Hello! I'm Andrea

I made the Your Next Steps class to help you help you feel more CLEAR and SURE about your next steps.

This will help when you're ready to:

  • dream bigger
  • get organized
  • figure out how to do something bigger than what you've done before

Your Next Steps is free and available on demand 24/7.

It even includes a bonus class called The Hard Parts Are Where The Magic Happens. This is a 90 minute healing circle for working through the places where you get stuck.

So if you get stuck with your planning, you can switch over to that class which is a healing circle for getting un-stuck.

Contains: Alchemy meditations, journaling prompts + all the encouragement in the world

Your Next Steps is a video class where we work out your next steps together.

It's like having a Creative Dream Coach in your pocket ✨✨

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