Why DREAMING + PLAYING are more important than PRACTICALITIES.

We all seem to get to this place where we think it’s time to stop playing, and to start working.

Like it’s time to focus on the practical action steps.? To get real.

Like creativity and spirituality and exploring brave new (inner) worlds are awesome and all, but at some point you’ve got to start being a grown-up about your life.

At some point you need to-do lists and practical plans and well, you know – work just has to come before play.

This is bullshit.

PLAY has to come before WORK.?

The amazing discoveries that can only come through play inform your work and make it sparkle in a way that makes work-first work look boring and dull.? (Do you think your fabulously sparkling work might sell better than your boring dull work?)

CREATIVITY has to come before PRACTICALITY.?

The amazing wisdom that is accessible to you through your creativity will shake up and light up your plans in ways that are so brilliant they’ll make your practical thinking brain reel with jealousy.

If you put work before play and practicality before creativity, life gets dull.

You lose out on being in the flow of your unique creative genius.

And no matter how “successful” you become, you’re not going to be happy. ?If you define what success actually means to you I’m positive it will be about much more than how much money you’re making, or how many to-dos you’ve ticked off your list today.

Except it’s SCARY

You live in a world that tells you that work comes first, that you can count on the practicalities.

Even though, well, is it working for you?

For myself and my clients I’ve seen it happen time and time again: putting practicalities first puts you on that horrible hamster wheel of frustration of working-so-hard-while-not-getting-to-where-you-really-want-to-be.

Still, it’s hard to go against that kind of conditioning.

But that’s exactly what you’ve got to do – if you want to create REAL success.

Dreaming, playing, exploring your inner world… this is the path to real success.? Grounded and lasting and happy success.

It’s not that work isn’t a part of it.? It’s just that when you put these things first – work flows like magic.

You’ll have better ideas.

You’ll get more work done in less time.

You’ll be happier.

Win – win – win.



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