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Treasure Mapping is a creative way to play your way into clarity about what to do next with your dream, without waiting for the answer to somehow magically come to you.? You?ll learn how to access deep and true intuitive wisdom right when you need it.

I use this process all the freaking time.? It?s what helped me build my creative business and quit my day job, buy my dream loft, travel around the world and live a happy and fulfilling life.

It?s simple. It?s fun. And it works.

When you tap into your genius and sketch out a visual MAP to bring your dreams to life ? miracles happen.? Everything becomes clearer. Support shows up. You begin taking confident steps into your dreams. You can SEE them, on paper ? taking shape, before your eyes.

The 2014 Treasure-Mapping Class is happening on July 10 at 1pm (Central, North America).

Here?s what you get in the Treasure Mapping class:

  • 90 minutes of live on-the-phone focused Creative Treasure-Mapping: creative play, alchemy, magic-making and miracle-summoning.? You can attend live or use the recordings. Either way, it will be awesome.
  • Playbooks to support your Treasure-Mapping Process. There are no ?Three Easy Steps To Making The Magic Happen? that I can give you, but I can offer a ton of support for cultivating the conditions that let the magic IN. There are processes that are helpful. There are gentle tools for dismantling resistance. And all of this can be done in a spirit of delight, play and wild creative abandon. This is what the playbooks will cover.
  • Treasure-Mapping classroom inside the Creative Dream Circle website.? A place to share your stories and insights, get answers to your questions and be inspired by what everyone else is doing with this amazing process.

All you need is:?

  • Journal plus whatever art supplies you want to play with (all you really need is a pen, but if you want to get more creative you can ? whatever floats your boat!).
  • Computer or smart phone with internet access to download materials.
  • Phone with a long distance plan (you?ll be calling a US number), or you can play with the recordings afterwards.
  • 90 minutes for your crazy-magic treasure-mapping adventure.
  • Optional: more creative playtime afterwards for exploring and expanding your map

Link arms with your Dream, and map out your own path.

Everyone’s map turns out differently.? Here is what some past participants have done with this process:

Harriet's Treasure Map and the Magical Monkey who is helping her find her treasure.

Sylvie's first map:


Sylvie's second map: leading to a surprising discovery about what her dreams really need right now.

Cora's gorgeous treasure map, showing how it all leads to her dream.


Though some people wanted me to mention that their maps don?t turn out pretty like this? they want you to know that messy, even ugly mapping are magical too!!


?the most valuable thing you said as leader/facilitator/guide on this journey, was that there was no way possible of doing it wrong. this was incredibly freeing.

it didn?t have to be pretty. it didn?t even have to make any sense. the magic would show up because it was wanted. and it did show up!!! these concepts helped me trust the magic. and myself.?? Antonia


This class is happening in the Creative Dream Circle – click here to read more & join today.

TREASURE MAPPING (!) is one of my most popular classes and we’re doing it again live-on-the-phone, on July 10.

If you sometimes struggle with knowing what to do next, to make your dream real – you will FALL IN LOVE with this process.

I use it all the freaking time.? It?s what helped me build my creative business and quit my day job, buy my dream loft, travel around the world and live a happy and fulfilling life.

It?s simple. It works.? And it?s fun.

Read all about it here:

treasure map