My programs are transformational experiences that support you in growing your dreams, your self and your whole life. In order to create and maintain the container that allows this deep transformative work to happen, all participants must read + agree to the following Guidelines + Policies.

Which means: these policies are non-negotiable. 

Please read the policies carefully and only join if you can agree to everything in them - and feel free to email me with any questions.

Creative Dream Circle Policies + Guidelines.

Privacy  Policy + How I Use Your Data:

If you are on my email list that means you signed up for it, and confirmed your desire to be subscribed via double opt-in (after you subscribed you received an email asking “Do you really want to subscribe? Click here to confirm” and you are only subscribed to the list if you click that confirmation link).

You are free to unsubscribe at any time – every email I send has an unsubscribe link at the bottom.

I only collect the information that you give me. For example, if you sign up for my email list then you give me your email address. When you sign up for my classes you give me your name, address (physical and email) and credit card or paypal details.

All of your information is kept secure, all financial information is encrypted and kept secure – I use Simplero for this. I am not a data security specialist which is why I use Simplero’s services to handle that.

Every effort is made to keep all of your information private. I will never sell, rent or in any way share your information with anyone else.

Interviews, Summits, etc.:

I am open to being interviewed for podcasts, summits, etc, – as long as the event fits with my work, I feel I can contribute something useful, and the timing fits with my schedule.

HOWEVER there are a LOT of problems with the way that most summits have come to be organized.  So I have a few caveats:

Of course I will help spread the word about the event - in whatever ways feel true to me. The relationship I have with my email subscribers is NOT transactional to me, so I cannot agree to participate in any summits where the summit organizer is telling me how to communicate with my audience.

My relationship with the people who engage with my work is REALLY important to me and I will only collaborate with people who respect that and trust me to decide the best way to communicate with my people.

Many of the summits that happen in the online world of personal growth/new age spirituality/life transformation feature only WHITE teachers, leaders and speakers. I won’t participate in events where only white people are invited to lead. I believe the BIPOC (which stands for Black, Indigenous and People of Colour) teachers, healers, speakers, and leaders have a lot to offer and when they are left out we all miss out.

Events that only include white people as leaders contribute to the issues of systemic racism - and they also just fall flat. More diversity and perspectives are needed to create quality work.

Affiliate Sales

Sometimes I promote people that I am an affiliate for, meaning I receive a percentage of any sales I may refer.  Obviously I only join affiliate programs for products I myself have bought and used and genuinely believe that they will help you bring your dreams to life.

I am often approached to join affiliate programs for products which I have not purchased and do not respond to these kinds of offers.  I value the relationship I have with my readers and I’m not here to make money any way I can, I am here to do the work that makes my soul sing.  I only share products that I use and adore.

Sponsored Content

I do not featured sponsored content anywhere on my website or via email. Everything I share I do with the hopes that it helps you in some way on the path to your dream.