How To Draw Mandalas (And Why You Want To)

Working with circles is a way of working with wholeness and healing.

When I started teaching Mandala-Making in Creative Healing Workshops 7 years ago, we would start at the outside, drawing the outline of the circle. Then, with collage, painting, journaling and doodling, we’d fill the Circles up with healing for whatever each of us wanted healing for.

Creating those Mandalas was a really beautiful experience and if you want a reeeeally simple, creative way to work with Mandalas – that’s it.

But what I REALLY love is to DRAW my Mandalas, starting on the inside, with a small circle at the center.

Then I build around the circle… with more circles, triangles, squares, lines, curves. I do this in sets so as I repeat the shapes around the circle they turn into patterns – amazing beautiful patterns that you almost can’t believe you drew yourself!

Really – you do NOT  have to “good at drawing” to be able to do this.

And you can’t learn this by reading about it.

It seems so complicated until you just pick up a pen and do it and then ohhhhhh…. easy peasy!

Open up your journal and grab a pen.

(Yes a PEN. If you use a pencil and start erasing every time your lines aren’t “right” you’ll only generate Icky Mean Perfectionism energy, not Magic Mandala energy.)

  1. Draw a small circle.
  2. Think of it as a compass. Add triangles that point to North, South, East and West.
  3. Add triangle points in between North, South, East and West. Now you’ve got 8 spaces to play with… these are your 8 Slices Of Pie.
  4. Add a circle to the end of each triangle. Now you’re starting to see how it works…
  5. Keep building it! Every time you add something to your Mandala, add it to each of the 8 Slices Of Pie.  You can add circles, domes, triangles, squares, lines, waves and outlines… and play with different ways of doing circles, domes, triangles, squares, lines, waves and outlines. You can also make up secret symbols, totally break the rules or do anything else you want to do – it’s YOUR Mandala.

Double-click to watch the (6 second) video of this simple Mandala being created:


Voila. You’ve made a Mandala.

My Mandalas have no rules, measurements or straight lines, just because I don’t have a lot of patience for that stuff. If you want to measure things out or use guidelines – feel free.

It’s really just putting simple shapes into the 8 Slices Of Pie. Because you are repeating it around the Mandala, new shapes and patterns emerge from the repetition.

The more you add to it, the cooler it starts to look.

In case this isn’t obvious: Once you’ve got the hang of it, you don’t have to start with 1 circle and 8 triangles – start however you are inspired to start.  I just gave you those instructions to get you started, so you could see how it works.

If you get into Sacred Geometry there is a lot of really cool stuff you can do with numbers and shapes beyond my simple “8 Slices Of Pie” formula.

This is NOT about making Mandalas that LOOK a certain way.

This is TOTALLY about being in your bliss-inducing magic-causing creative flow.

My Mandalas evolved into these cute cartoony things that send me eerily accurate Messages from the Universe.  Yours may evolve into something totally different.

Every time I draw a mandala I get the exact message I need to hear in that moment. Because when you’re in your creative flow – magic happens.

As you set out, try to be open to however your process is going to unfold, and to not be too tied to your Mandalas looking a certain way.  I know that’s hard, but being attached to your Mandalas LOOKING a certain way WILL cramp up your creative flow, dull your sparkle and kill the magic.

As you practice and experiment, you’ll find your unique style.

The key is to listen to your inner voice.

Ask: what wants to go next in your Mandala?

While I’m drawing Mandalas I don’t ever decide what to do. I sit with it quietly until I KNOW what it wants next.  Sometimes this means I don’t draw anything for a long while.

Once you really get into it, this kind of simple, reflective, repetitive creative practice is super good for your brain, your heart and your soul. It helps you slip into your creative flow and opens up your intuitive connection while simultaneously calming you down and filling you up.

It creates space for answers, insight, inspiration and whatever else you could need to just flow right in.

It’s magic enough that you’ll probably want to do it every day.  I know I do.