I have been helping creative people make their dreams come true full time with the Creative Dream Incubator since Jan 1, 2011.

It's been a WILD decade, but in the last few years I've seen a HUGE shift as more people are becoming disillusioned with spiritual by-pass and cultural appropriation and gurus selling simple 3-step systems for living your best life.

More and more people are becoming ready and willing to go beyond all that nonsense - and into the DEEP inner work that actually changes lives.

🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 I am here for this

As a coach and teacher, the DEEP is what I DO. Going into the DEEP is the only way to get to the MIRACLE we all need right now.

Project Miracle is a 30 day creative support system for calling in the shift you need right now.

This is NOT that airy-fairy "let’s just hold hands and think positive while the world burns around us”.  It’s about MEETING this intense moment with intense commitment to truth, healing and positive change.

Project Miracle is a recipe for a breakthrough

A total support system for doing the DEEP work. With short daily lessons, journaling sheets and guided alchemy meditations, you'll find it makes it easier to go deeper.

What you get inside Project Miracle:

A complete creative kit for calling in the breakthrough you need now.

✨ A daily lesson on developing a DEEP daily practice for growth, healing and calling in the breakthrough you need (30 lessons total)

✨ 10 different Miracle Practices: alchemy meditations + creative journaling processes for integrating the lessons and DOING deeper work 

✨ Daily miracle mastermind on our PRIVATE blog: I share my process + stories from my practice, with space for your comments, stories and questions. It's a space for accountability, support, encouragement - whatever you need. I write a fresh post every day, Monday - Friday.

⚡️PLUS⚡️ Access to my entire Creative Dream Circle including Dream Book!

This is great way to check it all out for a month if you're not sure about making the commitment to do Dream Book with me.

Project Miracle is CREATIVE and DEEP and TRANSFORMATIVE in all the best ways.

Of the hundreds of people who have been through it, only a few have reported that they didn't receive their miracle, but they said that Project Miracle DID put them into a position where the miracle no longer felt out of reach, which it itself WAS a miracle.

Often people get their miracle before the 30 days is up, and then pick a second miracle to keep going with.

About the price:

Creating the conditions to literally and actually CALL IN A MIRACLE is obviously worth A LOT. I've worked long and hard to be able to offer a program like this.

However, I have no interest in "charging what it's worth"

I have a LOT of interest in supporting as many people as possible in doing this work.

So Project Miracle costs $33 USD for the 30 day program.

The Details:

The cost: $33 USD

The bonus: access to my entire Creative Dream Circle for the 30 days while we’re doing Project Miracle. (You are joining Project Miracle without joining the membership - so no recurring payments, just 1 month of magic starting on the day you register)

The catch: you only have access for 30 days.

This is a LET'S ACTUALLY GET IN THERE AND DO THE WORK kind of thing, not a “download all this stuff and let it die a slow death on your hard drive while you wait for “the right time” to do the work” kind of thing 😉

This is for YOU.

If there’s something you want right now that feels out of reach but you believe in yourself enough to try.

If you want to HONOUR your inner truth and creativity and magic in how you live your life.

If you believe a better world is possible, personally and collectively.

If you understand that spiritual by-pass is NOT the way to get to where you want to be.

If you want to hold on tighter to your dreams during the quarantine.

⚡️Get your miracle NOW⚡️


✨ Get GROUNDED in giving yourself what you need in these strange times so you can act more POWERFULLY from where you are.

✨ Get CLEAR on how you want to move through this time personally and professionally.

✨Bring the full force of your CREATIVE AND SPIRITUAL POTENTIAL to how you are meeting this moment.

Sign up here for the full 30 day program.

Project Miracle starts the moment you register:

Project Miracle
USD $33.00
Dream Lab
USD $0.00
USD $33.00

You can cancel your payments with the simple click of a button in your course dashboard. You don't have to send an awkward email or wait a certain length of time before you can cancel.

NOTE: Policies + Guidelines do apply for Project Miracle and are non-negotiable so read them before you join!

If you're a member of Dream Book/the Creative Dream Circle - don't sign up for this!!! You already get this included in your membership.

Or if you're not sure if this is for you...

 ⚡️⚡️⚡️Sign up here to get Project Miracle Day 1 for free!⚡️⚡️⚡️


You get instant access to:


  • 20 minute Miracle lesson video
  • Miracle guided meditation
  • Miracle journaling sheet


Project Miracle