magic happen ? and do ?impossible? things, with ease & joy. Treasure-mapping. Magic Tele-Circles.? Creative Dream Retreats + Strategy Sessions.? Crazy-good times.

This is not like anything you?ve done before ? these events unleash serious magic.? You can expect something amazing to happen every time.? The calendar of upcoming events is right here.

If you attend events even somewhat regularly, the annual Circle membership will quickly pay for itself.? Plus you’ll be in the magic.

SO?? Are YOU one of the dreamers I’m looking for?

Imagine what you can do with a whole year of Creative Dream Support.

Plus, if you join the Circle by Nov 11, you’ll get a FREE ticket to the Nov 12 Treasure Mapping Playdate.

Click here to read all about the Creative Dream Circle and join today.

I can’t wait to welcome you and your dreams into the Circle!


[Dreamtastic Creative Journals] When something is in the way between you and your Dream

Creative Journaling Course

Inspiring videos, helpful tools + a heartfelt invitation to share your journey with us.

Today’s post is a Dreamtastic Creative Journals post.? I’m sharing what I’ve got going on my in Creative Dream Journal and I want to encourage you to share your photos and stories, too.

So if you?re playing along in your journal, share your photos and/or blog posts on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using the #creativedreamincubator hash tag so we can easily find YOU!


I’ve been cranky and frustrated with the construction/repair work in the Dream Loft – the noise and the mess and the workmen coming and going and how hard it’s been for me to focus on my work.

I heard myself tell myself that I’ll get back in touch with my creative spirit after this work is all done.

This is something we do, all the time!

We put off our dreams.

We think that we have to wait for things to change BEFORE we can do what we want to do.

But when you treat your dreams like they’re not important, it’s not hard to figure out why they don’t come true.? Would you want to go live with someone who thinks you don’t matter?

So that’s what this week’s Dreamtastic Creative Journals video is all about.? Figuring how to create tiny openings for your dreams and your creativity and your joy and your magic, even in the times when that feels impossible.


The end of the Treasure Map.

I am treasure-mapping my way to growing my business, and sharing the honest actual story, AS IT HAPPENS, as I fumble along this path with creativity, heart and soul.

If you want to follow my adventure:
1. What no one tells you about marketing + creative business

2. Be open to the adventure of being where you are

3. The Path to creative business success.

4.? A plan emerges from the treasure map

5. Why I?ve been stuck, plus exploring EASE and JOY

6. How Ease is the ticket and what that means

This is part seven.? The last part.

What is the treasure?? Feeling good (and creative and inspired and elegant) about how I promote my work.

The funny thing about a journey like this:

Being where I am now, it’s hard to remember where I was when I started.

The things I discovered along the way are so OBVIOUS now it’s hard to remember not knowing them, which is a sign of transformation.

I know I wanted to bring more of my creativity and authenticity into how I promote my work, and step up my game a bit.? For so long my focus in my work has been on creating transformative products and I wanted to shift my focus to promoting my work.

But not, like, you know – promoting promoting..

Promotion in a really authentic, creative, inspired and elegant way.

Promotion as a thing of light in itself.? So people can get something useful and inspiring out of it without ever even becoming a client of mine.

What I’ve come up with is Dreamtastic Creative Journals.

It’s a 2 prong (free!) e-course, with material that gets you started using your creative journal as a tool for creating amazing things in your life, and an ongoing creative journaling project to support you in cultivating and sustaining your unique creative dream journal practice.

On a personal level, this helps me make a deeper commitment to my own practice, and to sharing my practice, which is good for me.

On a professional level, this can get more people engaged with my work which may lead to more brave Creative Dreamers joining me in the Circle or purchasing my premium dream-growing journaling kits.

Biggest gift in all of this:

I’ve developed a real appreciation for where I am.? When I started this journey I was looking ahead, like I usually am.? Focused on everything I still want to do instead of at everything I’ve already done.

As a creative person I am ALWAYS going to be looking at what I want to create next, that’s normal.

But it’s ALWAYS better to do that from a space of being over-the-moon happy with where you are right now and what you have already created.

My life is amazing.? I have so much freedom and spaciousness.? I get to dream and create and inspire as my job.? I get to work with amazing inspiring people from all around the world.

And I am leading a Creative Genius Playtime Retreat in San Francisco in 2 months with one of my creative heroes!

I have a lot to be grateful for and I feel kind of ridiculous that I wasn’t being actively grateful before.

These days I am grateful to be actively grateful for where I am.? And grateful to my Treasure Mapping Journey for showing me the way.

Area of Ongoing Confusion:

Creating a free course that kind of overlaps with two of my paid courses is a little confusing at times.

I don’t want the free course to feel like a free course.? I want it to be full and whole and inspiring and totally beautiful on its own.

I also don’t want to re-create the materials that are in my paid courses, and give them away for free.

A few weeks ago, I sent out an email asking for people’s questions about creative journaling, so that I can make sure to tailor this new course to what people want.? Over 50% of the replies were asking for things that are what I already sell.

I’m not sure what to do with that right now – but I am sure there is an elegant, creative solution.

There is a way to do Dreamtastic so that it’s a valuable and gorgeous resource – for my clients and for non-clients and potential clients.? So I imagine that it kind of sort of plugs into my other work for people who want to go deeper with it, but also works on its own.

My creative process is more of a journey than a straight line.

That is something that consistently got me into trouble in design school, as we had hand in sketches and idea boards that showed the natural progression of our idea and my progression bounced and boogied all over the place before arriving at a surprising destination.

Twenty years later, I’m still bouncing and boogieing around, working on something that I can’t quite see just yet, but I can feel it.

Last week in my post about how your dreams make you cranky when you don’t give them what they need, I shared that I was committing to spending 2 hours/day writing about creative journaling in support of this course.

Of course, not all of this writing is making it into the course – I want the course to be simple simple simple.? I’m focusing on creating the EASIEST possible way to help you get started.

But spending 2 hours/day writing (sometimes on my laptop, sometimes in a journal) is helping me remember everything I know about creative journaling.

I have been teaching creative dream journaling for 6 years!

I’m thinking back to my first class and smiling on the inside.? Even though in 6 years I have done a lot to refine my approach – the magic was still all there in that first class.

Creative journaling is magic because it connects you to your inner magic.? It makes your soul smile.

Creative DREAM journaling is even more magic because it directs your inner magic to help you bring your dreams to life.

I can’t wait.

As I said earlier,? the things I discovered along the way are so OBVIOUS now it’s ridiculous.

OF COURSE I should be putting more free Creative Dream Journaling resources out there!? OF COURSE this is the perfect way to promote myself and get my message out to more people.

So I am feeling really, really good.

And I’m feeling complete with this Treasure Map.

creative journaling, treasure map
The finished treasure map!

I am declaring this journey a SMASHING SUCCESS.

Thanks to this journey, I feel more aligned, more sure, more energized, more inspired and more clear.

I am BEAMING with joy about Dreamtastic Creative Journals.

Which means I am BEAMING with JOY about how I am going to promote myself from now until the end of the year – how amazing is that?(!)

Treasure Mapping is the BEST way (for me!) to run my business.

On doing something that you don’t think you can do.

I’m setting out to do something I’m not sure I can do.

So I wrote out a few things I know are true, to help light the way. Hopefully they are helpful for you too.


1. If you apply your creativity and your intuition and work and it and give it time: you can do anything.

2. The stuff you think you can’t do is the best stuff to do.? If you know you can do it, it means you’ve already done it and there’s no adventure in it.

3. Being in the adventure of doing something you haven’t done before and aren’t sure you even can do pushes your creative edge and grows you in all the best ways.? I know it’s hard now, but you’ll be so grateful you did it.

4. If you are NOT doing things that you don’t think you can do – you’re stagnating, you’re staying in already-been-done-ness.

5. You wouldn’t have the desire to do it if you weren’t capable of it – that desire is a new part of you being born, the part of you that can do it – once she figures it all out.? It’s ok if the figuring it all out part is messy.

6.? Floundering.? Mis-steps.? Having it take more time than you want it too or look different than you thought it would.? That’s all ok.? Giving up is not.

7. Changing course is different from giving up.? Dreams change as you work on them. Flow WITH the inspiration and you’ll get somewhere amazing.? Try to control the outcome and you’ll get somewhere pretty sad.

Treasure Mapping Continued: How Ease is the Ticket And What That Means

I am treasure-mapping my way to growing my business, and sharing the honest actual story, AS IT HAPPENS, as I fumble along this path with creativity, heart and soul. If you want to follow my adventure:

I have to admit I didn’t know what to do with this and it got frustrating.

Ease is the ticket.? Ticket to what?? Do I need to figure out what it’s a ticket for, or do I need to figure out where to find it?

More than once, I wished my Treasure Map would speak in English instead of in Riddles.

I did the only thing I could think of: I explored ways to bring more ease in – everywhere.? What is the most ease-filled way to get groceries?? Where can more ease fit into my day?? What happens when ease is my guiding light?

And I learned a lot of cool things but was no closer to understanding what Ease Is The Ticket meant.

One morning I did yoga and then meditated on Ease Is The Ticket.

I looked back on the journey so far and all the other squares on the map.? Once I linked them together I could understand ease a little more clearly and then in a flash of light it all came together.

It’s like the plan is a train trip.

And there are 2 different tickets: Work Hard and Ease.? Even though it looks like they both get you onto the same train trip the journey is different with each.

And at some point the Ease car detaches from the rest of the train, rolls into a secret passage which is invisible to everyone who doesn’t have the Ease ticket and ends up at an entirely different destination.

Ease has to be my approach.

Not because easy is better than hard – sometimes things are hard and that’s ok.? And it’s not like I should be able to get what I want without working for it, or anything like that.

Ease has to be my approach simply because the path with the most ease is also the path with the most genius.? Things feel easy because the are in alignment with genius.

So: Creative Genius is the ticket.

But Creative Genius is a hard approach to take because it gets complicated – understanding what really is your genius, and how that is different from what you wish was your genius, and where you shy away from your genius and where you’re listening to what other people are telling you your genius is….. a little complicated.

Ease is simple.? (Shhhhhhh….. Ease is like a secret shortcut to genius.)

So, with every decision I have to make as I work, I ask myself: which direction is the direction of ease?? And then that’s where I go.

And, slowly, things are coming together.

Tangible, workable ideas are coming to me out of these inner explorations.

This is something that I want to be really clear about: this inner work stuff does lead to actual outer work.? There is a flow there that translates into Dreams Come True.

Focusing just on the outside stuff doesn’t work.

Focusing just on the inside stuff doesn’t work.

It’s that flow, starting inside, flowing outside in it’s own time, that does work.

On Friday I hosted a Facebook party where I answered people’s questions about creative business.

A few themes that came up:

  • Your INTUITION has your answer.? Pay attention to how things feel and follow the juiciest feelings (even when this is the opposite of that “The Experts” say to do).
  • EVERYBODY fumbles.? There is no way to build something totally new without some trial and error.? The one way to do something without ever fumbling is to do a paint-by-number follow-the-plan kind of thing, where you’re not really creating.
  • If you are a coach/healer/helper-person-of-any-kind: Be your own best client.? So often coaches are not doing the things they’re telling their clients to do.? Walking your talk is always the smoothest path to success.

I’ll be going back to my Treasure Map this week to see what it has for me next and I’ll report back…


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