helloI’m the creator of the Creative Dream Incubator (best job ever!)

Creativity. Wisdom. Power. Clarity. Courage. <—- I believe that this things live inside you.

And I want to help you draw them out and use them to make cool things happen in your life.


You have probably already noticed that a lot of the personal growth/life transformation stuff out there is just not geared towards bright + soulful, creative types.

Some of it is just too cheesy (and doesn’t actually work) and some of it just scratches the surface of your infinite potential, leaving you hungry for more depth.

It’s only when you combine the depth and power of spiritual practice with the sparkle and magic of creative play that you’ll start to make REAL progress towards your dreams.

You see, it’s here, in the intersection of spiritual practice and creative play that dreams come to life.

Free e-course: Give Your Dream Wings


Because your dream lives at the intersection of your authenticity, creativity and purpose.

So when you dive in deeper to your dream you end up diving in deeper to your SELF.

Because when I talk about dreams I’m not talking about having all of the material things you want – I’m talking about creating a life that feels true to you.

This includes money and material things and it also includes feeling wildly fulfilled and deeply nourished and, most of all – free to be who you are.



Give Your Dream Wings is a free 10 day e-course that will show you a creative way to connect with your dream on a soul level and then use that connection to grow your dream, your self and your whole world.

This class is 10 days long - each lesson is 10 minutes long.

Super simple. One baby step at a time - you can totally do this.

People have used this process to:

* Figure out what their dream is
* Heal the parts of them that are afraid that their dream is not possible
* Figure out what do to next to make their dream real
* Discover new ways to make time for their dreams
* Find the courage to make big changes
* Receive Creative Dream Miracles - sometimes a dream come true will just fall into your lap after you've done the inner work

Participants (over 7,000 and counting!) say they find it empowering, healing and actually, for real LIFE CHANGING.

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