The Year of Dreams 2018 is coming!

Making a dream real doesn't happen in one fell swoop. It takes a lot of time and you have to keep working at it before you're seeing results and even when you're not feeling any magic or inspiration.

Which sucks, it really does!

At the end of 2015 I came up with an idea to help make it easier to keep taking those small steps, to stay on track long enough to get to the good parts....

And that's how The Year of Dreams 2016 Epic Playbook: Guided Journal + Coloring Book for Magic, Healing and Dreams Come True was born!

The 2016 Year of Dreams was amazing. And as I played with it, and watched everyone else play with it along with me - I learned a LOT about how to make it better.

For 2017 I changed the format and the Year of Dreams 2017 Dream Planner, Guided Journal and Colouring Book was infinitely better than the Year of Dreams 2016.

And now I'm getting ready to do that again for the Year of Dreams 2018.

It’s full of magic, guidance and all the positive energy you need to light the path to your dreams.

***I'll have the actual Year of Dreams 2018 materials ready to share in November, 2017***

(Past versions of the Year of Dreams have only been available in the Creative Dream Circle but the Year of Dreams 2018 will be available for purchase on it's own!)

Until then, check out the Year of Dreams 2017! Every Sunday you get a mini-journaling kit, like this:

These kits have been my best friend this year.

Continual invitations to come back to myself, come back to my dreams. To sit there and cut and paste and colour and journal and dream. To not have to face the blank page. To feel supported and uplifted in reaching for my most impossible dreams.

I absolutely adore the Year of Dreams and the difference it makes in my life. 


The Year of Dreams 2017 helps you to:

  •  find clarity in those times when you’re not sure what to do next with your dreams
  •  connect more deeply with the places in you where magic, miracles and manifestation come from
  •  stay on track with your dreams all year
  •  stay positive about your dreams
  •  enjoy the creative process of planning and building your dream path


Year of Dreams Dream Planner, Guided Journal and Coloring Book

The Year of Dreams 2017 Dream Planner, Guided Journal and Colouring Book is a magical year-long journaling collage kit that helps you make your dream real.

It starts on January 1, 2017 and then you'll keep getting new stuff every week, all year long!

It includes:

  •  Dream-growing affirmations that shift your energy and fill you up with optimism and positive energy to keep you filled up on that long path to your dreams.
  •  Helpful journaling prompts that guide you deeper into connection with yourself and your dream - that place where magic, miracles and manifestation come from.
  •  Inspiring mandalas with soul messages from your dream to give you advice and guidance on the path.
  •  Sacred geometry soul qualities that serve as portals that invite those qualities more fully into your life so they can support you on your path.
  • A Dream Planner kit to activate the power of your creativity, the magic of your soul and the healing power of alchemy to help you create (and walk!) the path that leads to your dream.

Year of Dreams Dream Planner, Guided Journal and Coloring Book

You can print them out on regular printer paper for some old school cut and paste fun, or you can print them onto adhesive paper (available in office supply stores) to make your own stickers!

You'll colour, journal and play your way to cultivating your inner gifts and shifting your mindset towards believing in yourself, your magic and the power of your dreams.

Plus you'll  map out a dream plan even a unicorn would approve of!

Year of Dreams Dream Planner, Guided Journal and Coloring Book

The Year of Dreams 2017 is flexible enough to fit your life and your dreams:

You can use it in your regular daytimer in addition to your normal planning process or you can use it in your journal.

Year of Dreams Dream Planner, Guided Journal and Coloring Book

You can pick and choose which parts of it you want to work with each week - sometimes you'll have time for a big gorgeous colourful planning session and sometimes you'll only have time for the basics.

Wherever you are, the Year of Dreams 2017 holds your process of growing steadily towards your dream.


So each week in 2017 you'll get a fresh new invitation to dive into the magic of making your dream real.

That was one thing that the participants in the 2016 Year of Dreams said - they LOVED having that fresh invitation to dive in and explore land in their inbox every week.

It's a steady stream of inspiration, motivation and support - coming at you all year long.

The Year of Dreams 2017 is still available inside the Creative Dream Circle.

The Year of Dreams 2018 will start on December 31, 2017.

I'll have the details ready to share in November.

Check back here for details, or sign up for my emails (in the purple bar at the bottom of this page, or right here) to be notified.