Let's Do This series of guided journals to help you do your impossible project

Three guided journals that will help you DO your Impossible Project, for real.

Your Impossible Project is that thing you want to do but you either don't know how or don't have time or aren't sure you actually CAN do it or you're just NOT doing it and you're not sure why.

It feels impossible.

Your Impossible Project is here to grow you.

Which means it probably IS impossible - to the person you are today.

But engaging with your Impossible Project ANYWAY is the thing that will help you become more brave, creative, and in touch with your inner knowing.

Engaging with your project will grow you into the version of you who CAN do the project.

So let's do this!

Choose your own adventure! The Impossible Project journals are available in 2 formats:

Full colour printed books

Completely hand-drawn with rainbow-bright artwork and loads of space for your journaling, dreaming, visioning and planning.

8x10" softcover, full colour glorious pages for you to fill, available from Amazon worldwide.

Keep scrolling for more details - there is a video of each journal so you can see exactly what it is.

Black & white PDFs that you can print out, colour and customize to your heart's content.

The printable versions have the exact same content, but with the full colour backgrounds removed to make for easy printing. They print out double-sided on letter sized paper.

With this option, you can print out a copy for each new Impossible Project you've got!

You Can Do This Guided Journal for Untangling Doubts, Freakouts, and Ambivalence And Getting Ready To Actually Do Your Project! For real!

You Can Do This gives you prompts to help you sort out your thoughts and feelings about your project, gathering your ideas, and bolster your confidence.

Once you spend time with these prompts, you'll either feel ready to start this project or you'll have certainty that you don't want to pursue this right now - and you can start this process again with your next project idea.

This journal is available as a 60 page 8"x10" full colour paperback, or a letter sized black & white printable PDF.

This one will coach you through the process of getting ready to actually DO your "Impossible Project". It will give you PROJECT CLARITY.

Build The Path By Walking Guided Journal for Taking Steps, Figuring It Out As You Go, And Making Remarkable Progress On Your Project

Build The Path By Walking gives you a way of making your impossible project happen - just one step at a time, even when you're not sure HOW to pull this off.

You'll learn a journaling process that helps you experiment, explore and try new things and LEARN as you GO, always applying what you learn to your next steps. This journal will guide you through the process of taking 54 steps with your project.

This journal is available as a 104 page 8"x10" full colour paperback or a letter sized black & white printable PDF.

This one will coach you through the process of taking 54 steps with your "Impossible Project". It will give you both MOMENTUM and DIRECTION with your project.

Get The Magic On Your Side Guided Journal For Navigating The Inner Work of Getting Your Project Done

Get The Magic On Your Side gives you transformative prompts and visualizations processes for engaging with the inner work of your project.

This way you ALWAYS have a way to learn more about your project, un-stick your stucks, and grow into the version of you who CAN do this thing this impossible project!

👉🏻YES, this journal will give you awesome things to do, even in those moments when you get TOTALLY stuck with your project.

This journal is available as a 75 page 8"x10" full colour paperback, or as a black & white printable PDF.

This one will give you something to do every time you get stuck with your project. It shows you the Inner Work that makes the Outer Work possible aka Getting The Magic on Your Side.

You don't have to do this alone:

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Let\'s Do This: Guided Journals for your Impossible Project

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