Your big breakthrough awaits: 

Tear down the walls that are keeping you from having what you really want and access your inner superpowers so you can start living your dreams faster and easier than you thought possible.

The basic premise of the work/play we do in the Creative Dream Circle is this: when you amp up your creative magic ANYTHING is possible. 

Creative magic: Your creativity, heart, soul, authenticity, power,  potential and intuition all rolled into a great big ball of inspiration and “make-it-happen-ness”, coated in delight, then dipped in glitter.

It means you already have everything you need to succeed.  You're smart, talented and capable.

You've probably experienced moments where you felt so deeply connected to your inner Creative Magic that all of a sudden it was easy to believe in yourself.  You knew, you just KNEW that you could make it happen.

For most of us those moments just don’t come often enough, or last long enough. And you’re left with the Creative Magic Hangover…. gosh last night everything felt possible but today, well today I don’t see how I’m going to get there.

It's easy to bring your dreams to life... when you know how to stay in the magic.

Years ago, one of my first teachers told me a story about Gandhi that I remember to this day: 

Gandhi's advisers were telling him that they had a very busy day planned, with twice as much work as they usually had to do, so they wanted him to skip his morning meditation and get to it.

Gandhi told them that if they had twice as much to accomplish, then they must first meditate for twice as long as usual. 

Gandhi understood how to access his Creative Magic.  

People who accomplish great things are not better than other people (everyone is awesome!).  People who accomplish great things simply understand how to consistently and reliably access their Creative Magic .

(If you're thinking "That's nice, but I'm not meditating for 2 hours a day" then read on: you're definitely in the right place.)

Flip that inner switch to turn your magic ON, and then keep it turned ON.

It's easier (and more fun!) than you think to cultivate your inner magic.  

While I have all the respect in the world for Gandhi (I was seven years old when my dad took me to that epic movie about Gandhi's life to teach me about the importance of nonviolent protest and standing up for what you believe in - the message definitely stuck with me) there are easier, faster and funner ways of getting plugged in.  

And maybe it's just a sign of the times that most of us simply are not able to sit quietly for an hour or two a day.

As a creative soulful person who is determined to succeed you want to get really good at staying firmly rooted in your magic, especially when the shit is hitting the fan.

It's about LIVING in your Creative Magic, today and every day.  And I'm going to show you how it's way easier than you think to do this.

Going after your Creative Dreams is the best!

Pursuing your dreams is about being who you really are and living authentically and being happy and fulfilled in the moment while growing into your greatest self. 

It’s about creating your gleefully inspiring life. Who doesn’t want that?

We all want it, but few people actually go after their dreams because of the (many!) hard parts:

* That inner voice that whispers that you’re not good enough while pushing you off the path.

* Being paralyzed by the thought that you’re going to fail.

* Friends and family who say they believe in you, while encouraging you to keep your day job.

* Going through that awful vulnerable feeling of putting yourself out there… only to not make any sales.

* Worrying that no one is ever going to care about what you've got to offer.

* Wanting to create something in your life that is so unique that there are no blueprints for success.

* The frustration of not having enough money to fund your dreams.

* The exhaustion of working at a day job and dreaming on the side.

... I could go on, but writing this list is depressing me.

It’s painful to both want the dream so badly you can feel it and be unsure of how to get it.

Some days it feels like dreams live in castles surrounded by moats filled with angry, hungry alligators with extra-chompy teeth. And there are no materials in sight with which to build a bridge.

Learning how to safely cross that moat is NOT about being “good enough” or working your ass off. I’ll explain more in a minute about how you can use your creativity, heart and imagination to build real-life hot air balloons that will happily float you over that moat and right into the castle.

Giving up is not an option, your dream means too much to you. So you keep on keeping on.

* You try to beat your inner critic into submission. But each time you hit it, it’s like it comes back stronger.

* You try the “face it till you make it” approach to positive thinking until your face hurts from fake-smiling and you’re still not makin’ it.

* You visualize your dream come true so exquisitely you can feel it all the way down to your bones how your dream is on its way to you… but then you open your eyes and the rent is still due and your crappy job is still crappy. 

* You work your ass off, and you’re happy to keep working your ass off if it’s going to get you to your dream, but you’re not even sure what, exactly, you should be doing.

* You search everywhere for people who can help. Like if that publisher would pick up your book or thousands (or even dozens?) of people would buy your thing or if Popular Blogger would write about you on her blog… then…. THEN you could get some traction with your dream. But all this does is make you feel like your success lies in someone else’s hands, which feels completely poopy.

The good news is: it’s not you. This stuff doesn’t work.  All the conventional wisdom out there about how to make things happen is wrong.

I learned this the hard way, after years of doing everything on this list and getting nowhere with my dreams.

All this stuff does is keep you on the hamster wheel of working hard and NOT getting to where you want to be.

You want to have your dream.

But wanting your dream and not knowing how to get there keeps you on this hamster wheel of frustration. So what you really want is a surefire way to make CONSISTENT and HAPPY PROGRESS on your dream.

What if you felt fulfilled while working towards your dream right now, because you’re having so much fun with your dream and you believe in yourself and you trust the path you’re on? Imagine how much easier it is to stay in your magic when you feel powerful and sure of yourself.

And what if you knew how to stop fear in it’s tracks - before it can mess with your vibe, bringing you down and crashing your dream-mobile? Imagine the freedom of not having fear get in your way!

What if you turned your inner critics into allies? If your inner critics are powerful enough to slow you down, imagine what happens when you’ve got that energy and power working FOR you.

What if you had unshakable confidence in yourself and unconditional belief in your dream? What if you always knew what path to take and what tools to bring along to make the path easier?

Deep down connection to your inner magic and glowing, radiant trust in yourself.  That delicious inner knowing that you're on the right path.

You know you do your best creative work when you’re happy, connected to your heart, in alignment with your soul and feeling the good, good, good vibrations. This is when you’re so firmly rooted in your magic that you start to sparkle a bit.

It’s your inner brilliance, shining so bright the whole world can see.  And it will light the path to your dream.

Few people understand this, but fighting your fears and hating your obstacles is actually what is keeping you stuck.

Learning how to work WITH your fears and doubts and obstacles effectively will liberate you. 

The trick isn’t to put your nose to the grindstone and work harder to GET YOUR DREAM, or to wait around for someone to make it happen for you.  The trick is to bring the bliss of being deeply connected to your magic into where you are right now, so this can transform the path to your dream.

You see, fear, self-doubt and inner critics are a part of you! Anything you do to attempt to “get rid of them” diminishes you. It dulls your genius because it puts you at war with yourself.

The bliss of being connected to your magic comes from a place of inner peace and alignment, it can’t come from a place of fighting your feelings or trying to force them to be different.

So you don’t want to get rid of fear, self-doubt and inner critics, you want to heal them and find their gift. At the heart of every fear is a kernel of wisdom, power and sparkle-fuel, and that wisdom, power and sparkle-fuel is going to help you jump off the hamster wheel and jump onto the path where you make your dream real.

Think of how much POWER your fears, doubts and inner critics have to knock you off track. Imagine having that much power working FOR you in your mission to make your dream real.

This is a totally revolutionary way of approaching fear, self-doubt and inner critics. And a gorgeously fulfilling way of creating success because once you’ve got your fears working FOR you - there’s nothing you can’t do because you're fully plugged in to your inner power.

Remember our story where your dream feels like it's in a castle surrounded by a moat filled with angry hungry alligators?

That whole story changes when you work with your fears in this way. There are no more alligators, there's just a magical hot air balloon that will happily take you wherever you want to go.

Working on your dream in this way will bring you into delicious inner alignment with who you really are.

Most programs out there focus on outer results. And outer results are important – I’ve used what I teach to: quit my day job, buy my dream loft condo, travel the world, and find the time and patience to start sewing all of my own clothes, but more about me in a minute.

Outer results are important, but the real magic is in that inner alignment. Being at peace with yourself, trusting yourself.

You know how it feels to be really in the zone and you want to live in that place more often. When you focus on outer results you put off feeling that way until after you’ve won the prize. It’s a stressful and un-fulfilling way to live.

You deserve to feel good now.

Our society is really messed up about this! As a result, we end up with the belief that we have to work hard and earn the right to be happy.

Sweetie, you were born with the right to be happy. Claiming your right to feel good now will help fuel your dream and amplify your creative brilliance – plus you’ll get to feel good now!

We’ll create this delicious alignment with three key ingredients:

  • the healing of spiritual transformation
  • the magic of creative practice
  • the liberation of emotional integration.

There’s nothing else out there like this that works so deeply with your spiritual self, your creative self and your emotional self.

Because there is nothing else out there that works so deeply with your spiritual self, your creative self and your emotional self, it’s hard for me to explain how it works other than to say: you’ll get to PLAY your way to deep down healing and radiant transformation.

It’s like your heart starts to get bigger as the obstacles to success start to shrink.

My clients repeatedly report that obstacles they were once insurmountable are transformed and dissolved. Impossible dreams start to feel totally do-able. That they’re happy, inspired and engaged with creating positive change in their lives.

The practices I teach are fun and engaging – so that you want to do them regularly. Because the more you explore this new world of creative magic, the better it all gets. Once you discover the magic of transforming obstacles into allies instead of trying to obliterate them, you’ll be absolutely hooked.

You’ve got this whole world inside you: your inner wisdom and power, your heart and soul, your creativity and dreams, your fears and doubts, the limiting beliefs you’ve picked up along the way, the inner critics.

Each part is pushing you to move in a certain direction, either towards expansion, delight and abundance or towards staying small and settling for less.

Of course, amplifying your wisdom and power and heart and all that good stuff is good! Then they can move you more powerfully towards expansion, delight and abundance.

But even better than that is transforming your fears and doubts and all that icky stuff! Then they can also start working at moving you towards your real life, instead of pushing against your dreams.

Imagine how amazing it will feel as you start to transform your fears, doubts and inner critics so they join you in moving towards expansion, delight and abundance.

As you heal and transform the inner conflict, miracles happen.

I’m Andrea Schroeder, founder and leader of The Creative Dream Circle. I know how to get from struggle to flow and I can show you how too.

I’ve devoted my life to helping brilliant creative geniuses (like you!) live gorgeously with their dreams — with spiritual practices & personal development techniques that feel like magic potions, tea parties and creative playdates.  I make spiritual practice SO FUN you'll look forward to doing it every day so you can get those amazing benefits of being all charged up with Creative Magic.

I’ve been studying the intersection of creativity and spirituality forever. My official-type education includes a degree in fashion design, half of a degree in interior design and an accreditation (which means 3 years of focused study, 1 year of interning plus passing some tests) as a Spiritual Teacher/Healer/Counselor.

I’m a lifelong learner, so I’ve also been to more intuitive development, energy healing, emotional healing and spiritual growth type workshops, retreats and classes than I could possibly list here.

When people join my Creative Dream Circle they’re often stunned by how effective everything is. That's no accident, I have a lot of training and experience and I take my job as a Creative Dream Incubator VERY seriously.

I believe, more than anything, that creative people bringing their dreams to life is going to save the world. This means everything to me, which is why I work so hard to enable your greatness.

I found that as a highly creative and deeply spiritual person most of the tools out there just didn’t have that right combination of soul-full-ness and heart-full-ness and FUN-ness.

So over the years as I’ve developed my skills, I have created my own totally unique set of tools – bringing the bliss and freedom of wild creative abandon into the sometimes-stuffy practices of personal growth and conscious spiritual evolution.

I know I’m not the only Superstar Life Coach out there, but if you like the idea of bringing creativity, play, emotional healing and spiritual transformation into your personal growth - I’m definitely your girl.

I developed this unique approach to heal, support and nurture you spiritual self, your creative self and your emotional self, I called it Creative Soul Alchemy.

It's deeply healing and radiantly transformative plus playful and fun enough that you'll want to play with it every day. If you’re like me, you’ll totally fall in love with it.

But it’s definitely not for everyone. So I created a free introductory class so you can try it out, risk-free. It’s a ten day class that leads you through the basics of how Creative Soul Alchemy works. It’s called Give Your Dream Wigs and you can sign up for that right here.

The Give Your Dream Wings class is just the tip of the iceburg of what is possible with Creative Soul Alchemy. If you enjoyed that class, definitely sign up for the Creative Dream Circle, where you’ll get ALL of my transformative dream-growing classes, kits and resources - plus the support of doing this work in community instead of going it alone.

Carrie Anspach,

I’ve actually accomplished and received more clarity in the 4 weeks I’ve been in the Creative Dream Circle than I have in the past 4 years going it alone.

Carrie Anspach,

The Creative Dream Circle is my glitter-dusted secret playhouse (aka online community & classroom) where you’ll get extraordinary tools, guidance and inspiration to overcome any obstacle and create your own gorgeous version of success.

As a Creative Dream Circle member, you're getting ALL of my best classes, tools and resources for amplifying your magic and making your dream real.  Instant access to everything listed on this page:

(This is a loooong list!  Once you join you're going to get a tour of everything so it will be easy for you to narrow in on exactly what's going to be the most helpful for you right now.)

The Creative Dream Incubator is a wish-fulfillment master class to help you GROW YOUR DREAM, by guiding you through every stage of the Creative Dream Process.

6 Inspiring Workbooks: Over 105 whimsical pages of Creative Dream Magic

6 Inspiring Workbooks: Over 105 whimsical pages of Creative Dream Magic

Module 1: INCEPTION or How to plant the seed of your dream in such a way that it will actually GROW.  If you plant a waterlily in the desert it’s not going to grow, this module helps you get your soil juuuuust right so your dream seeds grow like crazy.

Module 2: ESSENCE or The secret path to Creative Dream Success.  If you’re paying any attention at all you already know that the secret path is the INNER path.  Sometimes “inner work” seems really vague and it’s hard to know if it’s “working”.  In this module you’ll learn a unique and effective approach for connecting with your dream – soul to soul.

Module 3: EXPRESSION or The Magic + Sparkle of making dreams REAL by taking simple, do-able steps.  It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you think about EVERYTHING that has to happen for you to bring your dream to life.  By rooting yourself in the magic, orienting yourself towards your final destination and focusing on what needs to happen now – you make space to take baby steps, one after another, until you’re there.  This module will show you how.

Module 4: UNFURL or How meeting your fears with creativity and love means you’ll NEVER have to be STUCK.  My favourite module, though it’s the one that everyone dreads.  I promise: you can do this.  This module shows you all the secrets about how to shift your comfort zone (so it can be full of more of what you want, and less of what you don’t want) and transform fears and doubts.  Big time magic.

Module 5: AMPLIFY or How self-care and play activate your SUPERPOWERS.  This module is going to ask you to PLAY.  The happier you are, the better you can plug into your inner superpowers.  Party time!

Module 6: FRUITION or How your DREAM COME TRUE is going to make demands of you and what to do about it.  Getting your dream isn’t all puppies and rainbows, as you start to experience big changes in your life, you’re going to come up against some difficult choices.  This module will help you through them.

21 Helpful Creative Dream Incubator Videos

21 Helpful Creative Dream Incubator Videos

This is where I lead you step-by-step through the sometimes-confusing terrain of bringing a dream to life, from the inside out. Each video is between 2 and 22 minutes long – it’s like having me right there in your living room, sharing all of the secrets of Creative Dreaming.

6 Creative Dream Incubator Meditations

6 Creative Dream Incubator Meditations

My Creative Meditation mp3s are NOT designed for sleepy relaxation. They’re supercharged servings of ENCOURAGEMENT to amplify your Creative Spirit and take you deeper into what you’re learning in the workbooks — and they’re part of the “secret sauce” of bringing dreams to life.

Each meditation is 15 minutes long.

A special Creative Journal project

A special Creative Journal project

Throughout the Creative Dream Incubator, you’ll be working on this journal page where you integrate and explore everything you’re learning as you create a visual representation of your growing dream.  Even if you’re not an artist – you’re going to love this.

In the in-depth videos I share my process for creating this special page and go over all sorts of different ways to do this with the most basic of art supplies (all you really need is a pencil, but you can get as elaborate as you like – many people find that their project DEMANDS glitter).

These tools have helped hundreds of people create happier, more heart-aligned lives, and they’ll work for you too.

Step by step, you'll learn all the secrets to successful creating dreaming: dismantling fear, transforming inner critics, expanding possibility in your life and figuring out what, exactly, to do with all of this.

Jenny Ryan AKA Cranky Fibro Girl,

Hey, Andrea, I just wanted to write and let you know how amazing this program is being for me.

Crazy-awesome changes keep happening, and obstacles that I thought were surely blocks are just melting away like butter.

Jenny Ryan AKA Cranky Fibro Girl,

The Un-Sticking Station unsticks inner and outer stucks… like magic.

Remember when I talked about bringing all parts of you into alignment towards expansion, delight and abundance (AKA your dream come true)? This is where you do the day-to-day “work” of bringing your fears, doubts and inner critics into the magic.

Any time you feel afraid or stuck - come here immediately!

Audio class: How Meeting Your Fears With Creativity And Love Means You Never Have to Stay Stuck

Audio class: How Meeting Your Fears With Creativity And Love Means You Never Have to Stay Stuck

This is an hour long class where I explain the principles behind how the Un-Sticking Station works, and work through the process with a few people on the call, so you can get a chance to see how it works. If the idea of getting un-stuck easily sounds too good to be true, this class is going to rock your world.

The Un-Sticking Station Process

The Un-Sticking Station Process

This is a short audio that leads you through the process of getting un-stuck… like magic!  I use this all the time to un-stick the inevitable stucks of living with my dreams.  The whole Creative Dream Circle site is mobile-friendly, so if you’ve got a smart phone – then you can take the Un-Sticking Station with you wherever you go!

There’s a special forum in the Un-Sticking Station too, so if you want to share anything about your process, or document your un-stickings over time you have this private space to do so.  It can also be super heartwarming to read everyone else’s posts about working with their stucks.  So good to see that you’re not alone!

Extra tools, guidance and support for making the hard parts easier

Extra tools, guidance and support for making the hard parts easier

There are links in the Un-Sticking Station to all of the helpful videos and audios elsewhere in the Creative Dream Circle.  So that when things are hard, it’s easy to find help.

The Creative Genius Mojo Dojo amplifies your magic.

Your creative genius is that part of you that already know how to bring your dreams to life. The more connected you are to your creative genius the easier it is to make your dreams real. The Creative Genius Mojo Dojo is a place to practice getting and staying connected - with tools that make this creative and fun.

Creative Genius Planning Sessions

Creative Genius Planning Sessions

If you see my creative journaling photos and wonder how I use my fun art journals to bring my dreams to life – this will show you!  The Creative Genius Planning Sessions is spiritual creative strategic planning at its best.

Sometimes figuring out what to DO, on a practical level, to make your dream real, can be intimidating.  Creative Genius Planning Sessions are the solution to that.  This process will get you deeply plugged into your inner magic, connected to all of the possibilities that the universe has to offer, so you can map out your next steps from a place of power.

You’ll get an audio leading you through the ultra-magic Creative Genius Planning Sessions process, plus playful worksheets for bringing the magic to life.

Crazy Smart Wisdom Council

Crazy Smart Wisdom Council

The Crazy Smart Wisdom Council connects you to your deep inner wisdom and helps deepen your connection to your intuition on a daily basis.

The process of bringing a dream to life comes with many questions!  The Crazy Smart Wisdom Council is a process for getting answers direct from your own soul.  Uber-powerful.

You’ll get an overview of how it works, a short audio that leads you through the process and ideas for other ways to play with this concept.

The Creative Business Incubator is all about how to grow a business with creativity, heart and soul.

The Creative Business Incubator is a plug-in for the Creative Dream Incubator e-Course, with additional journaling prompts and videos all about how to apply these principles to creating a creative business. 

If you’d like your dream to pay the bills - you’re going to love this.

12 Creative Business Videos

12 Creative Business Videos

Many of these are almost an hour long, where I delve deep into everything I’ve learned about marketing, sales, putting yourself out there even when you’re scared and being productive + happy.  Everything I’ve got to say about building a business with creativity, soul, heart and integrity is right here.

6 Creative Business Workbooks

6 Creative Business Workbooks

Filled with journaling prompts for diving deep into your internal landscape to make room for success in business.

The thing that makes it hard for more Creative Spiritual people to succeed in business is not having the right mindset for creating success with creativity, heart and integrity.  These prompts help you shift your way of seeing things to create that new mindset that supports you in stepping into your role as a successful entrepreneur.

Bonus modules on Cashflow & Abundance and Non-Slimy Creative Business Resources

Bonus modules on Cashflow & Abundance and Non-Slimy Creative Business Resources

You want to get into business so that you can do what you want to do, it’s not all about money.  That doesn’t change the fact that your business needs to MAKE money.

Here I’m sharing everything I’ve learned about cash flow and making money with my business.  I’ve been doing this business as my full-time gig since January 2011 and I’m still learning, so I’m still adding new stuff to the Creative Business Incubator.  I’ll let you know every time I discover something new & amazing.

Lisa vanEgmond, Artist and Creative Arts Therapist,

Andrea’s courses are amazing, she is a beacon of light (super creative light) in this world.

I have no hesitation recommending her to anyone to wants to be more creative or make their dreams real.

Lisa vanEgmond, Artist and Creative Arts Therapist,

Effy Wild,

Andrea has helped me to get clear on my big ‘why’ when it comes to my creative business.


She’s also helped me to understand how to tap into this magical flow that is available to me from the Universe ~ a flow that allows me to achieve my dreams with ease!

Effy Wild,

The Creative With Money Kit will transform your relationship with money (so it can be your friend & ally in bringing your dreams to life)

A soulful, creative approach to money. Creative With Money harnesses the superpowers of your creativity, imagination and sense of PLAY to help you bring more ease, flow and freedom into your relationship with money.

This is about bringing creativity, soul, and (gasp!) FUN into how you do money. Which opens up new possibilities for how money works in your life. When you feel empowered about money - EVERYTHING changes.

4 Inspiration-Charged Audios

4 Inspiration-Charged Audios

The audios contain a combination of teaching, magic and supercharged creative magic exercises, as they lead you through every step of the process of getting creative with money.  (total length: just under 1 hour, but it takes at least 4 hours to work through them with the Playbooks).

4 Magic-Inducing Playbooks

4 Magic-Inducing Playbooks

The playbooks guide you deeper into that amazing intersection of creativity, play and money, with sparks flying all the way. There is even a whole playbook about what to do if you get stuck at any point in the process!  Not that you’ll get stuck, of course.

2 Money & Magic Guided Journals

2 Money & Magic Guided Journals

Insightful journaling prompts and explorations for keeping the magic alive after your Creative with Money process.

9 In-Depth Creative Money Videos

9 In-Depth Creative Money Videos

This is where I go into more detail about how to take what you learned at the playdate and use it in your ongoing relationship with money.

(total time: just over 2 hours)

Angel Sullivan,

HOLY MOLY, woman!  This program *so* full of brilliant I’m still seeing stars and glitter, hours later!

I signed up for because I have had this “thing” with money for as long as I can remember… and frankly I’m over it and ready to work with it!

I did get what I wanted from it. I had some really spectacular experiences with the work…  My relationship with money has begun to evolve, on a really deep level (which is the only way there can be any lasting change), and has led me to being able to actually have a relationship with money rather than just constant fear around anything money related. That fear and tension is not a fun way to live, especially as it relates to something that has such an impact on life as we’re currently living it!

Thank you for all of this!!

Angel Sullivan,

In the Advanced Creative Badassery Resource Library you'll learn everything I know about being a Creative Badass (AKA: creating your life the way you want it – not living by anyone else’s rules).

Hours and hours and hours of videos, not found in any of my classes, designed for people who are are a little further down the path to bringing a dream to life. Once you’re in the Circle, you can even suggest what topics to add next!

Q&A Video Series

Q&A Video Series

This is a video series I did when the Creative Dream Circle was first formed and only open to people who had already been working with me. Every month we had a theme, and everyone would send me their questions on that theme.  These members were brilliant creative people, dedicated to bringing their magic to life – they had BRILLIANT questions, which mades these videos particularly inspiring.

I made each video long enough to answer EVERYONE’s questions, so many are an hour long, these are on topics like:

  • sovereignty (AKA how to create healthy boundaries that give you space to grow your dream),
  • the magic of daily practice.
  • approaches to self-care that help you get what you need AND help you make your dream real.
  • what to do when the comparison monster strikes.



You’ll also get access to recordings from ALL of my tele-classes, including:

  • How to tell Fear from Intuition: VERY helpful tips for knowing which inner voices to act on.
  • Energy Clearing: How to keep your space clear and full of possibility and magic.
  • Visibility: Bringing a dream to life usually includes an element of being more seen in the world. This terrifies most of us, so I did this class to explore and transform our relationships with visibility.
  • The Abundance Activator: A short and super-charged inspiring abundance meditation – listening to it every day has been known to work miracles.

And you’ll get invites to whatever new tele-classes I do.

My super-personal videos

My super-personal videos

I get comments all the time from people who say how helpful they find it that I share my honest stories on my blog. Well if you like that – you’re going to love this.

Inside the Circle I share the really personal stuff that I would never post on my blog. I let you see me while I’m in the hardest parts of the hard parts, so you can watch my process as I move through it. This way, instead of just having a road map for how to get out of the hard parts, you’ve got the experience of watching exactly how I get back into the magic, in those moments when I feel too afraid to do anything.

Most people say watching these more personal videos helps validate their own process.

Plus your very own Creative Dream Community

One of the hardest parts of bringing a dream to life is not having the right support, and I do know this from experience. When I first made the decision to leave my safe, cushy day job to be a full time Creative Dream Incubator, I didn’t have a lot of support. 

My parents wished I would keep my job. My friends were happy for me, but I could see their eyes glaze over every time I tried to talk about my growing business.  My co-workers made fun of me (“You’re going to play with glitter for a living? Good luck with that.”). I was told more than once that I was bound to fail.

It’s important to surround yourself with like-minded people, the Creative Dream Circle will help you do that. It’s full of brave creative beings who are facing their fears, transforming their obstacles and bringing their dreams to life. They’re going to inspire you like crazy.

Sovereignty & Respect

Sovereignty & Respect

The Creative Dream Circle Guidelines are very clear: this is a space where we EMPOWER and CELEBRATE each other.

Imagine being a part of a community where everyone treats you like you are an amazing genius!  You won’t get unsolicited advice (because that suggests that someone else knows what’s right for you, and we know that only you can decide that) and no one will ever say anything like “I don’t think that’s a very good idea, you should be more practical”.  We’ll just send love and magic your way.

The only rule about how much to participate is this: do what works for you. You’re never “behind” in any of these classes because you’re always exactly where you need to be! It’s a 100% pressure-free community with 100% permission to always only participate in the ways YOU want to.

Some people never post anything in our online forum. Some people are actively engaged in our thoughtful discussions. Some people just pop in when they need some extra support. You can fall wherever you like on that spectrum.

Weekly Sharing Circle

Weekly Sharing Circle

Every Friday I post an update on my blog about what’s happening with my dreams.  (The more personal parts of those posts get edited out on my blog, you’ll find them in the updates I post inside the Circle.)

Inside the Circle, I post the update with an invitation for you to share your updates as well.  It’s stunning how much inspiration and magic happens inside of these sharing circles, as people open up about what’s going on with their dreams.  Being able to peek into other people’s process, while getting support and cheering for yours, is priceless.

Dream Journal

Dream Journal

You’ll also get your very own online dream journal inside the Circle where you can document your process.  This is entirely optional of course, but provides an easy way for you to be able to look back on your posts.  When you’re in the process of change it can be easy to forget how much you’ve already accomplished.  Re-reading your posts and re-visiting your journey reminds you of how powerful you already are.

We all know that the path to making a dream REAL gets rocky sometimes. Once you join the Circle, you'll have a steady stream of helpful, insightful and creatively engaging resources coming your way to smooth out those rough parts quickly so you can keep sailing smoothly in the land of dreams.

There are so many resources inside the Circle so that you can find exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.

Lynne Fairchild,

This group is amazing and I am so grateful.  It has changed my world.

I no longer feel isolated. It supports me in a way that challenges me to my greatness, and in a way that nothing else in my (extensive and great) network of friends and colleagues could. Just like you said in our first video (I re-listened to it from my iPhone when I was doing my cardio at the gym yesterday).

The videos are awesome! Inspiring and practical.  You challenge me to deepen my spiritual trust and growth, and you provide practical tools and ideas to implement that help me ground my business in a creative and spiritual foundation.

You respond specifically to the needs of the group.

I listen to each video multiple times, and I get something really valuable and new from each time I listen. Thank YOU!!!!!

Andrea, you are an Alchemy Facilitator of Dreams

Lynne Fairchild,

Are you thinking... that's nice but who has time for all of this?

I get it.  And I know EXACTLY how hard it is to make time for your dreams in a busy life.  Before I made the leap to living full time with my dreams, I was working full time, plus doing spiritual counseling and leading healing circles part time, plus developing my creativity workshops, plus learning about business and managing a rental property.

(These days, thanks to what I'm teaching here in the Creative Dream Circle, my life looks a LOT different. I go for daily bike rides, sew my own adorable clothes, spend loads of time art journaling and hanging out in coffee shops and planning out where I want to travel to next. It's not easy to get here, but it's worth it.)

I know how hard it is to make space for what you want in your life.  I also know if you don't do it now, it's not going to happen.

Everything I teach is designed to help you access more of your Creative Magic which helps you do more in less time.  It's "work smarter, not harder" AMPLIFIED.

You CAN start taking steps today.  If time is a big issue, start by focusing on only one thing.  You can start to open up new possibilities in your life in much less time than you think.  Plus think of how good it will feel to take your dreams down from up on the shelf and let them play in your life right now!

One step at a time.. you'll get there. 


Inspiration Cards Class

Inspiration Cards Class

Handmade Inspiration Cards are not just fun to make, they’re a delight to live with. Each card is a tiny propeller – lovingly propelling you towards your dreams.

Not an artist?  No worries!  Inspiration Cards are small and don’t take a lot of time to make. You don’t need special tools or supplies.  And you don’t need to be an artist to have a great time making cards (I’ll share lots of ideas for how to do this).

Love Your Life Creative Journal Class

Love Your Life Creative Journal Class

The Love Your Life Creative Journal Class is specially designed to help you play your way to a happier life.

If you’re new to journaling, this will help you find the MAGIC in it. If you’re already journaling, this will help you deepen your practice and find MORE magic.

You get a 90 minute audio class, plus a guided journal & colouring book chock full of magic.



Learn a playful and effective way of using creativity and intuition to map out your next steps.  I use this process all the freaking time.  It’s what helped me build my creative business and quit my day job, buy my dream loft, travel around the world and live a happy and fulfilling life.

It’s simple. It works.  And it’s fun.

You’ll get a 90 minute audio class on the magic of Creative Treasure-Mapping plus playbooks to support your process.

New classes being added all the time!

New classes being added all the time!

August 5, 2014: The MAGIC Journal Creative Journal Class
Sept 15, 2014: The MANDALA Journal Creative Journal Class
Oct 23, 2014: The SUPERHERO Journal Creative Journal Class
Nov 26, 2014: Peaceful Happy Holiday Season

A full-on curriculum of magic to keep you inspired and moving forward.

Melody Flurry

I’m one of those people who used to think that I didn’t have enough time or money to participate in the Creative Dream Circle.

I realize now that thinking I didn’t have enough time or money was just an excuse. It was kind of tied into not believing in my own self worth, like I shouldn’t spend the money or take time away from my kids to do this because it was silly and it wasn’t going to cause a change in my life so what’s the point.

That was just my inner critic talking, I realize now, and boy was my inner critic wrong!

These resources and the daily practice of connecting with my creativity has changed my life! It has impacted my relationships and my outlook in such a positive profound way in such a short period of time that there is no way I would ever stop playing in the Creative Dream Circle.

Melody Flurry

The Creative Dream Circle is specially designed for Creative Soulful people who want to live in tune with their inner magic.


Your dream can be as simple as wanting to feel peaceful and happy about your life or as big as wanting to quit your day job, buy your dream house and inspire the whole world to go after their dreams (which, of course is my dream - I'm 2/3 of the way there!).

Or you can use what you learn in the Creative Dream Circle to FIND your dream.

If you believe in the magic of dreams and you're willing to get playful and soulful and creative with it - you're going to fit right in.

As a spiritual teacher, there is a strong spiritual component to everything I teach, because I believe that if you leave your soul out of the process, you're leaving your power out of it.  But there is lots of space for you to show up with YOUR beliefs (I will never ask you to believe what I believe, I encourage you to believe what you believe). 

There's even a whole bunch of support to help you sort out how you can fit what you're learning into your personal spiritual beliefs.  We have religious and non-religious members and we all get along beautifully and respectfully.

If you tried my free introductory class and liked it you're going to ADORE the Creative Dream Circle.  Even if you didn't manage to finish - totally join the Creative Dream Circle!  You'll get extra support for staying the path.

But if a whole year of being supported with your dreams sounds like too much, this is probably not the right thing for you right now.

I’m not offering my classes for sale individually as I don’t believe in overnight success and I don’t want to sell you a pipe dream. 

I want to support you in the process of creating real and lasting change, and that does take some time. So I invite you to settle in, take your time, and discover what is really possible for you when you commit to giving your dreams what they need to thrive.

And of course - once you're a member YOU pick and choose which parts you want to participate in.  It's very easy to get more than your money's worth, even if you're just using one or two of the tools.

You'll get MUCH further with your dream using even just a few effective tools consistently over time, than you will taking random classes here and there.


Dear Andrea,

I just wanted to write and say thank you thank you thank you for the Creative Dream Incubator.

It changed my life.

I was stuck in fear and resistance and getting buried under an ever expanding pile of self-loathing because of it. And when we got to Module 4…everything shifted. I realized that my fear didn’t mean that my dream was “the wrong one” or that I wasn’t “good enough” or “brave enough” to go for it. I realized that my fear was just…fear.

And if I moved through it everything would get better. So I did. And it did!

And taking that first step shifted EVERYTHING else.  I feel so different now than I did at the start of the CDI.

I see more magic everywhere. I’m handling setbacks with more calm and determination. I have more faith in my dream. Even my parents have noticed a difference!

Thank you for bringing this beautiful dream of yours into the world. Thank you for your gentle, kind, and supportive presence. You are amazing, and you are doing such important work.


Join today and step into the magic of everything that is possible for you.

Membership in the Creative Dream Circle includes everything listed here, and costs $100/year.  The cost is going up to $147 on August 9, so now is the ideal time to join.

Registration in the Creative Dream Circle signifies that you have read + agree to the Creative Dream Circle Policies + Guidelines. In order for me to be able to offer so much at such a low price point, the policies are non-negotiable, so please read them before joining.

The Creative Dream Incubator

The Creative Dream Incubator

My signature class that leads you through every aspect of bringing a dream to life.  This class has birthed hundreds of dreams and yours will be next!

The Un-Sticking Station

The Un-Sticking Station

Stop being stuck!  Fears, doubts, inner critics and obstacles of all kinds stand no chance against the Un-Sticking Station.  (I use this almost every day and it saves my life every time)

The Creative Genius Mojo Dojo

The Creative Genius Mojo Dojo

Instant access to deep intuitive wisdom and creative/spiritual strategic planning tools.  The Creative Genius Mojo Dojo helps you live from your genius, which is what makes impossible dreams possible.

The Creative Business Incubator

The Creative Business Incubator

If you’d like your dream to pay the bills, you’re going to love this in-depth class where I share everything I learned in the process of turning my creative project into my full-time income.

The Creative With Money Kit

The Creative With Money Kit

Time and Money are the #1 obstacles to dreaming, and time problems are usually about money (if you’re spending so much time working for money that you’ve got no time to dream, then you’ve got more of a money problem than a time problem).  This class totally transforms your relationship with money so it can become your ally in bringing your dreams to life.

A plethora of Creative Journal Classes

A plethora of Creative Journal Classes

I don’t want you to be scrolling through this page forever, so I’m not going to list and explain each and every class.  Suffice it to say there is a lot for you to play with and you’ll discover the real magic of creative journaling and how it can help you transcend obstacles, transform fears and leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Advanced Creative Badassery Resource Library

Advanced Creative Badassery Resource Library

The Advanced Creative Badassery Resource Library holds all of my more advanced classes and videos that I’ve done over the past few years.  There’s a LOT of stuff here.  People’s primary complaint is that there is too much stuff, but it’s only too much if you’re trying to go through it all at once. Exploring the contents of this library will keep you inspired and in the magic all year long.

Weekly Dream Circle & Creative Dream Community

Weekly Dream Circle & Creative Dream Community

A whole like-minded community cheering you on and inspiring you with their stories of how they’re bringing their dreams to life.

Whether you’re an introvert or an extravert we’ll offer our support and cheer you on.  It feels amazing to be a part of a worldwide community of brilliant creative people who are making the magic happen in their lives.

Jane Cunningham,

I want to tell you that Andrea’s work, if you commit to it, is magic. 

Honestly Andrea’s understanding of the Alchemy of bringing magic into the world defies description but I go on at every opportunity about how awesome she is and I am big on telling the truth!

Jane Cunningham,

Step into the magic of what is really possible for you.

Membership in the Creative Dream Circle includes everything listed here, and costs $100/year. The cost is going up to $147 on August 9, so now is the ideal time to join.

Registration in the Creative Dream Circle signifies that you have read + agree to the Creative Dream Circle Policies + Guidelines. In order for me to be able to offer so much at such a low price point, the policies are non-negotiable, so please read them before joining.

Click the Join Now button to set up you payment through PayPal and you'll be on your way to your big breakthrough today.

Then check your email for a message from me with instructions for how to find our secret playhouse.  

I can't wait to play with you!  See you on the other side,

PS:If you've been reading my blog you know that my goal is to grow Creative Dream Circle this year.  While a larger group means more like-minded friends for you to play with it also means that as the group grows, each person will get less individual attention from me.  

So join fast, because I'm giving extra personal attention to people NOW while the Circle is smaller.  I’m cheering for you!

PPS: If you have questions about how the Circle can help you, email me using the contact form here.

Why are you still reading this? Are you waiting until you have more time or money before you join?

I very much encourage you to find a way to join TODAY.  

The Creative With Money kit will help you with money!  Money is energy and when you get creative with how you use it you open up about a billion new possibilities for your life.

And when you're too busy to dream is exactly when you need to make time for it.  You'll find it's much easier than you think to do that, once you've got all these extraordinary tools.