[from my journal] The Temple of Effortless Growth

Speculation: there are two kinds of growth.

  1. the kind that you plan for (and work hard for!)
  2. the kind that is effortless – it just happens

I know the kind of growth that you plan for and work for.? I have had crystal clear intentions, I have planned and worked and experienced growth.

But what about the other kind?? What if growth just happened, effortlessly??

At first glance, that question is too scary!? If I’m not in control of how growth is happening then it could happen in ways that destroy everything I have so carefully built.

But the idea that I have control over anything is ridiculous.

So that would mean that trying to control growth would be ridiculous.? Which would mean that I have been behaving quite ridiculously.? Which is likely!

Last week I went to the mineral spa.

I dedicated my spa day to effortless growth: as an offering to effortless growth and as an opportunity for me to discover the secrets of effortless growth.

I had a massage booked, and like I always do, I arrived VERY early so I could steam in the aromatherapy steam shower and soak in the mineral hot tub and warm pool before my massage.

I got to the spa, was given my fluffy robe and slippers.? I changed into my bathing suit and went to the mineral steaming/soaking area.

Hmmm.? Both the steam shower and the hot tub were being repaired.? And by “being repaired” what they meant was they’d put an “out of order” sign on them and nothing was happening.

And I was pissed off!? I chose that spa specifically for these amenities.? How could they not tell me that this stuff wasn’t working?

Oh right.? This trip is an offering to effortless growth.? There are no accidents.? Everything is happening for me, to not me.

Looking at it through that lens, here I was, sitting in the mineral pool in my own Inner Temple of Effortless Growth.

And things are in a sad state of disrepair.

Repairs have a sense of optimism.? These sad “out of order” signs with no workers in sight felt more like stagnation.

How have I been caring for my Inner Temple of Effortless Growth?? Not very well.? So why would I expect to experience the gifts of effortless growth in my outer world?

I meditated and explored and it turns out: effortless growth is the more real kind of growth.

I mean – look at nature. Look at how one apple contains so many seeds which can grow so many more apples which contain so many more seeds.? Effortless growth.? Unplanned and wild.

What if I allowed growth to happen in my life like that: unplanned and wild? Oh my.

How would I support that kind of growth in happening? Ohmygosh I wouldn’t even have to support it.? I’d just have to stop fighting it.

?My inner Temple of Effortless Growth was only in a state of disrepair because I’ve been feeding the believe that growth is hard.

And it’s not even true that growth is hard!? I had to giggle about that.? It’s not even true!

I went home and started working on fixing up my Temple of Effortless Growth by doing energy work and art journaling.? (For Creative Dream Circle members: I was using the process in the Crazy Smart Wisdom Council to meet with my Temple of Effortless Growth)

(I’m specifically exploring my business here but this is applicable to all dreams.)

What if I didn’t have to plan out every bit of growth that happens in my business?

What if I trusted growth itself enough to grow without me micromanaging?

What if I PARTNERED with effortless growth?

Now I am REALLY giggling.? Obviously, it’s downright STUPID to not partner with effortless growth.

Because partnering with effortless growth = being in tune with the universe.

And I have a lot of evidence that shows that only good things come from that.

My mind is spinning a bit now, in a good way.