your dream is waiting for you to come true

Your dream is how your soul calls you towards your true self.

My name is Andrea Schroeder, I am the creator and founder of the Creative Dream Incubator. And I PROMISE you that no matter where you are right now, your dream is not impossible.

I have been mentoring creatives on how to make their dreams real for over a decade. I know your obstacles are really big and scary AND I know how to get around them. Without working your ass off, taking huge risks or waiting around for the universe to magically line things up for you.

And I'm going to show you how, in my new FREE e-course, starting April 8.

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My next coaching group is: Your Gifts Are Needed. An Incubator for Would-Be World-Changers.

It runs from April 1-22 with follow-up support until April 30.

When you join my coaching groups you get access to ALL of my Creative Dream Alchemy groups for the month.

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The Year of Dreams is a journaling kit AND alchemy kit AND creative dream support system and it only costs $21/month AND includes a live group coaching call every month! It's a GREAT place to start.

The Year of Dreams focuses on the DREAM WORK part of the journey, so it's perfect if want to dive into the magic, but aren't ready to go super deep into the scary INNER WORK stuff.

Though once you develop a regular Dream Work practice through the Year of Dreams you'll be surprising yourself with how brave you get.

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(All prices in US dollars)

Project Miracle is a 30 day creative ceremony, leading you deep into the practices of Creative Dream Alchemy focusing on MIRACLE MAKING!

If you need a breakthrough right now - this is what you want.

It costs $99 and gives you access to my complete Library of Creative Dream Alchemy tools and processes for 35 days.

AND you get access to my private blog where I post every day (Monday - Friday) to share what I'm doing in my Creative Dream Alchemy practice - with a comments section so you can ask questions or join in with the community of people who do this work with me.

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The Creative Dream Circle is my online classroom and ongoing community. When you join the Circle you get EVERYTHING.

I've been teaching online since about 2010, and in the Circle I keep all of the best of my classes, plus the entire Library of Creative Dream Alchemy tools and processes and ongoing group coaching calls.

There is a LOT there and it's kind of intimidating. If you start with Project Miracle instead - you'll get to see the whole Circle AND at the end of your 35 days in the Circle you can even take the $99 you spent on Project Miracle and apply it to a year's membership in the Circle.

The Creative Dream Circle costs $363 for an annual membership.

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