I’m Andrea Schroeder, founder of The Creative Dream Incubator. 

I'm a dreamer, life coach, spiritual counselor and artist.

I love:

  • bike rides
  • journaling
  • picnics - in the park or at the beach
  • bubble baths
  • chocolate peanut butter ice cream

I hate:

  • being out past 10 pm
  • when I am cranky and someone tells me to calm down
  • Kombucha used to be right here on this list.. but then I got inspired to start brewing it at home and now I'm a Kombucha brewer


Through the Creative Dream Incubator, I help bright  + soulful creative people make their dreams real by showing them how to access the incredible magic + power that lives within them.

I’ve been studying the intersection of creativity and spirituality for 25 years. I started teaching classes on meditation and spirituality and creating my own creativity workshops in 2008. I've been working full time as a Creative Dream Incubator since Jan 1, 2011.

My official-type education includes a degree in fashion design (which strangely taught me how much the creative process is actually a spiritual process) and an accreditation (which means 3 years of focused study, 1 year of interning and submitting case studies to prove that my healing work is effective) as a New Thought Spiritual Teacher/Healer/Counselor.

I've also received training as an intuitive energy healer and Reiki practitioner. And I did took as many workshops as humanly possible to study all sorts of different approaches to helping people through their process of healing and transformation.

I created my own process for healing, transformation and making dreams real called Creative Dream Alchemy.

When people participate in my classes they're often stunned by how effective and wildly transformative everything is, like how things they thought were permanent blocks start to melt away.

Like they didn't really expect this stuff to work so well. But it's no accident, I take my job as a Creative Dream Incubator VERY seriously.  I have a lot of training and experience. And I have a LOT of love for dreamers and their dreams. I work hard at this and I love every minute of it.

I believe, more than anything, that creative people bringing their dreams to life is going to save the world. This means everything to me.

 I'm currently dreaming of:

*  A world without racism, sexism, ableism, classism - any systems of oppression at all. A world where we're all truly free to dream.

* Out-doing last year's record for number of beach days this summer

* Letting the light of my True Self shine out brighter in how I do my day-to-day life.

* Not shrinking and not pretending to be bigger than I am - standing tall and true.

* Disrupting the ideas that pursuing your dream is supposed to be all unicorns and rainbows, and that if you struggle that means you're doing it wrong.

* Challenging the status-quos in the life coaching/personal growth world around cultural appropriation and unconscious racism.


Here is how I can help you with your dreams:

I send out a free video for DREAMERS every week! Sign up at the bottom of this page to get them sent to your inbox.

Project Miracle: A 30 day deep dive into the magic that lives within you.

Year of Dreams: a year-long journaling kit for dreamers.

Creative Dream Circle: In the Circle you'll get access to ALL of my best tools and resources - ALL of my classes and coaching groups - all the support you need for making your dreams REAL.  

I self-published some guided journals and card decks:

You Got This Guided Journal + Colouring Book for Dissolving Doubt + Bolstering Your Capacity To Believe In Yourself 

Hello Day: 30 Days of Mindfulness, Coloring + Self Discovery.

I made a deck of Journaling Cards for Magic + Insight and a Creative Dream Oracle deck.