helloI’m the creator of the Creative Dream Incubator, where I help bright + soulful creative types make their dreams real (best job ever!)

The truth is: The best time to grow your dreams is always NOW.

You don’t need gazillions of dollars, a wall of fancy degrees, or superhuman powers (other than the ones you already have!) to make your dream come true.

You just need a space to nurture and accelerate your dream. You need faith, courage & just the right amount of time.

You need a Creative Dream Incubator.

Good thing you found me!

Helping you get what you WANT is my life’s work…and play.

I’ve studied the spiritual art of DREAM-FULFILLMENT for over twenty years, and have counseled & coached people into jobs they adore…homes they treasure…relationships that light them aglow…and creative adventures (large & small) that color their lives with joy.

Everyone suspects that their dream is impossible, too far-fetched, too big.

Happily, everyone is wrong.

I have the tools to help you get what you want. And I’m literally wiggle-dancing with excitement to teach them, to you.

Ultimately your Creative Dreams are meant to lead you to a place of feeling wildly fulfilled and deeply nourished and, most of all – free to be who you are.

It’s big stuff.

It’s ridiculously magical.

Some days, it’s also ridiculously hard – I mean if transforming the things that hold you back was easy everyone would be doing it, right?

But even on the hard days, I am so happy and grateful that I get to do it. After many years dreaming of creative, soulful self-employment, I am ecstatic that the Creative Dream Incubator has been both my dream come true and my full time job since Jan 1, 2011.

My coaching practice is currently full but I do offer a TON of online classes – including live tele-classes where you can get support and coaching from me.

Start now with my free 10 day class called Give Your Dream Wings:

Give Your Dream Wings is a wildly transformative e-course that will show you a unique way to grow your dream, your self and your whole world.

This class is 10 days long - each lesson is 10 minutes long.

Simple. Doable. You'll start to fit your dream into your life - no matter how busy your life is.

Participants (over 7,000 and counting!) say they find it empowering, healing and actually, for real LIFE CHANGING.

Some of the cool stuff they're doing in the class:

* Figuring out what their dream actually is and getting crazy-inspired in the process
* Healing the parts of them that are afraid that their dream is not possible
* Experiencing the magic of REALLY believing in their dreams
* Figuring out what do to next to make their dream real
* Discovering new ways to make time for their dreams
* Finding the courage to make the big changes that their dream needs
* Receiving Creative Dream Miracles - sometimes a dream come true will just fall into your lap after you've done the inner work

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I'm absolutely bursting to lead the way. Let's do this.

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