Let's be honest. The reason why most people aren't living their dreams is because the process of getting there is fucking brutal.

This is why I started the Creative Dream Incubator - to support creative people in navigating this brutal and amazing path. Because I feel ALL of our dreams are needed.

One of the best tools for this work is your journal.

It's space to process your feelings, find clarity, brainstorm, plan, and connect with your intuition about how to slay those obstacles.

The problem with journaling on your own is that it's easy to just go in circles.

Without any guidance, your journal can easily become nothing more than a dumping ground to vent or a space to dream about things that never happen.


Creative Dream Incubator Guided Journals help you journal in a more purposeful way.

You'll gain new insights about yourself and your dreams that will having you seeing it all in a completely different way. They'll encourage you to take new steps, try new things, and get new results in your life.

Plus they just make it more FUN.

The Year of Dreams 2022 Weekly Planner, Visioning Journal & Creative Dream Playbook

A creative planner for visioning your dreamiest 2022 and then making it happen, one day at a time.

Find out more + get your copy here.


Let's Do This series of guided journals to help you do your impossible project

Let's Do This: A series of three guided journals to help you DO your impossible project.

Leading you through the process of getting ready to start, figuring out HOW, and getting un-stuck along the way.

Find out about how they all work together here, or check out the individual journals below:

You Can Do This

This is a guided journal for untangling doubts, freakouts, ambivalence, and getting ready to actually do your project! For real!

This journal will coach you through the process of getting ready to actually DO your "Impossible Project".

Once you've filled it in you'll have PROJECT CLARITY.

You'll either be ready to start taking steps with your project (which the next journal in this series can help you do) OR you'll know, for sure, that this isn't the right thing for you to do right now.

👉🏻 Either way, you'll stop all the ambivalence and what-ifs and you'll KNOW what to do next.

Find our more + get your copy here.

Build The Path By Walking Guided Journal for your Impossible Projects

This is a guided journal for taking steps, figuring it out as you go, and making remarkable progress on your project.

This journal will coach you through the process of taking 54 steps with your "Impossible Project".

👉🏻 Once you've done that, you'll have both MOMENTUM and DIRECTION with your project.

You will have built part of the path and you'll know what to do next!

By using the Build The Path By Walking method to take each of these 54 steps, you'll learn an incredible amount about what your project needs, and what you need, to be able to complete it.

Find out more + get your copy here.

Get The Magic On Your Side Guided Journal for your Impossible Projects

This is a guided journal for navigating the inner work of getting your "Impossible Project" done.

This journal will make sure you NEVER stay stuck with your project.

Every time, ANY time, you get stuck with the Outer Work - you've got a whole journal full of processes for engaging with the Inner Work of making your project happen.

This is the work that makes the Outer Work possible.

Find out more + get your copy here.

Journal Prompt Cards for Dreamers

Journal Cards for Dreamers

This is a deck of 72 richly illustrated journaling cards with insightful questions that spark new possibilities.

No more facing the blank page.

No more using your journal as a place to bitch about your problems.

No more AVOIDING your journal because you're not sure what to do!

Journal Cards for Dreamers will teach you new things about how to make your dream real - every time you use them.

Your Next Steps: A journaling + meditation class to help you be more CLEAR and SURE of your next steps