Journaling Cards for Magic + Insight

I want to help you have more fun journaling so that you do it more often so that you get more out of it.

NOTE: I only designed the cards.  The cards are sold, printed and shipped in the United States by a company called Game Crafter. All questions about ordering and shipping must go through Game Crafter

These cards are specially designed to help you get more of your journaling practice.

Years of teaching journaling has helped me be able to hone in on the most effective questions and prompts.

People tell me that the cards are “scary” how they tend to ask exactly the right question at exactly the right time.

But the cards don’t mean to scare you – they are here to help!

You have so much magic, wisdom and power inside you – the cards just want to help you tap into all of that.






Pick a journaling card and journal your response.

You don’t necessarily need to journal out a direct answer to the question – let the card take you wherever it takes you. Does it spark a new question? Does it remind you of something? Does it trigger a fear?

Choosing a card is like diving off a diving board – you could dive in a different way and wind up in a different place each time.

Journaling Cards are powered by synchronicity.

You’ll always choose exactly the right card that you need in any particular moment.

Sometimes (often?) this will also be the card that frustrates you the most. You’ll be tempted to choose another card and since it’s your deck and you get to do whatever you want with it, you can do that. But I want to encourage you to explore the places you tend to not want to explore – there is usually treasure hidden in those places.

A new adventure awaits you each time you open your journal!



Get the most out of your journaling practice

Before you begin, close your eyes and take 10 long, slow, deep breaths. Imagine that with each breath that you become more connected to your inner truth.

Be as honest with yourself as you can be. Your journal is your space to express yourself freely. Bullshitting yourself gets you nowhere.

journaling cards


Take your time. The really cool answers tend to come after you think you’re finished journaling. So just sit with it, keep writing longer than you think you need to.

You don’t always have to be writing! You can get creative in your journal with doodling, collaging, painting, drawing mandalas, etc. I’ve got a free art journal class right here where you can learn more about this.


journaling cards


You can just sit with it. Journaling is a practice of self-reflection. It’s ok if some days you sit quietly with your journal and don’t write a lot.

Make your journaling practice special! Consider lighting a special candle or making your favourite cup of tea before you begin.
journaling cards


It’s ok to have more questions than answers, in fact it’s really good! Feeling confused and uncertain means you are stretching yourself – stay with it.


journaling cards