The Year of Dreams 2018 is a year-long journaling kit for people with big dreams.

I’m Andrea Schroeder, creator of The Year of Dreams.

I help bright  + soulful creative types make their dreams real by combining the deep and transformative inner work with fun and engaging creative practices. 

If you don't know me yet, you can find out more about me, my background, and my work right here or check out my free e-course on Creative Dreaming, right here.

I absolutely adore the Year of Dreams and the difference it makes in my life.


This is my third year of doing a Year of Dreams project and I believe the 2018 version is the best one yet.

I am obviously biased, but I'm not just the creator of the Year of Dreams - I'm also an avid user! I can't tell you how much it tickles me to sit down and cut and paste the prompts each week.

Like kindergarten meets journaling meets dream-manifesting.

It makes it easier for me to sit down and journal - even on those days when I don't really feel like it.


I can be grumpy and resistance or foggy and tired and it doesn't matter. The Year of Dreams prompts orient my journaling towards something helpful - no matter where I'm starting from.

Some days I dive right in and find new insights immediately. Some days I sit and colour for a while, letting the questions marinate in my mind, and the answers come slow.

The Year of Dreams Journaling Kit meets you where you are and helps you move towards where you want to be - consistently and gently, all year long.

The prompts are simple, but thoughtfully created to help you uncover your own insights.

You will be amazed at what comes out of you! And you will never have to face the blank page!

Every week all year long you'll be supported in reaching for even your most impossible dreams.

Plus every month you'll get an extra sheet of journaling prompts for reflecting back on the month that is ending and looking ahead at what you want to create in the next month.

Our aim: steady, gentle, consistent movement towards your dream over the course of the year.


Specifically the Year of Dreams designed to help you to:

  •  find clarity in those times when you’re not sure what to do next with your dreams
  •  connect more deeply with the places inside of you where magic, miracles and manifestation come from
  •  stay on track with your dreams all year
  •  enjoy the creative process of planning and building your dream path

Every week you'll get a new sheet of prompts to cut + paste into your journal or planner, like this:

The Year of Dreams print + play pages are filled with:

  • Possibility-expanding Creative Dream Mantras.
  • Helpful journaling prompts that guide you deeper into connection with yourself and your dream - that place where magic, miracles and manifestation come from.
  • A weekly prompt for exploring what you can do next to serve your dreams right now.
  • Sacred geometry that act like little energy-shifting portals (colouring these shifts even my most stubborn bad moods!)
  • Incubators for growing + nourishing more of what you want in your life.

(And you get videos from me sharing different ways to play with the prompts + tools)

This is a 90 minute live-stream video visioning class. I'll lead you through a visioning process and you'll get loads of cut + paste visioning prompts to map out your spectacular year.
Even if you can't attend live - the Vision Class recording will be insightful and inspiring. The class is designed to be used over and over - any time you want to clarify or adjust your vision for your life.

You know how some years you have this beautiful vision on New Year's Day but end up totally off track by the July? 

That's NOT what we're doing here.


At the Vision Party we'll work on with intuition and creativity to set the most good-feeling, heart-centered goals you can find.

These are goals that truly inspire + motivate you, which are easier to achieve than the goals that come from your head, or other people's ideas of where you should be in life, or any of that non-sense.


And we're not going to just do the one Vision Party and then leave it at that.



There will be three Vision Check-Ins and Coaching Calls, spaced throughout the year.

These calls are an opportunity to check in with your vision every quarter, make any adjustments you need to make, plus get coaching and support if you need it.

(It's ok if you can't attend the calls live - you can send me your questions via email and I'll answer on the call)

PLUS! Only until Jan 9, when you get the Year of Dreams 2018 you'll also get the Dream Plan Kit!

Turn your dreams into plans (and your can'ts into CANs)

Powered by intuition and creativity, the Dream Plan kit bridges the inner and outer work of making a dream real. It helps you take all that inspiration, love and enthusiasm you have for your dream and use it to build the plan.

No endless to-do lists or turning your dream into a JOB. The whole point is to PLAY your way to your dream.

(After January 9, the Dream Plan Kit will be available on it's own for $47 USD)

The Dream Plan Kit includes:

  • Creative Planning + Project Management class recording: 1 hour, 50 minutes of me sharing everything I have learned about this.
  • Cut + Paste weekly + monthly calendars and trackers
  • Cut + Paste Journaling Prompt Sets for: Exploring + brainstorming potential new projects, Project Management and Maintaining Momentum with your projects
  • Creative Genius Planning Kit: Videos + Playsheets for planning your week with your intuition and inner magic
  • A section on what to do when you don't know what to DO to make your dream real


The Year of Dreams 2018 is flexible enough to fit into your life and your dreams.

You can use it in your journal or in your regular daytimer in addition to your normal planning process.

It adds an extra layer of magic + sparkle to whatever planning system you're using.

With the Dream Plan kit you get weekly and monthly hand-drawn calendars to cut + paste into your journal - turning it into the ultimate customizable dream planner!

(That's how I'm planning to do my planning this year)

Or get the year of dreams inside the Creative Dream Circle

The Creative Dream Circle is where you get access to ALL of my classes, including the Year of Dreams.

It's a complete, expansive support system for growing your dreams, your self and your life - from the inside out.

It's full of helpful tools, inspiring resources, in-depth classes and regular group coaching calls to keep you filled up on the path to building and living your authentic, sparkling life.

Find out more right here.

The complete Year of Dreams 2018 with the Dream Plan Kit is only available until January 9.

After that, the Dream Plan Kit will be for sale on it's own for $47 USD.

And the Year of Dreams 2018 will be available as a subscription. For $7/month you'll get the weekly downloads and any coaching calls that happen while your subscription is active. $7/month works out to $84 for the year and does not include the Dream Plan Kit, so if you're in it for the long haul, joining before Jan 9 is the way to go.