The video class will show you how to go miracle seeking inside your own dream.

This is the basic practice that I teach as the foundation for making your dream real. Once you get this – you see how you really are ready, right now and you have everything you need to take your next step towards your dream, right now.

Then, the Playbook will help you keep exploring.

Inner work is difficult and uncomfortable at times so I injected a lot of PLAY into this book to help make it easier to stay with it.

Because if you stay with it you will get to where you want to be.

This class explains why this is hard and how there are miracles hidden in that hard stuff too.

If you get stuck with your dreams, like:

  • not having enough time to work on your dream
  • procrastinating when you do have time
  • not always being sure about what your dream really is
  • not believing that you can really make it happen

You’ll find this video lesson invaluable!

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As you’ll learn in the intro video to this class, exploring the miracle of your dream is not something you do once, then you’re done. It’s an ongoing process.

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We’ll go through the Dream Practice together and have LOADS of time for answering your questions.

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Just pop your email address into the box below, click “Let’s do this!” and you’re ready to go: