What changes when you've got ongoing support for working on your dream?

I'm not going to make a bunch of ridiculous promises here. I don't know what will change for you.

But I do know that things change when you show up for your dreams.

And I know that magic happens when you make space for magic to happen.

I also know that it's HARD to show up for your dreams, day after day, and to keep making the magic happen on your own.

That's the whole reason why I started the Year of Dreams: to offer ongoing support.

Not a whole class or coaching program that takes a ton of time to participate in -  just a steady stream of inspiration, encouragement and support for staying on the path. Plus magic. All year long.

It's fine to fall off the path or just skip some weeks - no matter what I'll keep sending out that steady stream. It will be there for you, all year long.

Using the Year of Dreams helps keep me more grounded and steady on my Dream Path.

I mean I don't always wake up in the morning full of inspiration and feeling totally sure of myself. I can wake up cranky or full of self-doubt or just fuzzy-headed and the Year of Dreams helps me shift gears towards where I want to be.

I start my day with the Year of Dreams almost every day. By giving me stuff to cut + paste + colour + contemplate, the Year of Dreams helps orient me towards my dream, every time I sit down to journal.

Because they're so helpful, I do the Year of Dreams pages diligently. Here are some of my favourite Year of Dreams moments from 2018:


And as far as making promises about the Year of Dreams: I can promise that I have poured my heart and soul into this and I will do everything I can to help you get what you need from it.

We've got a private classroom for asking questions and sharing stories that's open 24-7.

And we'll do a live call every month. If you can't be there live you can send me your questions via email so I can answer you on the call and you can still receive the support and encouragement of the group.

I'm here for you.

Encouraging Creative Dream Mantras that help you tap into your inner sense of trust in the magic and power of your dream.

You get: 1 new printable mantra each week + 1 video about working with mantras + 1 Creative Dream Mantra meditation audio.

This is not about mindless positive thinking and I will never ask you to accept the mantra as true just because I say it is: what we'll do is explore your honest reaction to it because I can promise that there's a gift somewhere in your reaction.

Like, no one feels powerful and capable of making their dream real all of the time. By exploring the places where you don't feel powerful you can actually learn a lot about how to actually BE more powerful in your Dream Work.

So we'll be using the Creative Dream Mantras as doorways for healing, growth and transformation.

Magnetic Sacred Geometry Qualities that help you call in the support and, resources you need to make your dream real.

You get: 1 new printable Sacred Geometry Quality each week + 1 video about working with Qualities + 1 Quality meditation audio

Alchemy is the process of transforming one thing into another.

Creative Dream Alchemy is the process of transforming what you have into what you want.

Working with qualities is how we do this. So every week in the Year of Dreams 2019 you'll be working with different qualities. Getting to know them and learning how they can support you in your ongoing Dream Work.

I mean - the qualities of spirit live inside you. You're made up of them. When you learn to connect with them you're actually tapping into your infinite create nature - the part of you who can make any dream real.

Transformative Creative Dream Alchemy experiments that provide a steady stream of new discoveries + magic for you and your dream.

You get: 1 new printable alchemy experiment each week + 1 Creative Dream Alchemy video where I explain how this works + 1 Creative Dream Alchemy Experiment meditation audio

These experiments take your alchemy work to the next level.

They are designed to help you engage more deeply with the growth, healing and transformation that your dream is calling you towards.

Because true alchemy goes beyond our linear ways of being able to describe these things, these Creative Dream Alchemy experiments are hard to describe so I'll be sharing one with you in the free You Got This Vision * Alchemy * Magic for the New Year class happening on December 14th.

Then in January I'm going to let you try the first week of the Year of Dreams 2019 for free - so you can do a Creative Dream Alchemy experiment with your dream and see how it works for you before deciding if you want to join or not.

Insightful Journaling Prompts that draw out your inner wisdom about how to make your dream real.

Each week I'll include some journaling prompts to help you explore and better understand and process your alchemy work.

Working with alchemy tools - it's pretty easy to have a magical experience. It's another thing entirely to take that magic and use it as fuel to make your dream real. These prompts will help you do that: mining your experience for insights and clues and what you need to do next to nurture and grow your dreams.

And so, along with a couple of journaling prompts for digging deeper into your alchemy experience, each week I'll ask you to think about the things you can to do *this week* to nourish and grow your dreams.

The practice of writing this list, week after week (or just sitting down and thinking about it on those weeks when you don't have any ideas) really strengthens your Creative Dream Muscles.

And we’ll do a monthly live zoom call where you can get support for whatever you’re facing on the path to your dream and fill up on the magic of communing with other creative dreamers.

Do not discount the magic of not feeling alone in the places where you struggle with your dreams! I always leave these calls feeling more connected to myself and my own magic, because I feel more connected to this amazing circle of dreamers.

And the magic + support are available both in the live calls and in the recordings: if you can’t be there live you can email me your questions for me to address on the live call. The recordings are just as heartwarming as the live calls.

The Year of Dreams is flexible enough to fit into your life and your dreams.

You can use it in your journal or in your regular daytimer in addition to your normal planning process.

It adds an extra layer of magic + sparkle to whatever journaling or planning system you're using.

When it comes to the Year of Dreams you’re never behind!

One thing I've noticed in online classes is that when life inevitably gets busy, people fall behind and it gets really hard to get "back on track".

So in the Year of Dreams there is no such thing as "behind!". There are just new invitations, coming at you every week, to dive in. A fresh start in your inbox every week - and a reminder to make some time for your dreams!

Weekly Year of Dreams Printables

One sheet with the Mantras, Sacred Geometry Qualities, Alchemy experiments and journaling prompts. These will be sent out on Fridays so you have the weekend to get starts on next week’s journaling or you can just leave it for Monday morning like I usually do.

The Year of Dreams Creative Dream Alchemy Starter Kit.

Instructional videos + guided meditations for your Creative Dream Alchemy experiments. I'll show you how to activate qualities and work through the Creative Dream Alchemy processes with your dream.

Private classroom

I share my Year of Dreams journaling pages on Instagram but I sure don't expect you to! We have a private classroom for sharing photos, stories, questions.

The Dream Lab class

This is the class were I teach the practice of how to connect with the heart and soul of your dream. You can use this to help work on that deep inner connection to your dream.

Monthly Q+A/Coaching Calls

If you can’t be there live you can send me your questions and I'll address them during the call so you can get the support you need in the recordings.

Ongoing Creative Dream Support

The most important part of the Year of Dreams is completely intangible - it's what changes in yourself and in your life when you have strong and steady Creative Dream Support. I think you're going to delight yourself with what you can do with the right kind of encouragement.

This is not like anything else you've tried.

Which makes it really hard for me explain everything clearly.

So I'm offering the first week FREE so you can try it out and see what kinds of possibilities it sparks for you.

You don't have to give me your credit card number - it's a real trial with no strings attached. You just have to give me your email address so that you can have an account in the classroom.

If you're already signed up for my emails you'll be the first to get access when the free trial period starts.

If not - check back here in January for details.

There are two ways to join the Year of Dreams 2019:

Just the Year of Dreams.

$21 US/month.

You can sign up just for the Year of Dreams 2019 which will give you access to only the Year of Dreams 2019 classroom.

The Year of Dreams 2019 on it’s own costs $21 US/month. You can cancel any time, I even made a video that shows you exactly how to cancel your account. Easy peasy.

All participants must read + agree to the Year of Dreams Guidelines + Policies. These policies are non-negotiable.  Please read this document carefully and only sign up for the Year of Dreams if you can agree to everything here.

All of the classes in the Creative Dream Circle.

$363 US/year.

You can join the Creative Dream Circle and get the Year of Dreams plus ALL of my other classes plus the Library of Creative Dream Alchemy, daily posts and weekly sharing circles.

Inside the Circle I post every day to share what's happening in my Dream Work, Inner Work and Outer Work - and there's a beautiful community of people who do this practice with me. It's a kind of Creative Dream Mastermind where we cheer each other on with our dreams.

The Year of Dreams focuses on Dream Work. If you want to go deeper into Inner Work, the tools, resources + support for doing Inner Work are in the Creative Dream Circle.

Find out more about the Creative Dream Circle right here.

Or get the year of dreams inside the Creative Dream Circle

If you’re not sure, you can start with the Year of Dreams and switch any time.

If you find you want more in-depth classes and Creative Dream Alchemy tools then you can cancel your monthly Year of Dreams payments and switch over to the full Creative Dream Circle any time.

Have a question? Email me here:

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