I’m Andrea Schroeder, founder of The Creative Dream Incubator.

I teach journaling + meditation classes for navigating the space between where you are and where you want to be.

I'm an artist, writer and mentor to creative geniuses. I have a Bachelor of Applied Arts from Ryerson Polytechnic University in Toronto, Canada, and have been an officially accredited spiritual counsellor (which means -  3 years of training + 1 year of interning).

I started creating my own courses and workshops, combining creative journaling with meditation and healing circles, in 2008 in Winnipeg, Canada.

If you're in Winnipeg and looking to put on a self care workshop - get in touch. I have started doing one hour workshops in workplaces and communities to help people cope with all of the adjustments and unknowns we're all facing in the world right now.

I have been full time online with the Creative Dream Incubator since 2011.

This is what I have learned:

I love:

  • bike rides
  • journaling
  • picnics - in the park or at the beach
  • taking a hot bath and going to bed early
  • the DEEP work - going right into the thing I most want to avoid and finding the healing and magic that it has for me
  • chocolate peanut butter ice cream
  • the seasons. All of them!

I hate:

  • the oppressive systems we live under, like racism, sexism, ableism and heteronormativity... we ALL need to be FREE
  • being out past 10 pm
  • when I am cranky and someone tells me to calm down
  • the way capitalism makes it harder for us to live our most authentic and meaningful lives
  • Kombucha used to be right here on this list.. but then I got inspired to start brewing it at home and now I love it

In the Creative Dream Incubator, I help creative people make their dreams real by listening more deeply to their own values and creative magic.

I believe, more than anything, that creative people bringing their dreams to life is going to help save the world, and this work is getting more important every day.

It's not just about making your dreams happen (though I am a BIG fan of that) it's about who you become in the process. The real magic comes from the healing and growth that happen along the way.

Here is how I can help you with your dreams:

DREAM BOOK!: When you join Dream Book you get EVERYTHING -  24-7 access to ALL of my best tools and resources - all the support you need for making your dreams REAL.

Plus it's an ongoing creative mastermind where do all of this TOGETHER.

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