Hi! I'm Andrea, creator of the Creative Dream Incubator. Let's make your dream real!

Yup, I get to live inside my dream come true. It's amazing and I want everyone else to experience this delight for themselves.

But beyond that, I believe that our dreams lead us to our inner truth, and that following our inner truth isn't just how we become our best selves - it's how we change the world.

And that's my biggest dream: to change the world. To create a world where everyone is free to pursue their unique dreams.

This is a world of creativity, dreams and possibility. A world without injustice, war, sexism, racism, homophobia, ableism, classism, bullying  - a world without structures of oppression of any kind.

This is a world where everyone has what they need to thrive: encouragement. Support. Space to dream. The freedom to live as your True Self.

I believe we can create this world, by growing together, one dream come true at a time.

Following a dream is not about traipsing through fields of daisies with your trusty unicorn by your side. Your dream is here to grow you. Your dream will demand the deep work: the work of transforming into your True Self.

This is the most liberating and terrifying work we can do.

I have created a process for doing this work called Creative Dream Alchemy.

I promise: there is a way and you are smart enough to find it.

The magic of Creative Dream Alchemy is that there is *always* something you can do to move yourself closer to where you want to be.

This is easier to see when you divide up the process of making a dream real into: Inner Work, Dream Work and Outer Work (as shown here by my triangle Dream Compass).

We tend to see Outer Work as the most important part because it's the most measurable, but it's actually the least important part - all of the magic happens when you go deeper into the Inner Work and Dream Work, and learn how to tie all three threads together to form your sturdy path.

Because it's better to show you how it works than explain all of this - I have a free class that teaches this in depth.

It's a 90 minute video class plus a workbook and a series of emails over the next few days where I show you how to apply all of it to your dreams.

After the class you'll also get regular Dream newsletters for ongoing support for the journey (though you can unsubscribe at any time with the click of a button).

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(Or read on to find out more about how Creative Dream Alchemy works - you're going to love it!)

Creative Dream Alchemy: Principles + Processes for unleashing the power, magic + possibility that live inside you

Everyone (really, literally, everyone!) that I've coached over the years starts out feeling like there is this impossible chasm that sits between them and their dream. And they don't have the skills or materials to build a bridge big enough to cross it.

The truth is: the path to your dream only looks impossible before you start, and that you already do have, within you, everything you need to cross that chasm. In fact, crossing the chasm becomes your very own hero's journey.

When you follow the principles of Creative Dream Alchemy, your next steps materialize in front of you. You discover that you don't have to take a huge scary leap of faith -  you can actually baby-step your way, all the way there.

Here are those principles:

your dream is how your soul calls you towards your true self

This is why your dream feels so magical and special! Not because changing your life on the outside will instantly make you happy, but because it's about growing into who you were really meant to be. Your dream is your purpose, potential, authenticity, and creativity - expressed out in the world.

Your dream leads to your most authentic, fulfilling, and purposeful way of being.

This means your dream lives inside of you, not outside. So you don't chase after it. And you don't sit around waiting for it to come to you.

You open yourself up to it and explore how to live in tune with it, right here right now, no matter what’s happening in your external world.

Your dream is waiting for you to come true.

your true self is creative, powerful and wise
You won't always feel creative, powerful, and wise. That's ok!  It's ok to feel doubt and fear - those feelings are actually a part of the process, but we'll get to that a bit later.

This means that you already have everything you need to make your dream real. It means that your answers are inside you, not outside.

That doesn't mean you can wave your magic wand and *pouf* the dream is real in this instant. And it certainly doesn't mean there isn't stuff for you to learn along the way! It just means that you have what you need to do this - one baby step at a time.

Your answers live inside you.Your dream lives inside you. Your power lives inside you. All the magic is inside you, including all of the answers you need as you navigate your path.

You got this.

you don't have to feel ready


The conditions in your life will never be ideal for your dreams - that's kind of the whole point of a dream. It wants to CHANGE your life, and to do that you have to start where you are today.

Hopefully it helps to remember that your next step is both smaller and simpler than you think. You don't have to do some big dramatic thing, your next step is a thing that you absolutely can do sometime within the next week.

That's easy to say and hard to do. Learning how to act before you feel ready is one of the things we work on in Creative Dream Alchemy - it's about letting your intuitive wisdom speak to you more loudly than your fear. It's your fear who thinks you're not ready, your inner wisdom knows that this is what you're here to do.

The truth is, you are strong, smart, creative, and brave enough to do this. If you weren't your dream wouldn't be calling.

You are already ready for this journey since the path that leads to your dream runs right under your feet, exactly where you are right now. Your soul set it up this way.

you build the path by walking

There is no such thing as "waiting for the right time". That's just a bullshit procrastination technique.

Your build the path by walking means you take the little tiny baby step that is in front of you to take, and that step builds the next step on the path. You get creative and curious about your dream. You try stuff. You make mistakes. You learn along the way. You play with your dream.

You can do all of these things from right where you are, right now.

Yes I know there are obstacles that you face right now that make it hard to do this, but those obstacles are a part of the path.

You live in a world that is hostile to dreams and places obstacles in your way. Facing and overcoming those obstacles is your hero’s journey. I mean what would a hero's journey be like without a few fire-breathing dragons to battle? You can’t skip this part or wait for the obstacles to clear themselves.

Just start moving, there is no such thing as "right way" or "wrong way" when it comes to dreams because the path is completely non-linear. So you're just either moving or you're not.

Honour your process as it is, don't wait or wish for it to be different

You are never behind, you are never doing it wrong - you are always exactly in the centre of your unique process. It's ok if it gets messy. It's ok if parts of it are hard. It's even ok if parts of your path terrify you!

This is a hard one because we all tend to want to judge and then push away things that we think are wrong and we have to work at creating a new way of looking at this.

And you live in a world where you are compared to other people as though there is one yardstick with which to measure us all! You have been encouraged to conform to the norm instead of claim your own unique ways of being in the world.

On top of all of that, the structures of oppression that exist in our world that make it so hard to make a dream real do not target each of us in the same way. Some people do have it easier. Some people do have it harder. This is a fact that we all have to deal with in varying ways.

So when you feel like everything is too hard, or you're falling behind, or you're doing it wrong, or that this stuff works for other people but not for you so maybe you should give up - that means you're caught in your own stuff (fears, limiting beliefs, inner critics, etc) and you need to take a look at that stuff. You will soon discover that the inner work brings miracles, right where we need them.

There is always a way through. You are bigger than the obstacles.

Feel all of the feeling that come up for you on the path to your dream

When you honour your process *exactly as it is* then you bring yourself right into your discomfort where you have the opportunity to transform your own inner patterns and get to create totally new ones. This is where the magic happens.

This is where you look that fire-breathing dragon right in the eye and let it know that it can't stop you.

We all have a tendency to want to turn away from the uncomfortable feelings. In Creative Dream Alchemy you are given tools, encouragement and support to meet how you're feeling: frustrated, scared, angry, overwhelmed.

So instead of turning away you can dig in and bring healing to this part of you who is upset. This is the actual work of liberating yourself from the things that hold you back.

This is the transformation of consciousness and this is the whole point of Creative Dream Alchemy. So when you hold back from your uncomfortable feelings you're actually holding back from receiving the gift you need in this moment.

I know it feels counter-intuitive to follow your feelings of self-doubt, fear or frustration towards liberation, magic and dreams come true.

But when you make space to feel how you actually feel you become more connected to your True Self. This means you become more connected to your inner wisdom and the inner gifts that are going to help you make your dream real.

Your logical self does NOT know the way. It's your heart that will lead you there.

your dream will grow you

Your dream lives inside of you and once you open yourself up to it it’s going to help you grow towards your True Self. This is beautiful and amazing and contains everything you want - but it’s also going to get uncomfortable, and maybe even downright terrifying, at times. This is just the nature of growth.

Do you think a seed is happy to be split open so the plant can burst out of it?

I know I've mentioned this a few times already but it bears repeating because of just how hard we humans work to try to avoid discomfort (even though avoiding discomfort is actually very uncomfortable!). Growing pains are real and the end result will be worth it.

Remembering that your dream will grow you means you can’t see everything clearly from your current (smaller) perspective while you're being grown. Keep your mind as open as possible. Your dream will surprise you along the way.

it takes the time it takes

Creative Dream Alchemy isn't about speeding up the process of manifestation. It's about creating a deep alignment between your everyday conscious self and your True Self - so that the light of your inner truth can shine out to illuminate your whole life. It's about literally living from your inner magic.

This is the real work of making dreams real and growing into your full potential. No spiritual by-pass. No “fake it till you make it”.  No praying for the universe to bring you your dream like it's a cosmic vending machine.

Just the deep work work of unleashing the magic and power that you know already live inside of you.

The longer you are on the path the more it becomes about the process of navigating your life by your own internal wisdom and finding joy in the process instead of focusing on the external outcomes (aka getting the dream).

Ironically, that's also when the external outcomes you want tend to start to come to you more easily (yay! you actually do get to get your dream!)

Make your dream real! You've already got what you need to get to where you want to be. The magic you seek lives inside you.


I think you already know this.

The question is: how do you get at it? Like, how do you effectively and consistently cultivate the magic within and use it to create change in your life? To actually make your dream real?

After 10 years of teaching, and 25 years of exploring the intersection of creativity and spirituality, this is what I've learned: It's not one path. It's three paths: Dream Work, Inner Work and Outer Work.

We all tend to focus on the outer path - because that's where it's easiest to see and measure change.

But that's not where change happens. Change starts inside of us, and the path that change takes before it becomes visible in your outer world is almost never the path we think it's going to take. You know what I mean?

The process of growth and change is unpredictable. The way to manage this unpredictability and not let it throw you off course is to be working with it in three different ways, simultaneously.

Doing this is less complicated than it sounds. It is absolutely within your reach to make your dream real.

Make your dream real! Dream work: vision, inspiration + connecting with your dream
Vision boards, affirmations, prayers and mantras - some forms of Dream Work are simply a way of playing with your dream, which can open up your mind to new possibilities and help spur you on to do the deep work of making the dream real.

In Creative Dream Alchemy we also introduce practices of more focused dream work, connecting with the essence of your dream and learning how to partner with it to bring it to life. The Dream Work becomes the engine of your dream machine, bolstering your sense of trust in yourself, and in the magic of your dream.

Make your dream real! Inner work: healing transformation + miracles

We ALL have places where we don't feel good enough. I mean any dream worth it's salt is going to cause you to question if you are worthy of it

These uncomfortable feelings that you carry about your dream are actually the fuel for the inner work. In Creative Dream Alchemy inner work practices we'll use them like little lumps of coal to throw into your dream machine which will generate the gifts, energy and miracles you're going to use to make your dream real.

Make your dream real! Outer work: taking brave steps

With the clarity and confidence of being connected to your dream, and access to the miracles of inner work - the outer work of making your dream real starts to look a lot less complicated and impossible.

In Creative Dream Alchemy we use unique creative planning practices that are led by your intuitive wisdom, you can map out one little baby step at a time - and then string each of those steps together to build a solid and sturdy path to your dream.

Each baby step you take helps to develop the confidence and courage needed to take the next step.

When you know what to do in each of these three  paths, then you’ve got what it takes to be moving consistently towards your dream.

No giant leaps of faith required, just one baby step at a time.

Creative Dream Alchemy teaches simple and creative processes and practices for each other three paths - so you keep your dream machine humming happily along. You can learn all of the basics in my FREE intro to Creative Dream Alchemy class: Your Dream Is Waiting For You To Come True.


Make your dream real! Free e-course

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The class is designed to work for beginners and seasoned dreamers alike - the principles + practices are the same, no matter where you are on the path.

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