All of the Creative Dream Incubator policies are non-negotiable.

Creative Dream Circle Policies + Guidelines are here.

Private Sessions:

Sessions happen on Skype during the day (I am in the Central time zone in North America) on Tuesdays and Thursday, I do have limited openings on Saturdays and can be flexible if these times don't work for you.

Our session is 100% confidential.  It will be recorded and the recording will be sent to you within 24 hours of our session.  Make sure to download and save your copy right away, as I will NOT save a copy of the recording, that is just for you.



If you join my email list or any of my courses know that I will do everything in my power to keep your information confidential.  I will never sell, rent or in any way share your information with anyone else.


Affiliate Sales

Sometimes I promote people that I am an affiliate for, meaning I receive a percentage of any sales I may refer.  Obviously I only join affiliate programs for products I myself have bought and used and genuinely believe that they will help you bring your dreams to life.

I am often approached to join affiliate programs for products which I have not purchased and do not respond to these kinds of offers.  I value the relationship I have with my readers and I'm not here to make money any way I can, I am here to do the work that makes my soul sing.  I only share products that I use and adore.