I want you to actually DO your impossible project.

That thing that feels 50% like the most inspiring thing ever and 50% like it's just out of reach.

And even though your heart just LIGHTS UP every time you think about it, you either:

  • don't know how to do it
  • have huge obstacles in your way
  • become absolutely terrified when it comes time to take a step with it
  • are finding it hard to make the progress you want to make - for known or unknown reasons.

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Your Impossible Project is here to grow you.

This means your project maybe IS impossible - for the person you are today.

But engaging with your Impossible Project will help you become more brave, creative, and in touch with your inner knowing.

It will help you become more YOU.

Introducing: The Impossible Project Self Coaching Journals

The Impossible Project Self-Coaching Journals guide you through every step of the process of going from:

 "I really want to do this but I don't know..."


"OMG wow I am doing it!"




"Ummmm, if I did THAT, what ELSE is possible for me?"

The secret to actually DOING the Impossible Project is simple: engage with it.

Each time you engage with it, it any way, you learn a bit about it.

This IS simple but it doesn't SEEM simple when you feel stuck, or just don't know what to do next with it.

That's where the self-coaching journals come in.

They will give you LOTS of things to do when you don't know what to do. 

And they'll help you really SEE and OWN how much you actually DO know.

I've been coaching people on how to do Impossible Projects for many years.

I know that everyone has a lot more ideas than they realize. They come to me saying "I don't know how to..." but the truth is, they DO have ideas, they're just fraught. 

What if it doesn't work like I'd hoped? What if I find out I'm not good enough? What if I do my best and no one likes it? Etc, etc, etc.

The trick is to validate and process all of that AND validate and honour your actual ideas that are swimming around in all of that. The self-coaching journals WILL help you do this.

And then they'll help you GET MOVING - try things, experiment, research, take little tiny baby steps.

Before you know it, you'll have CREATIVE MOMENTUM.

Steps will build on steps and you'll be making visible progress.

And, any time you get stuck (because let's be honest you are going to get stuck) there's a whole journal full of ways to engage with your project WHILE YOU ARE STUCK (that's the Get The Magic On Your Side journal, see below).

Here's What You Get:

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This section will coach you through the process of untangling doubts, freakouts, ambivalence, and getting ready to actually do your project! For real - you'll work through both the internal resistance/fear/doubt and the external logistics.

Once you've filled it in you'll have PROJECT CLARITY.

Which means: You'll either be ready to start taking steps with your project (which the next journal in this series can help you do) OR you'll know, for sure, that this isn't the right thing for you to do right now.

👉🏻 Either way, you'll stop all the ambivalence and what-ifs and you'll KNOW what to do next.

feet walking


This section will coach you through the process of figuring it out as you go, learning from mistake/misteps and making remarkable progress on your project as you take your first 54 steps with your Impossible Project.

👉🏻 Once you've done that, you'll have both MOMENTUM and DIRECTION with your project.

You will have built part of the path and you'll know what to do next!

By using the Build The Path By Walking method to take each of these 54 steps, you'll learn an incredible amount about what your project needs, and what you need, to be able to complete it.

(And then you can print it out again and take 54 more steps, and keep repeating until you're done)

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👉🏻 This section will make sure you NEVER stay stuck with your project.

Every time, ANY time, you get stuck with the Outer Work - you've got a whole journal full of processes for engaging with the Inner Work of making your project happen.

This is the work that makes the Outer Work possible. It gets the magic on your side, so you can use it to do the impossible thing.

*No actual walking necessary

After I developed the Build The Path By Walking approach it was brought to my attention that "walking" doesn't work for everyone. So let me be clear: the path is a metaphor. You build the path by MOVING and that movement does not need to be physical.

This approach works especially well for people with chronic illness and people who are unable to walk because it draws on your unique skills, gifts, ideas and approaches instead of trying to cram your dreams into someone else's mold for how things should be done. Getting your Impossible Project done is NOT about over-working or ignoring your actual needs. We want to tap into deeper wells of inspiration, intuition and creative magic.

No hustle. All magic. YOUR intuition and creativity know the right way for YOU to do this.

These are PRINTABLE journals.

The journals are simple, hand-drawn (by me!) .pdf documents. Black and white, easy and cheap to print. With TONS of white space to fill with YOUR creativity.

And you can print out as many times as you like! You are going to use them to do ALL of your impossible projects!!!

A proven structure so you don't feel like you have to figure everything out in your own. With YOUR creativity and intuition leading the way.

Self-Coaching journals don't tell you how to do your Impossible Project, they give you the support to do YOUR Impossible Project in YOUR way. They include:

✨Insightful questions that take all those ideas floating around in your head and put them on paper so you can make your GENIUS plan for doing this thing.
✨Being continually led to the next step instead of figuring out each thing from scratch.
✨Momentum-developing processes that get you taking little steps, learning as you go
✨Alchemy processes for turning the obstacles into fuel for the path
✨Encouragement along the way

Get your Impossible Project Self-Coaching Journals now:

Impossible Project Self-Coaching Journals
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USD $147.00
Let\'s Do This: Guided Journals for your Impossible Project