Give Your Dream Wings is a free e-course for soulful creative types who are ready to make their dreams REAL.

The class is ten days long, and each lesson can be completed in just ten minutes a day.

Every day you get a video and an assignment, sent via email.

People tell me all the time how it’s changed their lives.

And people who take my paid classes still keep coming back to this one too because it’s so helpful.

I made this class because I believe that your dreams can lead you to your true and authentic life. The life that you were meant to live.

I mean – I want to live in a world where people let their magic out.  So I offer this course freely as a way of supporting that.


Oh, I should introduce myself!

helloI’m the creator of the Creative Dream Incubator, where I help bright + soulful creative types make their dreams real (best job ever!)

I used to be a starving artist because I knew I had creative gifts to share but I didn’t understand how following my creative dreams could sustain me financially.

And then I was an office worker who was an artist and teacher on evenings and weekends because I thought that was the only way of having enough money to be comfortable while also doing the things I felt called to do.

And now – I don’t compromise because I learned that my dreams are strong and sturdy and can take care of me, as long as I take good care of them.

I’ve learned that living my truth means living my power. And that following my dreams is the key to feeling fulfilled and nourished and deeply connected to my true self.

And that’s what I want to share with you in the Give Your Dream Wings class.

Participants (over 7,000 and counting!) say they find it empowering, healing and actually, for real life changing.

Some of the cool stuff they’re doing in the class:

* Figuring out what their dream actually is
* Healing the parts of them that are afraid that their dream is not possible
* Experiencing the magic of getting really excited about their dreams
* Figuring out what do to next to make their dream real
* Discovering new ways to make time for their dreams
* Finding the courage to make the big changes that their dream needs
* Receiving Creative Dream Miracles – sometimes a dream come true will just fall into your lap after you’ve done the inner work

Want to play with possibility?

I’m absolutely bursting to lead the way.

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Remember: each lesson is only 10 minutes long. You can totally do this!

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